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University of Kentucky
329 S. Martin Luther King Blvd 331 Boyd Hall
United States

Oh mentor of mine,

You are my valentine,

Oh wait. I'm lying.

Thats ok you lie too,

You had me I had you,

I needed sleep ,

You lulled me.

You needed ears,

And I tuned in.

I concentrated while studying,

You were always there When I didnt have nobody.

I was always there to hearken.

You were never botherd by my persistance,

I was alway there to listen.

And you never knew how much you mean to me.

And thats why I express myself  to you yourself,

So I can make you proud to love me,

But you dont love me,

You help me,

Let go of things,

Yes things,

I mean recover things,

That mean things,

Oh music of mine,

You mean the most to me.

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