"Race Is Not My Crutch" #fantofollower

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 00:29 -- Cam_CLD

I've never let my race effect my progress
I've never let my race dictate my success
And I came from nowhere near the best
You know money was hard pressed
And we had to make more out of less..

Not going to jail was never an accomplishment, just a test
I just decided when I was around bloods and crips, to not make a scene or a mess...
I'm not an activist, I'm just a child of a King  tryna live the american dream, rather, my own, Given to me by a higher being.. 

My name is Cameron, cam for short,    chefcam , for the sport,  CLD for my Lord.
Killa Cam for the rap, man of God for the fact. Private Dickerson for my military rep.
My name is not African American, black, nigga, ninja, boy or son, unless you're my dad, then I'll give you the last one...
I'm not trying to be rude
But the labels aren't fun,
I'm not forcing an opinion…you see me holding up a gun?
That's just the way I run...

I wear quicksilver and billabong, 
And also rocawear and seanjean,
I'll rock AAA and Nike, 
And a pro club white t.

I play football and basketball but you can catch me on a surfboard, 
I like common and lecrae, and still see me at the warped tour, or a Jason Mraz concert on the billboards

I switched to a high school with predominantly white faces, and although I had to deal with racists, my face still ended up on the front of my yearbook,
Take the color out my name's sake.

If you define me by my race, I guarantee its misleading, cause when you meet me in person I'm still a human being...

This  isn't a identity crisis, I love my culture, but I ain't bias,
I see color I'm not saying I'm more righteous than the blind is,
I just love the person under the skin, saying you should try it....
And make the world a better place, would you buy it? This is really just for me, I can't deny it... A message from a young man thats tired of the riots.

I trust God to keep me safe in this world full of racists so sorry I don't pay close attention to the races, my help comes from grace.
Cause I'm not limited from my skin pigment, but unlimited cause my Father's in it, Jesus Christ saved me so I could win it,
Rosa parks and MLK helped me finish,
But God gets the pendant, no diss..

I mean that's all I really had to say, I'm still  struggling as a young man so please do pray, but I know who I am yesterday today and next day, not that big of a shock, but I got my game on lock...

so take my name out of the crayon box...


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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