The Rhythm


Its about that time,

Where all loose strings meet their demise.

As I watch things in my mind;

I separate the truth from the lies.


Sitting here trying to find someone to to rhyme,

With me though not literally.

Someone who meets me eye-to-eye,

Who can read between the lines.

One who can can go inside my mind.

Someone to create a harmony.


Lets go beyond the surface

And let your mind travel.

So we can go as deep as the Earths core is,

And lets see what we can unravel.


As we let our minds drift,

Eventually this rhythm will soon die.

Once this night shifts,

Will it be worth the try?


The rhythm Im talking about

Is something you cant hear.

Most couples want to be about.

Something you cant live without.

Its really what love is supposed to be about.

It takes two people to steer.


Instead of two separate tracks,

We make an astonishing song.

Together we pick up what one another lacks,

And put aside our wrongs.


At times we’ll fall off beat,

And our rhythm might be lost.

Though our love is something we must keep,

And Im willing to pay the cost.


Our hearts beat together,

As the rhythm flows so beautifully.

No crazy storm or weather

Can break this harmony.


The Rhythm


Once you find that rhythm you should hold on to it. Because once its gone you’ll feel nothing but emptiness. I had it for a little while, and now I sit and wonder if it’ll ever come back. Hearts are sensitive and if your not careful you’ll let the wrong person take a piece. Once that piece is gone its hard to find a matching piece for it. So I say again, be careful with your decisions and hold on to that rhythm. It’s something Amazing!!

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