Present Yet Absent

I wanted to work with the idea of void that John Stezaker had when he created a collage of ready made post card and filled these images inside faces. Not only were these pieces visually aesthetic and challenging, but the pieces spoke as something being present yet absent and in this sense; distrubing. The sensation reminded me of Pink Floyd’s music and artwork, specifically the iconic burning handshake and faceless man selling music. Both images are about the insincerity and momentous routine of social and even musical conventions. The hand shake represents an act that is supposedly intimate in terms of greeting someone, but it isn’t, and in fact can be quite the opposite and seem inpersonal. The faceless man represents the selling out of a person when their music is tied to a corporate and business agenda. They lose apart of their true essence and in doing so become something that is also present yet absent; in other words, vacous.

And so I take a black and white image of New York. And I cut out Pink Floydian images. I cut, copy, and paste until this New York Scene changes and morphes into an image of more livelyhood. I grant these figures rebellion to the everyday cosmetic norm of a grey New York. And so I cut, copy, and paste until the storyline changes. And void is filled with music and color. 


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