The Flow of Music


Music is the contagious flu,

Spreading from one to another…

No mercy, no holding back, no retreating.

Music is like an oil spill,

Spreading to every crevice.

Crevices in the deepest, darkest of waters,

Swallowing everything in sight.

Once the sound rings in your ear,

Rings through the depths of water,

Rings through the darkness of space,

Rings through the core of the earth,

It shall not be destroyed.

The notes of a song stick together,

A bond that cannot be broken,

Allowing you to hear the beat, the rhythm, the tone…

The sensation of invincibility,

The tingling from head to toe,

Like your whole body just went numb.

The contagious impulses can be spread.

Spread through the young and old.

Music has its own diversity.

Each type is meant to be heard by all.

Heard by those who can feel the sound.

The sound that moves your soul,

The sound that has a voice,

The sound that has expression…

Every song tells a story.

A story passed down from generation to generation.

Everyone hears it.

Everyone expresses it.

Everyone is, and always will be, part of the flow…

The flow of music.



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