Build A Rapper Workshop

I love listening to old school music,

Admiring the sound of Jazz,

I would love if rappers would finely use it,

Making music that sweetly whispers to my soul,

I wish that was the main goal,

Just using musical art to speak to my inner me,

Telling me there's not enemy,

Sinking into my chair being overtaken by peace,

Releasing words of purity,

It seems so nice,

To look up in the sky,

With the sparkling stars late at night,

As good music take me for a ride,

Turning me into a child,

Connecting to my innocence,

Promoting inner common sense,

Because musicians would believe it's vital,

But contrary is the rival,

For it rarely exists,

For it barely emits,

Truly scarcely it all is,

Therefore, there is harm to many wits.


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