Music My Way Of Leaving


United States
32° 8' 54.8376" N, 110° 57' 45.306" W

Music is my way of seeing
the world of its beauty

music is my way of knowing
the political wrongs and dreary's

music is my way of hearing
the ambient sounds of amazement

music is my way of talking
my secret voices and words i just cant say out of turn

music is my way of expressing myself
to share my ideas and talents, and creativity in the world

music is my way of like
to play instruments to share my works to others to enjoy

music is my way of death
the music that shall be played during my funeral....ambient and amazing

music is my way of leaving.....everything....and dreams into dreamscapes of life and imagination



I love music. It's a way a life and can influence your actions. Good poem.

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