Soft spoken curly haired girl

Soft spoken curly haired girl
You've been quiet for so long
That you always second guess your decision
Labeling them as wrong
It all started when you were a child
See your mama acknowledge the fire burning in you
So she tried to put it out
Doused it with the fear of you not being accepted 
That you won't be respected 
And how That's not what's expected 
Of you
So as you push your dreams of being independent in the past
You continue on  
Each morning you tighten ur mask 
Cause the fear of being unaccepted is hereditary in the women of your family
You got it from your mama who got it from her mama who got it from hers
Never let a man see u at your worst
Only your husband's can tell you your worth
A woman job is to clean and give birth
Women in your family tells stories
 on how Rebellious women brings shame 
And Loud mouthed girls do the same 
To keep girls like you tamed
Which is the reason why you never spoke unless spoken too
Why you never had a hair out of place
And why you never fathom breaking any rules 
But baby girl these traditions 
Are created from superstition
To keep women small
To stop you from growing
Keeps young girls not knowing
That you're more than a potential wife
Your fate isn't in the hands of anyone 
Future politician, poet,revolutionist  
Soft spoken curly haired girl 
If the world slaps you, don't turn the other cheek
Cause you have a head full of ideas and  a strong fighting spirit 
This is your time to speak 


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