The Language of the Soul

soft notes of soulful awakening float through

the apartment, slow steady, to accompany the morning brew

major, augmented, into a crescendo

in a london flat


a steady beat thrum rhytmatically

pump it up, it says enthustically 

lights flash, drinks clink, the mood is imply electric

in a swanky nightclub


power chords cut through the air

Combination kick-flip, and ollie then shred don't tear

on a half-pipe or rail ramp or street

in a skate park


this organized sound, spontaneous or meticulously planned

gives humans the ability to have one final stand

The barrier of language, it crumples and falls

from the sound of music, and the people it calls


for there is nothing more universal, so understood, so clear

than the language of music, understood by every ear.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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