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Why am I being shamed for caring about you? You said I was the reason you were mentally unstable I was the reason you cried yourself to sleep You have it all wrong
Welcome Home Welcome to Earth Where nobody is perfect And nothing is always correct.   Welcome Home
Sometimes I feel like I don't give myself the credit that I deserve, Because I always get back on track when things get tough, when others would not have the nerve.
" MOON LIGHT" 🥀🥀 We living as stars . ✨ But only we don't fall, all night ball, like stars ✨ we own all night under the moon 🎑 light, charging my Star light. I wanna shine bright .
This back and fourth bullshit from you is something that I told myself I would never deal with, But I decided that when it comes to you, I can't deal with it anymore, and I have decided to plead the fifth.
                                          Femme, tu étais si belle. Tu étais si jolie Tu étais si polie, si jeune et pleine de vie Tu étais si magnifique. Tu étais si gentille
I keep it sublimely real not living in a rush. Cos future belongs to me. I live to make better thangs and make thangs better. Reality the only place I go. Nothang had my prudent pen, but to poured out some naked truth. I live 4 all I am.
Aimez, aimez maintenant Aujourd'hui, pas demain Oubliez le chagrin Arrêtez de demander comment Arrêtez de vous questionner
Love, love now Today, not tomorrow Forget about the sorrow Quit asking how
Nas prateleiras dos supermercados Durante o dia inteiro está Durante o ano inteiro a vida inteira está O acelerado progresso da burrice humana.  
Blues about clues about moos with nothing but a scene of touch and the sixth sense of the sensation.
You're youngYou're strongTime will crumbleTime will humbleYou, You and you. You're beautifulYou're powerfulTime will fadeTime will get ridOf you and you.
It took me a long time to realize how much holding on to the past destroys you, Because you never allow yourself to see things from another point of view.
It took me a long time to realize how much holding on to the past destroys you, Because you never allow yourself to see things from another point of view.
It took me a long time to realize, but I have finally learned a lot about you, And that even though I thought you were different, your actions told me that you areexactly the same by the things that you do.
The future calls like an owl at night At first I heard it and it gave me a fright I’d never want to lose sight Of the vision it gave me in the fading light  
It took me a long time to realize that we all have things in our pasts that we are not proud of, But in a strange way, maybe these hard times are actually gifts that are sent from above.
It’s midnight now I’m holding your hand on a porch that hasn’t been built yet. Standing by a tree not yet grown I know someday is coming Someday But it’s midnight now
     Missing you kissing you seeing you being with you      Laughing with you laughing at you playing and dancing with you seeing stars with you pushing bars with you
Had to pick up the piecesTo mend a broken heartSo I put myself out thereMade a brand new startDownloaded the appFilled out my bioThen selected "submit"Said "here we go...".(Chorus)
The first draft of our first poetry assignment for Creative Writing this semester. Mostly uploading for comparison purposes once I finish the retooled workshop-ready version. Dated: 09/08/2021
Where does the future lie?i’m afraid someday the future will die.why does the future lieto the race of humanitywho will eventually kill it? 
In losing, but still finding In finding, feeling lostness In dreams achieved, you’ll notice  The unavoidable abyss  The chasm of the chase: ever yearning, never sate
I Was Asked Today To Write A Poem... About Todays’ Tech Age And The String of PROBLEMS That It Now SUSTAINS... From Men To Women To Those... Teenaged... A Piece of Wordplay Can BARELY EXPLAIN... !!!
It’s Really CRAZY How We Communicate Now... ?!? From Behind A Mask To Simply Ask... A Question About A Daily Task And That’s Just The Start... !!! From DIFFERENT ROOMS We Now Claim To ZOOM... ?!?
Now I Come From That... “ GOLDEN ERA "... !!! Where Agendas Had NO TERROR... !!! When Girlies Went For Fellas... !!! And When Wine Was Kept In Cellars... WITHOUT Visions of Marcellus... !!!!
In These Days And Times It Seems That Minds Are Inclined... To Plead IGNORANCE When It Comes To The Plans of These Government Clans... So Are Dipping Their Heads That’s Right... IN THE SAND... !!!
Okay It’s Fair To Suggest That My Poems... Cast Out A Very BIG NET... !!! That Causes UPSET To IGNORANT Men... As Well As YES... Women... !!! But DON'T BLAME ME If The CAP Fits YOUR Head... !!!
