Let's have a little talk about the way you speak, 

And the perfect girl you think is me.

We barely ever talked but you still believed

That love at first sight was real.


You tell me you think I'm a beautiful girl,

And that no one else compares in the world.

But we both know that out there in the sea,

There are prettier fish than me.


Let's let it be known, we're not meant to be together. 

I'm not sure I'd be happy staying at your side forever.

I might be too young to comprehend what love could be,

But honestly I'm sure it's far from simple flattery.


I've nothing against the way you look.

It's more the way you're treating me.

You think it's your appearance that chases me away,

But it's just your negativity.


I promise I have reasons to stay away from you,

And it isn't something personal, cause honestly, you're cool!

But sometimes, we girls just don't feel up to love.

And frankly, I'm not feeling like I'd be good enough.


Let me say it again; you're incredible.

One day, I know that you'll find the perfect girl.

You'll have the opportunity to sweep her off her feet,

So promise when you meet her that you won't once think of me.


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