Can I tell you a secret?

Come closer so I may whisper it

It goes something like this;


I want to swim in your eyes

I want to tell you, you have colonized my mind

I want to tell you everytime I search the room it's you I'm hoping to find

I wrote this poem with tears and not ink

I cut myself and it's the colours of you I bleed

I want to braid the hairs underneath your chin between my fingers

I want to draw you as you slumber


I want to breathe in your skin

Like it's oxygen

I want to hear you sing

That song you wrote for me but didn't tell me it was for me

The one you hide underneath your sleeve

I want to feel your hands dance so gentley across my skin like they do the black and white keys.

I hope you learnt to play

Because I did and when I pick up my guitar every note I play is in your name.


Will it always be this way?

Are we so accustomed to the pain?

It's been so easy to ignore it, to hide it

It's like an additional talent

But I'm weary now, I'm so weary of this game

So I'll tell you

I'll tell you my secret.

Only if you'll hear it.

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