So.... “Just How Far Ahead, Is All of This New Tech ?”... Because It’s Now Become Something That STUNS Like... TASER Guns... !!! That Tech Heads Suggest Is A Way To Progress Humanity’s Ends...
So It’s CLEAR Now That We’re Living...
I wonder what I am What I may be What I will become What I may cease to know What I may cease to love Is there oblivion in the distance coming nearer
Waiting for you is something I do Not knowing when our hearts will meet Talking to God and praying for you To be humble and meek I’m sure you seek Him daily Through song and His word
_SEASONAL COMPLIMENTARY_ ```From all of me @CLOUDNINE``` Wishing...
Here you are again, wandering around the block, with that smile you use to pretend not being caught up in your thoughts. Here you are again, but now, you're being brave. Notions pervade your brain,
PERSISTENCE You may be getting little or even none today, but belie'e me, you soon gonna be getting plenty that way if you ain't quit someday.
THE FUTURE IS BORN Bury the past behind, live the life of the current moment. Love the moment and cherish the present time, can only hope' for tomorrow but is uncertain.
"YOU COULD DO BETTER EXPLORE MORE" You know you can do better. Explore more! You are limitless, unstoppable and unlimited.
Now When It Comes To MY VERSE... I’ve Been Putting In Work For A LONG TIME Now... !!! UNLIKE These JERKS Whose Verse Deserves... To Walk With A Hearse And Be Left UNDERGROUND... !!! Because It’s DEAD... !!!
SUCCESS "Success is the structure and the foundation of the future." #c9_fm
I found a box in the attic, It was covered in dust. It's label said "Dreams, I'd been forced to give up." I collapsed to the floor. As old wounds did appear. As a page of a book.
AFRICA I Pondered What's African Time.⌚ I came to realization, why Africa is yet lacking behind.
Damn. Not everyone is meant to see your glory. Some came to just learn your story. Some come and goes in hurry. this world seem like adventure. So
No past failure ever stops you from Moving on again. Today try improving your skills in order to enhance your chances of Winning, life ends when we halt dreaming.
Absolutely a lover man, ain't a player, somethang must kill a man, from the heart of c9fm reaching out boom brother LilTunechi balling better man.
I wish I be a winner, for I've came a long way & still I got so far to go being a racer. Ride all day I think I lost my way. But love on my mind ain't a player.
It Seems That Folks SHOULD PREPARE... !!! For This Phrase I Now Share That Clearly Will SCARE... !!! For Heads Now Aware... That The World May Be Heading Into A NIGHTMARE... DYSTOPIAN... YEAH... !!!
We are the generation In which the world has Placed its trust onto.   We are the future. They've been saying this Since we were only children. It's all up to us.  
So What Would You Say If You Had The Chance... To Speak To YOURSELF In Your Younger Days... ?!?
Without us, I lived as though I didnt give 2 fucks. There was no we, no possibility of an us. There was silence, no arguing, no bickering, no cussin', no fuss.
No one said that this was going to be easy, but it is something that you know you have to do, And when you first embark on this journey it can be difficult because you do not have a clue.
I’m A... Marshal of Reality Verse... So REMOVE The ABSURD... From The Words of Big Virge... !!!
F a r a w a y   m o o nas a young childI could see your smiletaste your cheesesee your old mantouch you with my finger.
it feels so easy to let the world slip away.   old friends pass like water through shriveled fingertips on aching, time-shorn hands. the evergreen forest outside brick walls
My family not being proud of me My friend loosing her life over a cheater Moving to Texas to leave everything behind To be depressed, weak, and unatural Not seeing my father again 
time marches onreality's fire consumes—dreams go up in smoke .
So The Forecast Today... I’m AFRAID... Is For Reigns... The Reign of New Tech.... And Reigns of IGNORANCE... !!!
The future is mine. With the present stress, I promise it will be fine, In the future I see success.    Now is the time to start,
I want a future that is both yours and mine. I want to have dinner parties on the porch and drink wine while the twinkle lights shine.
Okay So Now They Say That It’s NOT 5G... !!! That’s Part of The Spread of This Corona Disease... ?!? So Who Exactly … Are We Supposed To Believe... ? The Likes of... David Icke... !?!
I Really Think ... That What’s Happening ... Can Bring Good Things... !!! Like MORE Thinking And LESS HATING... !!! Because In These Days Why Would You Embrace... Ideas of Race Hate When You Are Forced To...
