Odeaphore to Music

Sat, 05/24/2014 - 03:32 -- Kaci

Music is everything

It is soul

It is raw emotion

It is joy and it is fear

It is sight while it is sound

It is freedom


It is light in an otherwise dark existance

And it is a shadow in a world that is just too bright

It is a lifeline in a stormy sea

A pillow on hard ground at night

And a lone tent standing its own against the driving rain


Music is everything

It is an escape,

A ticket,

A portal,

To a world that it, too, is


It is a confidant

A companion

A comrade

A kindred soul

And a champion of a cause you have yet to understand


Music is everything

for without it we are nothing






Written ages ago (junior year of highschool mayhap?). We had to chose a kind of poem to write and among the choices were ode and extended metaphor. I don't remember which one I started with, but it ended up being like a combination of the two, hence the title: Odeaphor to Music. My teacher liked me, so she let me get away with it ;) Oh, those were the days. (Just kidding, I still get away with stuff)


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