A Taciturn Melody

I woke up a little bit afraid about crossing the darkness of that park,

But when the fine arts building with lights appeared behind the trees,

I could breathe easier.


We all have different reasons to be,

Mine is just to live, doing what I love, singing,

Helping myself and the world with it.


Somebody told me I'm taciturn,

And I didn't know the meaning of the word,

But it reminded me of the night.

Night is silent, quiet,

And it keeps a lot of secrets.

Night keeps my voice as a secret,

It keeps the love, people crying, good and bad memories,

The dogs stalking, and cats foraging.

It keeps lives that nobody will ever know.


Blue little lights,

Souls everywhere, searching for a home.

Home, sweet home!

Oh, music! You make me feel alive;

You dance in my veins.

You are my night, keeping my secrets;

You are my home, sweet home.

You keep me warm;

You are the reason why I decide to wake up,

When the darkness of the sky is almost hiding behind the horizon.


Please take me in your melody and all your harmonies.

Take all you gave me before, and leave it in my soul, near to my heart.

Do not take it away.

Please leave the lights of the stage touching my face.

Leave them in the deepest of me, because that's what I am.

That's what my atoms consist of.


Oh, music! you make me come back to the world,

When I'm feeling so aloof.

I'm the sound of the night,

Because the sound of my soul it's you. 


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