Music is Awesome!


The one thing we can't get away from.

From Punk Rock to Metal,

From Pop to Classical,

From Show Tunes to Techno,

Music is everywhere.


They tell us stories,

Stories on broken hearts,

Stories about finding love,

Stories on staying strong,

Even stories on personal struggles.

Every song has a story,

And that's what makes music awesome.


Without music, we cannot connect to others.

Without music, we cannot hear beautiful voices with stories.

Without music, we cannot dance.

Without music, we cannot sing.

Without music, we cannot express ourselves.

Without music, we are just...nothing.


Most importantly, without music, we wouldn't have "Everything Is Awesome."

Music is a way to make us happy.

It's a way to make us sad.

It's a way for us to connect to others.

It's a way for us to feel...awesome.


Everything about music is awesome!

No matter what genre you like,

Or who you like to listen to sing,

Or what stories you want to hear,

Music is what makes this world awesome.


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Ron Stillings Abriola



This poem is very beautifull and elegant. If you haven't written other poetry then you should, and if you have then keep it up. 

Nerd Lady


This is what truth speaking is, thanks for sharing, its beautiful :)


I agree, music is not only the mixing and composition of certain sound, and at time, words.

If anything music is a vehicle that translates our complex emotions and sensations into a form of art, despite the type genre of music. 

Love the poem, keep up the good work


So very true! Thanks for sharing!

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