Dear Industry, Dear Industry

Sat, 05/31/2014 - 16:23 -- Queen A

You never had to be profane
For the youth to listen
If you haven't figured out by now
Innocence is what they're secretly missing

I'm just a Dreamgirl
With a dream
Speaking out like MLK and Queen B
Crying for you to listen

Dear industry, dear industry
Won't you hear me?
No, you're blinded by the dolla signs
In your eyes

And the beats Dr. Dre prescribed
Made you deaf
But it sure didn't make you dumb

Turned your morals
From good to bad
And like Rihanna, now they're numb

There's no fine line
In this industry
Your anatomy is grey

And like little Timmy's teacher
You unfairly throw assignments
Only to degrade

Degrade, you degrade the women
They're Barbie dolls
Dancing on your stage

They dance
For glittering attention
Like a Keshan animal parade

Now they're slaves to your game
You've twisted their thoughts
Their excitement for the whips and chains

And every boy wants to rock a chain
Swaggin with his pants low
Ignorant that no belt
Is a symbol of suicide

Now the only recognition they get
Is from a gang
Cuz daddy's gone
So the only mindset is Do or Die


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