For The Love of Jayvon

Fri, 06/28/2013 - 16:02 -- Monai

There was a glow in the sky today

A beautiful angel gained his wings

Down here on earth we'll never understand

Above us God had a bigger plan

He decided it was time for him to come home

He has completed fullfilling a purpose unknown

Jay was loved by everyone who knew him

This is unexpected news to all of them 

For so long I couldn't believe it to be true

It's just something that doesn't seem like you

The thought of you being gone has stayed on my mind

I really wish I could turn back time

Maybe I could be there for you

Maybe you wouldn't have felt so alone

But there's nothing we can do now

There's another star in the sky 

Another angel in our hearts

I hope your watching over us Jay

Keep us safe and happy

We love you and don't ever forget it

Rest preacefull love and save us a spot

We'll meet again in a better place

Until then we'll hold it down and turn up for you

Rest In Paradise Sweetie, We Miss You !



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