The Wind's Lament

Wed, 04/22/2015 - 23:17 -- Andorem
A creeping wind knows no bounds
Bending through the fallen leaves,
It weaves past ringing bells and chimes
And tangos with the trees
Pushing forth the newborn clouds
Serenading sky and earth,
Entwining with the rumbling sea
In carefree dance of mirth
Tunes of gentle harmony
Formed from its chaotic sway,
Its dissonance turned beautiful,
But beauty fades away...
It twirls across barren sky,
A siren, a shriek, a blast—
Then comes a time when silence reigns,
Its music crushed at last
Fear in a handful of dust
Lifted up by gusts of wind,
Its mournful whispers echoing
As melodies rescind 
Blinding all left to behold
This lonely twisting typhoon
Garish under the pulsing sun,
Feeble under the moon
It seeks with chilling tendrils
For a chorus to belong,
And howls for forgotten times
When life was filled with song
This poem is about: 
Our world


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