Blinding Beauty

These windows to my soul

Can see no faces.

I have no perception of color

Because I lack what they call vision.

My sight revolves around

The world inside me.

I cannot hide from my feelings,

They find me in all places.

I have discovered a universal truth

Unknown by many:

Beauty is not in the eye

Of the beholder,

But in the soul.

Beauty is the journey of love,

that I learn from the lonely bird's song,

as the melody shifts from hope to discovery.

As I hold heat in my hands,

and breathe in a delicious steam,

soaking in a sweet perfume of tea

I discover a little piece of simplicity

that I have decided is beautiful.

Beauty is the unpredictable splatter

Of salty tears from a happy cloud

that taps on my window-pane-

begging me to come and play-

at three o'clock in the morning.

When I reached out and knew for sure,

that there was someone there to hold my hand-

someone who would never let me fall-

I knew I needed beauty.

When our souls make a sacred connection,

our hearts discovered one another.

I swear I could feel the blood in my veins,

crying out for your touch.

The moment when our pulses alligned,

I knew I loved this beauty.


Beauty is a person’s self

Not a person’s image

Beauty is found in the loud laughter

of a person who cannot cantain the happiness,

even when surrounding influences

are trying to suppress it.

Because I cannot see,

I am at a loss

Of visual discrimination.

I can love larger,

Forgive easier,

And dream greater.

Beauty is imagining

What a setting sun looks like,

As I lay on a grainy beach.

You cannot describe color to me,

Just as I cannot describe

My blindness to you.

But I can feel the warmth

of color as it gracefully falls

upon my satin skin.

Some offer pity to me

Because they think they can see

What I cannot.

What they cannot see

Is that my lack of sight

Has enlightened my understanding

To the more precious things.

They can’t comprehend

That my blind ignorance

Has made my world limitless.

While they are living on Earth,

In pretty, organized, shiny places;

I am living in the Universe,

Filled with a cluttered darkness

Of a bright imagination and understanding

where I realized that beauty is blinding.

Because my sense of beauty is

never limited

to an image

but to a feeling.

Beauty is created in the potential of

a pencil,

a whisper,

a song,

a tear-

all proving the same message:

Beauty is

Soul;journey;sweet; simplicity; unpredictable; needed; sacred; ours; loved; self; loud; happiness; forgive; dream; imagining; warmth; understanding; precious; blinding; feeling; message;



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