Okay Okay ... So It’s Time For A Change ... And A System Upgrade ... ALL Because of This Corona Strain ... That’s Causing People PAIN ... !!!
Today I am so happy to be free  So happy I can follow my dreams  I see now what that meant by what I did yesterday would affect me today
In a future worldWhere life turns to a gameNobody can feel sadness, nobody can feel painEveryone is blinded, happyand choked up on "magic" pillsWe'll have the same amount of children, cars
I thought I came very far Until I met you I thought I rose very high Until I met you At first I had no fear But I turned into a horrible person Anyone can fall once I can't give up now
I wish I could look at the ocean and see the waves crashing against the shore, but I can't.Instead I see the plastic polluting our oceans. I think about sea creatures dying.
Ya Know ... Big Virge Words... Are Built To Merge With ... " The Purge "... As In The Flick That TRULY IS ... SICK... !!! But Here's The Trick... This Flick Has Some TWISTS That May Well PREDICT ...
Shiver down your spine, Voices on a cold breeze that blows over the hills. You said you'd stay for them, for me Please make me a promise, make us a promise. They talk about the view from halfway down
I want to read an entire library. I want to write letters to close aquaintances in cursive, signed "sincerely." I want to look up at the night sky and know exactly what star formations I'm looking at.
The future is fraught with danger and delight. Of things that will come and of things that only might.  All that is determined by what we do tonight.  By the choices we make, be them wrong or right. 
Feeling like your in a box and have no where to go Feeling like you are stuck and have no thoughts Looking for light to find you not realizing you have to imagine the light yourself
Edge of time I stand in silence watching the coming of the end high in space in a speed a light take flight as my tent fades away it was my vehicle my ship undress to find a little rest
A bubbling, welling surge of words A trickling creek of sounds  A soft drip of movement A new hope,    The first floating note of an unknown song
Looking ahead, there’s so much the world holds for us Pain and sadness, success and joy Jubilant days and depressing nights All depending on how long our hearts beat  
I look to the left I see my man He holds Our feline tricksters, To the right My family Smiling brightly, In front of me My hopes and dreams
The unkown mysteries of the Future. Not one soul is aware of what is to come,  not one soul is prepared for the change. Yet we all will reach the Future in the end.    These scary secrets infront of us
Have you ever taken a moment To look at that bright planet Hanging in the night sky that they Tell you was once a place We called home?  
Your eyes are soft when I tell you where I am going.  "I'm proud of you," you say, and to me it sounds like heaven.  The words linger on your lips, tasting of ambrosia.
Dear future self: I am you from the past. That's an odd thought; Right now, as I write this, I am in my prime.  I am the best I have ever been But I am only a version of you.
I want summer by a blue lake and a small, dusty bookstore to work at.  I want an apartment with a corner devoted to all my books, and I want new friends I won’t understand how I lived without.
Outside, the rays of sunshine that glide through the green canopies of river birch trees And land on me, a three-year-old filled with glee
To be called upon by a force of art Requires strength challenging to possess. To create and contribute to this force and its atmosphere
Dear The Future, I hope you're beautiful I hope you're bright I hope I'm happy and made it through the night I hope I've met her and I hope we're happy and god I hope she's the one
A mother watches her childBlindLooking to his futureHer time is his, but not all of his time is hersWaiting
Inspiration has to be courted,  But, like a person infatuated, I lack patience.   I am easily frustrated By the lack of her favor, but  
Patiently wading,  holding onto my mind  through the storm.  Every person has a day,  over time,  the day has got to come.  Embrace a grind, we won't  have to grind  for long.
You ready I'm ready You ready I'm ready  Ok   I'm Mr.Freeze because I'm in an icebox I freeze up on stage I'll die of shock
Future   Here I am Standing at the edge Of this great world Staring down Past the bright stars Into the greenness of it
The Eagle  Swooping, soaring, over branches And under sun. Silent, graceful, over branches And under the sun.  
What is inside me 
I strive to know more.  The Future is a dark abyss. The unknown motivates. 
No one else may hold my gaze as you do. My heart is always longing for your love. It comes to my body, you haven't a clue;
A dazzling Gleam of wonderous joy Such a dangerous yet entertaining toy The fire dances a whimsical jig It leaps and sparks and grows to be big.   Man needs fire as fire needs fuel
I’m not really much of a poet But know I can talk about a lot of crooked mess Cuz u never know what you’re really capable of Until you’re put thru the right test. 
