Stand on the Sands

Tue, 12/12/2017 - 00:57 -- G Zoom

Stand on the Sands

Grayson Szumilas


Dear Humanity,


     Momentum. I don’t know why the world is set up the way it is, 

scaring anyone from taking any risk. 

It’s like you’re born with a plan, even though you weren’t there to create it. 


What I don’t understand is for what part of this plan I was created. 


     It’s tough to live your dream when they say it can’t be done, 

to live your life in this world when you’ve yet to see how evil it’s become. 


I won’t stop. 


     I’ve fallen in love,


for my soul yearns to feel that genuine touch. 

It’s not much but it’s enough, 

to keep my head so I know the only way is up. 


     I dream in sound, 

     I love the waves. 

Music is my life so I just stand in it’s wake. 

I just can’t bear to see it fade away. 


     Yet the world doesn’t understand because they can’t stand the fact that I want to be me. 

I’m not just someone living their life for others to watch and see, 


that just shouldn’t be. 


I love music, and music is me. As far as I can see, I’ve chosen what I want to be. 


     So all I hope is these choices will bring me to my final truth.

A man who lives for art and all that it can do. 

Education is invaluable, a malleable piece of paper 

meant to expand your horizons or to save you when your dreams are left unsalvageable. 



meant to inspire, meant to light the way. 

Dreams are what I’m made of, to this day. 

I know this, and that’s why I’m here. 


     What’s so wrong with a pursuit of music in the city of music?

 I’ll be there to pursue it, but I need the money to do it. 


If it doesn’t happen this year, 

then maybe the next. 


I’ll work until I have the money to do what’s next, 

because education is invaluable. 

It’s malleable.

It could lead me to great things, as I bask in the sunshine just to find what exactly makes my heart sing. 


When you ask me what motivates, 

I’d say it’s love.


It’s a way to take my life into the clouds above. 

It’s true enough 

that this might be why I was created, 

to take my dreams ever slated into a world of truth to never see them faded. 

I wasn't born with a plan, but I’ve found for what I’ve been created. 


So now I plan to take a stand on the sands of where I plan to make it. 


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