Bars Trap

Intro: I want to thank my Twin B for believing in my talent when I didn’t, love you…

Young J is a rapper he says

I write my own lyrics to these songs, please press reply

I’m earning my own chair, bow down and say “Sensei”

I have a tight flow no room for that fake cliché

I’m different from other rappers I don’t copy right easily

One time for my homies that believed in me

I’ll remember those when I’m rich, God one day

And stunt on the haters who will be jealous of me

I’m learning to spit these barz as I gain confidence

I am always at the gym pumping with common sense

Benching 150 as I like to stay slim

I am not that little wimp back in high school, what happened to him?

Let’s go…

Now I am on another level

I won’t let my family struggle

I will do whatever it takes to alleviate the troubles

I fight the enemy so he won’t burst my bubble

I will put your ass to sleep, I am not talking about the cuddle

I can tell that your hungry

I’ll give you words to choke on

I feed off this fire like a leech trying to get his feast on

I don’t have time to hear your critiques as I have my reasons

I’m like a changing chameleon, that’s why I like four seasons

If I hear you talking shit right behind my back

It won’t matter as I’m 5”2’ and hard to track

I’m always on point but not your little snack

My creativity is 200 with surprises unpacked

*So people want to get the best of me

They try to take advantage but fail, luckily

They hate when I speak the truth, honesty

I just smile and wave, let’s call it courtesy…

Everything I do is from pure scratch

I’m cooking and whipping in the kitchen like a pro chef

I’ll eat all the chicken then give you what’s left

I do like to share, but tonight I committed theft

I’m not a thief though because I earn my money green

It’s bloody being in the streets from what I seen

I stay away, as I am not about that scene

I keep my shirts ironed, pants always clean

I only respect others if they respect me

It seems like nobody likes my attitude, to some degree

Straight to the point I don’t hide behind trees

Living in my reality, things aren’t always what they seem

At night all I do is toss and turn

Dreaming of new songs to drop and learn

When people hear my name I’m rare and unheard

I rather stay that way so they don’t steal these lyrics I just burned!


This poem is about: 
My country


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