Playing the Piano


When I feel sad or I feel confused;

If I'm feeling blue or a little down,

I find relief and escape from it all,

In the music of its keys and melody of its sound.


When I'm seeking a refuge and haven,

Free from toils and everyday things,

I go to the piano and play its keys;

A soothing balm to my soul it brings.


Across its keys my fingers roam,

I drown out the dreariness and the gloom;

The world and its difficulties are forgotten,

As its sweet harmony fills the room.


While at the piano bench I sit,

I play my troubles and sorrows away;

For a time I lose myself in the melody

My fingers on its glossy keys play.


If I'm in want of a temporary rest

From a heartache or unpleasantness I feel,

To my place of refuge in the piano I turn,

Where my world is brighter and my wounds heal.


There at its keys is my hiding place,

Where my heart is filled with its song;

And whatever had made me seek its comfort,

Leaves my memory and passes along.


There in its corner stands the piano,

Until again its relief I wish to find-

From its bench to arise with renewed hope,

With all the darkness left behind.


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