As I walk through life observing, I define what people are.

I see how they all are serving, and with that I set the bar.


I see musicians with trumpets, with violins and drums.

Living their life like a flowing song- with voice, with wind, with strums.


I see athletes working out, running, hitting, diving,

Their life a race, a match; setting goals and winning.


I see artists hunched over with paints, pastel, pencil

Life like their works of art, thought-out and beautiful.


I see students working hard, their writing in a blur.

Their life a test they must pass. They can find the answer.


I see myself and notice I can’t just define me;

I don’t have just one main thing, not restricted, but free.


I have music in my life to help make me tranquil,

To help me share emotions, to keep my heart more still.


My life is very active. I run to feel the pain,

To know I can get through it. To improve, never wane.


My life is a masterpiece, full of joys and colors,

Full of all varieties, mediums for all spurs.


My days are filled with studies, grades and things debated,

With languages and science, its math calculated.


I am not like others are, finding joy in one thing.

I don’t need to specialize; all options I’m seeing.


My life is blessed, musical. My life is reaching every goal.

My life is very beautiful- diverse, lived to the full.


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