Vibin Without Ceasing

I'mma start off a quote. "Life is like a box of chocolates."

My chocolates are my vibes.

My flavors could be Lit, Chillin, Calm & Collected, or Just Sap.

People be finessin my career. My whole life as a person.

Bullshittin me because my value is worth more than the pricetags on their clothes.

That's why they envy. With all the feelings, all the emotions deep within me.

I start contemplating. What's more important than all these haters, all these L's.

That keep trying to target. Family, Life, Future, My Persona.

Sometimes I think fuck friendship because people can backstab you.

At the same time I tug and pull with all my energy cause I want what's authentic to my lifestyle Whawt's going to keep me on my feet.

I muse myself with music becasue that's life. Bottomline. The name of my chocolate.

It's called Me, Myself, and I. I won't cease from testing these chocolates because I know that one day this, sweet, sensational taste will be my achievements.


Undefined Beast


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