Mrs. Lee

Sun, 11/10/2013 - 18:10 -- agonist


When I'm lost inside myself,

I turn to my friend Mrs. Lee.

With her words of breaking free,

Reaching beyond the darkness,

And not being alone in this hell.

She knows me all to well

Yet, she doesn't know me at all.


Just a face in the crowd.

I support her,

She supports me.

It's a mutual arrangement.


But something is missing.

I cry for her absence.

Has she forgotten?

Can she hear me?

Can't she hear all the voices that scream her name?

We need her and deep down she knows,

She needs us.


As I lay my head down,

I'm drowning in the riot I made.

The sadness washes over me as I look toward the sky,

And then I realize...

She's in another place

Without a worry, without a plan.

How can she do this to me again?


But no one realizes

She's only human

She's yet to experience the life inside her

Life beyond her lucid imagination


So I turn to my friend, Mrs. Lee.

How was I so blind?

She's stuck to the world she left behind

She's been here all along

As I look over, I see her creation and she sings to me,

"I'll be right beside you forevermore."



My inspiration here was my favorite band, Evanescence.

The last line is from one of their songs called "Like You."

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