The first time I caught a glimpse of your hair I couldn't stop watching
I couldn't stop staring
I followed
The wavy golden hair
The scent of innocence
The look of innocence
I saw this only within you hair
So soft and so gentle
I watched how your hair flowed beautifully ending at the tip
I followed the tip of the strand to the part that connected to your head
This was were I met your eyes
The eyes where there was no limit to the beauty
The eyes that were the reason I stopped lying
The eyes that caused all my thoughts to go from hyperactive to nothing
The eyes that could be read but never fully understood
The eyes that could hide all the pain in the world but share all the happiness
The eyes that burned with passion but froze with hatred
The eyes that could turn into hurricanes but could be a soft as a water droplet
The eyes that could tell you what you were feeling
These eyes led me to your nose
That tiny adorable nose
That very kissable nose
That nose so adorable and so soft
That nose lead me to your lips
The lips that were so perfectly matched to mine
The lips that made me think why I had never kissed you before
The ones that could cause me to forget everything I had done
Caused me to forget the reason I was so hidden
Caused me to not want to stop living because I got to feel them
Those lips that gave me my passion
Those lips that were meant to love
Those lips that I wanted
Those lips that I would kiss and worship
Those lips I had fallen in love with
Those lips that felt like heaven but also like hell
Heaven because they were so perfect and soft
Hell because I couldn't stop wanting to kiss you again
Those lips were my curse
Those lips were the only thing I had ever wanted
Those lips that were unable to be replaced
Those lips
That nose
Those eyes
That hair
That person
Their love
It was not enough
They didn't love me as much as I did them
Their love
I needed more
I needed so much more
I needed their love
I needed

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