Cool Moe B

Cool Moe B

Back in the day we used to pray
Others say it ought not be that way
Snake pit, lion's den you need someone to be your friend
Your a soldier in the army of God

Cool Moe B in the place to be
Rocking them rhymes in the land of glee
A city kid playing high on his grid
Shook the bananas pole with a tea leaf

Downtown hoods shooting dope in the back alley
Fixing with the switch homeboy got a nervous twitch
A beacon of honor in his high vested swag
Shooting pool in the patio needing a place to go

Smoking weed watch it bleed it will knock you to your knees
Brillo pads for fenders is it any wonder
The soldier in the middle playing second fiddle
Take me back to those good old days getting lost in a purple haze

Hoops dreams watch the bitches scream
Another dip of an ice cream flavor
A stereo or capper me and Eric B with a nice full plate of fish
Sorry that I missed burning this switch as we go free style

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My community


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