For the Love of Rhythm


A passion if there ever was one,

They see it in my walk.


The rhythm of the words flowing through me like music,

They hear it when I talk.


Spoken so smoothly, they think someone woos me, but they just don't know.

They just can't see the word game

Of a love with no shame in the rhythm of my flow.


I write because there's no better way to define myself,

Even though there's no solid definition.


There are so many pieces of me and on the page is exactly where I need to be

Don't you believe in me?

Writing is what seizes me

And I always feel so free to be exactly who I'm meant to be.


I write because it soothes me.

I write because it moves me.

I write because the music of the words is what keeps me going,


A love unknown.


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