I Could Lose Everything Else Today

If I had to live in bed,

and if I could no longer be fed,

but hooked up to an iv instead,

and stripped away from all my family and friends,

knowing, not if, but when, my life was soon to end,

and I had neither thoughts nor words to spend,

with no sense of taste or smell or sight,

and no sympahy from nurses and doctors who'd look at me with respite,

or release from the horrible dreams that would plague me at night,

I would be okay,

if I only had my music to take it all away.

Those sensual tunes that have saved me from myself and others,

and tell me stories of life and death, enemies and lovers,

while showing me the facts of life when no one else bothers,

and comforting me when times get tough,

but also telling me the cold hard truth, with no ploy or bluff,

and revealing how life is both beauiful and rough,

so with gentle lulabies that sing of my dreams,

and headbanging, skull stomping, screams,

or even just a silly tune that plays while someone sings,

I could lose everything else today,

but give me my music, and I'll be okay.



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