What Can I Do?


What can I do to inspire your mind into a wave of constant thoughts,

Crashing into an action on the shore of reality?


What can I do to make your mind react when a child is born,

Understanding that he is your family?


Responsibility has nothing to do with you, so how can I make it relevant?

Because the irrelevancy of your existence depends on it.


What can I do when you choose to be ignorant;

Babies by baby mommas delivered and

Sons with no fathers to encourage them

To be a man.

No Dr. Seuss, no Sam I am

Can help them understand the plan

The blueprint of the structure

Of the way to the Master's hand.


A downward spiral into the ground,

Yet we manage to say turn up

No actions taken, not dreams found

Martin Luther King, Rosa did what?


Ahhh, I get it.

Now it’s all clear.

Because not wearing new J's

Was the only thing that you feared


Well now we have a situation

Yes, A disgrace at our hands

Your baby momma raised the children

These sons are grown into “men”


I use “Men” with quotation

Because despite what they appear

These boys remain boys

Immature and

Filled with



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