What I'm Not

What I’m Not

September 13, 2018 ~ Thursday

There’s music in the hills

Sounds of song on their backs, fronts, and sides

That which I’ve never heard

And it’s an unsung melody of the years gone by

Torn apart in day

Put back together at night

Going the distance without every really trying

Never really knowing why

What is there to dying

Lying asleep and not ever living

Peaks surrounded in dreaming

Heights made of something worth seeing

Nearing the end, nearly missing the reason I'm here

Someone take me somewhere worth being

What do you love

What’s worth keeping

All these pretty pictures you take

You can take them with you

Why not take some more

Take another breath

Can you see me on the shore

I can see you, all alone

It hits me like a brick wall

Sticks the landing

Now I’m in free fall

Takes me under again

Break the surface

First cough, secondhand

Cast, off

The blood in my veins running hot

Want to know who I am from what I'm not



Inspiration by: Meet Joe Black (movie), Diving (sport)



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