I Am... Distinct


I Am... Distinct

You see I could say I’m unique, but the definition

doesn’t fully define me

I’ve come to the realization that I’m recognizably different,

I may be quiet, but I also have a voice, I speak when it’s needed,

after all, it is my choice

I say I’m #TeamNatural,  I was one of a few, born with my tightly coiled hair

never permed it, not even a strand or two

I feel like I helped start a trend for black girls all over, wearing our unique hair types,

releasing our inner and outer afro-centric, sharing our culture…

Speaking of culture, I’m from America, a black American, we have our Rap and R&B but I embrace the worlds beat, and I love me some Bob Marley

Reggae, Dancehall & Afrobeats, music from Jamaica and Africa, helped mold my dream of

studying Ethnomusicology

Music is my life , my life is my love , my love is my passion , people say i’m different, but  I understand how they meant it, I take it as a compliment, some see it as just sentiment

But i’ll take that, how I see me, may not be how the world sees me

because I live to a different beat with this world around me

No matter what, this introvert will always be distinct,

not many understand me or my ways

but you just take me as I am

we can’t all be the same

- Danielle Grant

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