The Most Beautiful Thing

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 20:42 -- coons95


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Nothing in the world quite pleases the ear,
Like the sweet, mesmeric music that we hear.
The way it leaves the spirit lightened and the soul satisfied,
Or even touches the heart enough to bring tears to the eye.

What in a song compels a smile on the face?
Is it the tempo, the harmonies, or the hum of the bass?
Maybe it’s the lyrics, in which a story unfolds,
Where the heart opens up and secrets are told.
What in a song is the most beautiful thing?
Is it when the piano begins to softly sing?
It could be the heartbeat, the booming drum,
Or the carefree twang of a guitar strum.
Although each has an enjoyable sound on its own,
It is but a mere whisper when it stands alone.

The true magic is only felt when these pieces are combined.
Fuse them together and here’s what you’ll find.
A composition of music written so flawlessly,
For instruments that fit together like a lock and a key.
For different bits that come together as one whole,
Like members of a soccer team striving to score a goal.

So this in a song is the most beautiful thing.
When instruments blend together for the melody they sing.
For a gentle tune so pure and true,
Nothing can measure the wonders music can do.



That is beautifully written. Thank you for posting it on here. :) I enjoyed reading this, and I can so relate to it! Music is my life. That and writing, of course. :)

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