The Norns are fear and ignorance and hate. We kneel to them and so portend our fate. Below the world, our refuse feeds the well Of misery and pain by which they dwell.
An old Man lies dying  In the cradle of his birth. Choking, Burning. His breath grows shallow, And his eyes fade dim. In doom, he is
When your past is unforgiving, Your future is unspoken, And your present in unbearable, Just remember I am here for you
In our world ..  .. .. If you keep in touch with it,  you can feel others bleed. You can see what they see. It’s not make believe  
Some cry climate change Other's say they're deranged.As the conflict evolvesAll our lives are involved.Who's right or who's wrong?What's the difference?
One day, I’d like to go In search of my past,   Of the memories Of a misspent youth;   I cry for my souvenirs, I dream of a beautiful future,   Where I can atone
I sit here thinking about tomorrows,And all the evenings I'll be asleep.I'll sit and watch the stars go be,Sitting here alone with me.
I draw faces in the sand.  Against the grainy, coarse complexion, of this rocky shoreline,  my twelve year old hands are barely able to caputre the essence of president Obama's 
It ended in our first and it started in our last, many of us called it our “second chance”, but there was a catch. Each day we would become younger than
Upon this dusty track I roam to see what I will see What will come and what has been, all that time brings And on this trip I laid my sight on an old worn memory Of two children who were young and full of  innocence
  Sparkling eyes and tender flesh are shielded from the world in a tight hug. A photograph captures my father’s love.
13 Years Too young Innocent   Tossed out, Cold concrete to catch my fall  
Pre-K to graduating high school and I never really settled on what I wanted to do. I felt embarrassed and stupid for not knowing what would become of me. All my friends and classmates were ecstatic and had plans for the future.
Once upon a Time, the sky was always blue Once upon a Time, life has an external hue Once upon a Time, everything was forever Once upon a Time, the world was better Upon this time, the world's not as divine
Rosy commencement A whole, immense future yell whilst watching the past
Do we ever think about the things we create? The small things and the large things that we drag with us through time, the phases that we promoted that we thought would last forever in our minds  
You see, When I take a moment and look back. Back at all the moments in my past, I see all the dreams I've left behind. All the scenes I left unseen and I think, I think "where did the time go?" When I close my eyes  and listen, Just listen to you
You take my breath away, my dear No one else has managed such a feat I am not easily impressed, yet my jaw is in your ocean
Trees, breeze, ripples leaves. falling down, to the ground. to rest, add, to the rest.
Tonight, it’s the future that keeps me up, rapping at my head like a madman.   He reaches out his hand, ever slowly Like a snake finding its way to my weakness
Once, I played alone in my head, Not a worry in sight.   That was a distance memory, A dream I think back on while lying alone in the dark. What that really me?   That carefree little girl
When I was younger I would always complain how I wanted to be an adult In result I realized that was the last thing I wanted to do
Until I was fourteen I felt fine-- Good, great, and better than I ever knew I could feel because in the moment,
As I get older My eyes get wider I can see the world  As its meant to be seen   The world is cold and dark The new is bleak and stark   As I understand more My hopes grow dim 
I could no longer order off a kid’s menu at a sea resort Now that I was ten It seemed almost tragic then To have my childhood cut short Never to be seen again.
A train don't seem to go that fast, from far away. Perhaps I should stand back a bit further.  Wouldn't want it to catch up. 
I won’t be meeting you any time soon...   I wish it were this easy to say.  I wish it were this easy to avoid.  I wish it were this easy to hold to my word.   
When You dig a hole, where does the dirt go? And do You dig it fast or do You dig it slow? In the end, a hole is a hole But once You are in, it is time to console.   To get out of the hole, here is a clue:
Am I Good Enough? My dreams are not in the clouds They are right in front of me I see them vividly All my aspirations and goalsCollege, lawyer, politicianIt seems so simple. But am I brave enough to reach out in front and grab the future Will I dr
Am I Good Enough? My dreams are not in the clouds They are right in front of me I see them vividly All my aspirations and goalsCollege, lawyer, politicianIt seems so simple. But am I brave enough to reach out in front and grab the future Will I dr
He came in a blink and immediately caught my eye I began to fear my feelings, because I was scared you would say bye The worry that filled me was diminished to nothing by my soul
I was hanging on by a thread, Fear grasped on to me I hyperventilated, thinking of it made me sweat. I was never strong enough, Bold enough, Courageous enough, To leave the cage I was bound to.
