Self Music

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 11:03 -- Hyde

Sad, Happy, or mad

lucky, sappy, or glad

music is a must to have.


its a battle cry to help you through.

its a friends shoulder when you are blue.

its a partner, always by my side.


From Pop and Rap

to Rock and Alternative,

Music is there when it is most needed.


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Ever since I was a young girl, I loved music. I always wanted toys that made music when I was younger. In middle school, I started playing the cello, which I still do today and in eighth grade, I got an electric guitar for my birthday. Later for Christmas, I got an acoustic guitar from my parents and a German Harmonica from my grandparents. Just recently, we got a baby grand piano. It's supposed to be "for the family" but I'm usually the one playing it. It amazes me how much I've learned. I used to only know how to play nursery rhymes on the guitar and piano but now I actually play more complex pieces and songs on both. I've expanded and improved so much and by myself. I never had piano lessons and I only had guitar lessons for two years. The rest I learned by ear. Which is even more impressive since I was born with Microtia. But it's not just playing music for me. It's also listening to music. Not everyone can play music but everyone can listen. Even the deaf can feel the vibrations and enjoy it. Music helped me through a lot. I like to give myself theme songs that match what I'm going through at that time of my life. It used to be "Mz.Hyde" by Halestorm because of an incident I had had between me and my ex. I lost control of my anger, said some really mean things and turned into someone else. But it wasn't a necessarily bad time in my life. I was a bit meaner and a bit short tempered but I wasn't letting anyone roll over me and I was feeling pretty awesome at that moment. Maybe that's not the best thing to feel but that's how I felt and I can't really explain why. Right now, im not exactly sure what my theme song would be. Maybe I have to pass this time in my life to fully understand it.

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