I belong in the sun

On a night in the summer,
I can remember
Large thumping boxes swapping waves of thrilling pulses to overtake the silence.
Joyous and primal,
I move through the drapes of large tents
filled with cheap beer and nacho cheese.
I bounced through a buoyant crowd of people
All stimulated by a wonderous piece.
The music struck my ears like a bouquet of jackhammers.
It was smooth pop and soulful jazz, live performers.
Up and down the scales they went causing waves of bobbing heads
And dancing hair and flopping dreads.
Just a bunch of potheads off their meds
Who lack in class but in style they flourish
They wish to live happily. They choose to have fun,
Because the crowds know as I know
That moments begin and end.
And time in the sun eventually slows and stops
But while I'm here, in this filthy oasis,
I'll let chaos and music guide me
To the places in time worth being alive.

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love it!! I can see and feel whats going on. the detail is crisp! 

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