Afraid Afraid of clowns, afraid of spiders, afraid of the dark Afraid of the world No, no something much worse Afraid of the future Afraid of the change Afraid to grow
Pressure, Pressure is what looms over me. Growing up with sense and some type of task, Forced to be the best I can be. School covers the face of stress with a mask.
"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself," The great Teddy Roosevelt bellowed.  But why can't we fear anything else? What is so wrong about fear?
She laid snugly in her bed as if she had nothing to do. She peered out her glass window
You think you are out there all alone, you are not meant to be alone. Your heart is not made of stone, but your will is that of stone. The voices inside on and on they drone, but you are alive and not a drone.
The tired Sun rests On waves and pale sand, as the Moon waits for his turn  
To follow the right path, I had to leave my old life I will come back Even though it was difficult to decide. I was scared Will you all be alright without me? I was prepared You will see
I am high and low I wonder who I really am I hear myself saying I’m alright I see a struggle I don’t know if i can pass I want for my friends not to have to worry
We are offended by things so temporary, Things that will soon cease to be. We are offended by those who are offended But they too will be gone, don’t you see?   Night and day come and go, media abounded.
School. Absolutely not. "GO" I heard Him say So Large Too Large "GO" Lonely brain in an extroverted body "GO"  I went. Wait... She likes the same things as me?
Days of youth containing cheerful screaming, Hours of running and spreading laughter Are jointly held through the room of dreaming The place that we take care and look after
Let me panic and search for my purpose To which so many work to seek and find 
fear is powerful  fear is a driving force in our lives it can bring us together it can divide us  it is our one great motivator  fear tells us what we can do  fear tells us what we can't do 
I challenged my future to a staring contest My eyes bore holes into the dark unknown The balance of time has caused my unrest So I gaze at the void until my will runs low. Time will tell when I give up the game
Sometimes, I imagine what it would be like to be bedridden or dead. Morbid, but possible, someday. I am grateful the future is not in my hands.
Let go of what was,   Believe in what is to come,   A dream’s existence.
Layers of mixture You build them up Over and over and Bake at high temperatures. Each part merges: A chemical change that can't be undone. I learned that in school.
Springs under pressure: pushed deep, they rise up the highest. But only if they keep on pushing straight back.
My dreams have long been set,  Aspirations and ideas have been forming,  College, debt, stress and other things I'm not ready for yet So many ideas inside my head swarming,  Like the sound of a million bees
how did I overcome one of my fears?/well, there were many days of failure./days of grief that destroyed me./days of sadness that buried me./days of darkness that blinded me./but, between the hurt,/the pain,/the suffering,/there were days of joy./d
In a stereotypical patriarchal society,  I would soon have wifely duties and keep my mouth shut.  How boring.    "Your poor boyfriend," they say because I remind him, in the future,
Even though the sky weeps with us today, tomorrow shares the warmth of sunshine and friendship, healing our sorrows in the light of rainbows.
Looming. Ahead I plod. I can’t see what the future holds. Fear creeps in. Envelops and smothers me like smog. Lead me! Hold my hand! I am afraid! Deep Breath. One foot ahead of the other.
Perspective makes us active that´s what outlooks does to you isn´t that true obviously  you don´t have a clue well now I argue life is too short to just always think and sink into
Starting and Stopping   Sometimes, the hardest part is knowing When to start
I was born Of a European Yew. Its mighty bough had grown Twisted and encrusted With moss In the garden of my great-great grandfather. As he left his house for the final time
Do I want It? 23, responsibility free Single? (possibly ready to mingle) Five years master (double major) Beautiful disaster, double the wager
The doorman stood lanky and tallWith a suspicious eye that watched over allHe stood only three steps from me And I thought and I asked what it's like to be free
I must be cautious in the words i say; I dream to be educated in every way. To banish opression that keep us down; To uplift whom feel submerged as if they drown.
Today I have done what many have done. Today I have died while still breathing.
I want to genuinely smile and have real friends that make me laugh.. Even more than that - I really want to get my life back on track... But it's hard to have hope for the future - cause I just can't let go of the past....
