5 & 2 1s


About 12 o'clock, town square was packed,

I was workin' up a hunger for a pickin' that day,

had nothin' better goin' on anyway,

so I open up my case and I seed the pot,

I got a five dollar bill and two ones to start.

5 and 2 1s to start the day, aint' gonna find no work anyway

A week flies by like a crow in the wind,

northbound again, 5 from the state line,

I met a cute hunny, now Im feeling rather fine,

open up my case and I put some money in,

I got a five dollar bill and two ones to begin.

5 and 2 1s just 2 to go, another dollar bill and I'll put on a show

About 12 o'clock, full moon shines bright,

I'm waiting for the drunks to stumble outta the bars,

provide a lil' music before they step inside their cars,

One fellow stopped me and said, "You take a request?"

It'll take a 5 dollar bill and two ones for the best.

I've got ten dollars now and I'm gonna eat good tonight.



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