Do you believe in Music?

A young girl trips and stumbles,

Making her way through Life's rumble.

Scratched, Scarred, and Bleeding,

Not knowing what she's needing.

There's an empty void, a screaming gap.

Voices in her head, telling her she's trapped.

Her heart's a mess, the world is black and white.

Suddenly, a glimmer of hope shines through the dark night!


 A soft, slow melodous tune trickles into the air,

The girl turns and searches, but nothing is there.

The song picks up speed, and the city begins to brighten.

Seeing color for the first time, the girl doesn't know if she should be frightened.

Greys become reds and blues,

The sun takes on a bright yellow hue.


The  quiet hum gets louder and louder,

Happiness begins to surrond her!

Birds are singing along and her wounds are healing,

What is this strange sound that brings these feelings?

Faster, Louder, Happier it grows,

And with it, the girl feels a twitching in her nose.

Her lips are pulling backwards and up,

Is this melody finally bringing her luck?


The city is bright and full of life,

No more will the girl feel pain or strife!

No longer will she let greys overtake her life, she's made up her mind.

But what does she give thanks to?

What is the name of this mass of sound?

This tune, this MUSIC, is hers! 


With another happy grin, the girl confidently strides 

She now holds the secret to living her life.



MUSIC is ALL she needs.


It will keep her strong, and sane,

It will free her from sadness and pain!

As long as she has her MUSIC, she will prosper

As a sister, friend, and daughter.

She no longer has no identity,

her MUSIC will seal her accomplishments in immortality,

and live forevermore!



MUSIC is ALL she needs.


I've got MY MUSIC, and it will carry me through life.

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