If music vanished from the earth, I would scream at the top of my lungs. 

I would use the same scream I use when I stub my toe. 

Les Miserables, all the misery in the world.

I'd feel the same pain my toe felt 

As I spouted spells of spooky curse words. 

I'd pass out...

From the sight of the toe, 

Crimson, munsell, scarlet, red,

being splattered with blood.

I'd enrage myself in war...

Turning firebrick, hot lava, gun shot, maroon.

Chaotic cannons and muskets bombarding all order,

For there is no music, 

So, no signal can be sounded.

No bugle call to be made.


Where would I go? Who would I be?

A brainless zombie walking the earth?

As you look into my hopeless bloodshot eyes

You realize I am nil. Absolutely nothing

Without music there is nothing

Blank space on a conceptualized essay

Waiting to be typed yet, waiting forever

Just an empty canvas expecting to be painted

But the artist exists not.

She manipulates me like a puppet

Knowing my every move...

Because she is in me.

Music is me.

If music vanished from the earth, I would vanish from the earth.

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