Rap #2 uoeno beat

fucked it all up

tried to make it look right

I do a lot of bad shit

but I still stay polite

Noone knows me around the corner

down the street in the alley

You was only chasin

I promise you'll never have me

I will detinate gladly

I don't stay down I always have trees

Internally spiraling to the place of no return

too cool to freeze so I burn

None of my shit is any of your concern

All I got is what i earn

I blow there minds, call me a fan

But in the end the true fans are mine

and that groups only gettin bigger with time

Not temporary, permanantly 

 if you show me drugs that'll tempt me

I don't do it for looks

I do it cause it hooks

I didn't have a choice when it walked in and took my books

intellegence can come and go

And it waslked out the door along with my hoe

mistakes setting a precident

replacing my first one i dont know where it went




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