Trap Music


It's that trap muzak
misspelled rap muzak
or crap muzak
either way it's that muzak
I miss the days when Raven Symone was black muzak
hope Musiq Soulchild comes back
but not back muzak

because muzak is the reason
we're treated like defeated heathens
changing leaves more than the seasons
and it seems what everyone breathes in
us boasting our high dollar purchases
our baby mamas out birthing kids
no verses from the churches
since we must be money worshipping

muzak is kamikaze
the media's moral folly
it's easy to follow poppy seeds
pop beats and paparazzi
it's such a sensational social
"it's mending time"
no it's time to make amends
with the men who's out here wasting time
what happened
I thought radio stations were here to save all the blacks
I thought rhythm and poetry was popular to state the all facts
I thought it was brotherly love because at least we would know to act
but now you can't afford to rap without laying a gun on the track

so it's a trap! muzak
misspelled rap muzak
or crap muzak
do me a favor
go back and mute that
nowhere near mutinous
I just like to be playing the pilot
too scared to start a movement
it'd be "inciting a riot"
so I stay quiet while the media's silent violence inspires us to
remain as the local community communist
it's in our politics
they blow phosphorus on our philosophers
and treat us like all of our promises are just preposterous
it's monstrous: the mayhem and the murder involved
but I'm too lazy to be a martyr to make the mishaps all solved

so we're trapped muzak
dispelled rap muzak
for crap muzak
either way if your still black musak
rap about cop killing
years later "clack clack, muzak"
make me search the station for where the throwbacks are still at

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