Broadway Avenue


Metal giants towering,
the music of history overpowering.
The wonderland that goes by many names,
its hidden treasure… a chance at fame.
LIGHTS! The lights of the big stage are blinding,
like the dreams of those going treasure finding.
I’ll admit, I too cannot see,
a yearn in my soul continues to summon me.
The risk is great, that I know,
but I can’t seem to tell myself “Don’t go!"
Many before me have fallen and failed,
but I can’t seem to forget those who’ve prevailed.
My work and persistence will not go in vain;
my heart’s desires will not be slain.
Not even the ones that I respect and hold dear,
can convince me otherwise, though I know they’re sincere.
They claim they’re with me the whole way,
but they’re waiting for things to go astray.
I know I will make it through!
My choices I will not rue!
On my road to Broadway Avenue.


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