Musical Metamorphosis

Be still young boy what have you there; abundant joy and notes so fair Endowed with talents forevermore--a Hitchhiker's Guide to the musical shore Alas he sat and looked at the stand, placed out his arms, and moved his hands Strumming and plucking, humming and bucking, gliding his fingers while tapping the floor And being one, a musical mixture, sliding the neck while tapping the floor 'twas beginning, a musical roar. A score had passed, the man now grown, performed on the streets as if they were home People passed pleasant, a joy-filled tour; stopping and staring, begging for more Big breaks would come, he knew in his heart; he'd be the next Elvis, just needing a start As money stacked high, his case filled galore, he had not a clue of the opening door A man in a suit, with contract in storem walked up and whispered, "You open the door"-- Giving new life to the musical roar. Recording had finished, perfected and sold, a concert was held for this glorious goal Patiently waiting curtains outpoured, praying to God, the one he played for A passionate phoenix, fiery bright, he walked out on stage, removing all fright Beginning to play, all eyes turned up forth, completely silent in awe they adored No sound amongst them, no ruste nor roar, completely silent in awe they adored-- Then fans cheered a musical roar.              


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