M, A, D, I, S, Y, N

Bringing the heavens to the earth, hiding the fears from my mind

Love the goodmornings, hate the goodnights, because I despise saying goodbye

Cause you bring a whole new meaning to my life,

Usually we indecisive, but I know the answer immediately when I look into those starry eyes and

Remember when we watched the dolphins by the horizon,

the cold air brushed our romantic morning, a whole fresh start is arising

Girl your smile brings a new brightening, heart beating like boom boom pow lightening

A beauty I used to admire from afar now we together by the strings of fate

A stunning personality should only exist in a movie,

But you proved me wrong

Now I’m singing long,

Now I’m singing with love, now I’m singing with the angels from above

On the top my mind, never stop talking, from the break of dawn to midnight,

Every single time I close my eyes


I been thinkin you got me in love

Falling in love



We could watch a movie, we could fly to mars, your thought makes me rewrite over the scars


Stuck in my mind I’m cherishing your heart promise to never abuse you and let it rot


I will hold you in the darkest of days, hand you my sweater in the coldest of nights

Hide you from the evil spirits that try to sly by, they say fear is the beholder

But nothing ever will shine brighter than our chemistry, no matter what

I’ll protect us over anything, by any means

Lost in the warm hugs you save just for me

Grab some blankets, we could sit and watch some tv


As long as I’m with you, we could do anything

Fight any battle, any enemy, it’s all those small moments that make me love everything you do

You’re so special to me, your mind, your eyes, your laugh, your sweetheart

Make my mind go crazy off the charts,

Re-igniting the sparks of love

Brought a man lost in the dust to a new beginning


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