A Resonance Rest


A Resonance Rest


 A mystical rise that craves to fall

A burst of tones – loud, unmistakable

And without restriction it sputters through my mind.

Music is a conflicting solace,

Music is my uncertain peace.

Again, it crashes against the walls of my ears

Another time I’m not surprised, yet moved

A resonance rest speaks, does not head or make haste.

After all, who hasn’t been bound in its pleasure-dome or

Allowed to weep?

Music is the world’s consolation,

Music is an altruistic pity.

A signature change, a rhythmic descent

Ample marks that show unfiltered, poised perfection

Apollo gestures to the choir.

Abstract not, addle not.

Applauds rain, rejoice reins in the passion-filled hearts.

Ahead, music commissions another sweep.

Anew, the rest slips, music breathes.


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