Limbs At Play

Scared and silent, I was often unheard

Misjudged, overlooked, ignored 


For years I struggled on, 

burning with passion and expression, 

but too scared of rejection and oppression


Desperate to leave my mark, 

when I could barely leave a memory, 


When all hope seemed lost, 

the music ressurected me


Nervously I embraced the music, 

the wild beats, the spins, the steps, the people


That’s when the changed occurred 

Timid, silent, frightened, ignored 

What had once chained my limbs so tightly 

were now broken shackles never to be used again


Now my limbs matched the crazy latin beats

I was wild, untamed, unafraid, unchained


Passionate, loud, outspoken that was the new me

and what words could not do for me

my limbs spoke for me


Barely leave a mark?

How could that be?

For now I left craters in people’s memories


Now I was me

Now I was free


But I had not been free  

not until my limbs were allowed to play


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