Once upon a time,

or once upon a rhyme,

there was a girl in a shining tower.

Locked up all alone,

a truly terrible home,

controlled by a witch's power.

When out of the blue there came a prince,

he climbed up her hair which made her wince.

He was rude, selfish, and what a snob,

and what's worse his nose looked like a blob.

Prince not so charming went tumbling down,

and when he fell he made quite an ugly sound.

The girl kept his strung guitar,

and not before long became a big rock star.

The whole forest rocked to Blondie's tunes,

the witch even learned to play kazoo.

With her long hair swinging and her rock and roll band,

Rapunzel became the hottest thing in the land.

Who says every girl needs a prince?

Really all they need is a three chord lick.

Rock on!



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