Those Kinda NIghts..


United States
28° 32' 14.6724" N, 81° 10' 29.1" W
United States
28° 32' 14.6724" N, 81° 10' 29.1" W
Well girl its been a while
Since I've seen that beautiful smile

and I just can't go on like this
spending another night without your kiss

So this is what We're gonna do...

Grab that bottle of Maple Crown
We can head to the River if your feeling down

Turn up Blake Shelton's "Honey Bee"
 and we'll throw a little party, just you and me

Dance right under the star light
Got me feelin so right
Pull you in a little tight
Girl, It just that kinda night

And just like the moon pulls on the sea
you have that gravitation on me

Forgive me If I tend to stare
but nights like this are far too rare

I just can't help feeling like this
When you deliver such an intoxicating kiss

Has me spinning round and round
its impossible to keep my feet on ground

So we strike that bonfire right on up
and pour a little more crown in the cup

And just keep wishing it would go on like this
cause being with you is internal bliss

But there are never enough nights like this
So we'll end it now, with just one, perfect kiss...



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