When I am down Deep in the pit Clouded and surrounded by Tears and anxieties There is one person who can get me out. I look, and I see her Shining in the sun She reaches out her hand
I don’t know you yet But I know that you are beautiful I don’t know if you’ve met my family But I know that you are mine now  
  The mentor that never lives But still is always arriving With opportunities to give It depends on whether I am striving To take those chances given to me   The future is my mentor
Dear Future Me, I know you’re struggling and bustling Trying to build yourself up Trying to give back to your past Giving thanks to a job that inspired you
Trapped in my own tempest You guided Becoming my hope to safeness I sailed Turning my darkness to light I travel
Someday,    Someday, I will be a representation of my generation because I will stand up for those within it.  Someday, I will be loving to everyone who feels unloved. 
Her voice is soft like a songbird's first "good morning", vibrato's as words pour into her leather bound fortress, becomes a warrior, a missionary - maybe a bit of both;   a vortex of youth, passion, possibilities -
My fear of you has caused me to plan I'm a super planner I plan for parts of you I don't understand  My fear of you has caused me to work harder  My peers think I'm smarter  But I'm not 
Whirr, click! Whirr, whirr, click! Torque jerks gears and chains to life. My Innovation.
Can you hear me? Are you listening? Good. I just need to say thank you Impossibly high social standards, Cookie cutter people Who try to force me Into a cookie cutter shape - A simple square,
Strive for science yet live for art Mother teach me through practical and passionate experience Help me allow them to bend and morph with my soul   You guide my choices and I follow through
My father, my father, how much you mean to me, You’ve taught me how to be mature, and good as I can be, You help me up when I fall down, and tell me I can do it,
You were the one from the start. I knew it, Because i could feel it in my heart. You might get annoyed with my “big head”, But nothing more can be said
My how you look tonight
A walk through the woods On a cold Winter's Night, Brought up such terrors And gave quite a fright. I stepped through a clearing Bathed in Moonlight. A large lump Beyond Didn't look quite right.
Perhaps it was all a dream Perhaps it was my life unfulfilled 
Decisions to make my future is here but how can you know what's true and dear   Spinning in circles my minds in a jam how would I know what's the correct game plan  
Reminiscing to learn from the past, to live in nostalgia, it doesn't last. The world's a stage, you're a part of the cast, they say have patience, but the world is so fast, to live in nostalgia, it doesn't last.
The childhood days fly past, the dark future casts a shadow of fear upon me.  Each day I live without having a clear purpose, hoping it will better.  I fight the voices in my head, 
What we thought the Future would be.   Gargantuan ships Dwarfing Golden Arch bridges What we thought The future would be  
I would rather you learn from my successes than my mistakes But I will have both I would rather you strive towards my accomplishments instead of trying to avoid my failures
They say STEM is the key to the future. Not art But as they fly by the seat of their pants To far off stars, To meet creatures from other worlds They will have nothing Nothing Nothing to give.
The god awful sound of terror sweeps into your mind. You can't wake up from reality it keep you between your morality.  I'm only so young, everything's new I don't know what I'm supposed to do.   
My mirror is a liar and a cheat. I look at the mirror and see that the reflection is not mine. I’m not as old as this man. His hair is greying and his beard is gray. He is wearing glasses just so he can see. Who is this man?
I never feel like I belong anywhere and I always feel as though I'm in someone else's space.  I don't think this is the way I am suppose feel, I miss being secure and stable in the person I was.
In the future I will be strong Someday I will be quick In due course i will be perspicacious In the future you will be weak Someday you will be sluggish In due course you will be unperceptive
He calls me grumpy pants because I wrinkle my nose And yeah it's a pretty white thing to say But the smile that seems to ascend into his face is worth it
Looking back at the tear-stained pages Or the fantastical flurry Or even the self-beating words of a young mind, I find something sweet and fitting In the art of permanence.  
I never knew what it was like to feel whole. There were always holes. And that big, 10 letter D-word Always hanging over me like a teetering sword. Waiting any moment to collapse into pieces,
this mind soars amongst many dreams   and they come in such excess in such a multitude
I am looking for you My love In every face  Is it you? Are you the one? I wait for you Eagerly I want to know  You Look for me too
I look into my past through old poems. each yellowing page telling another story of that sadness; dark and full of worry. I read and learn from them now;
Angels wept the night he took me, From where I lay helpless on the ground I thought I could hear them.  No one told me it would be okay, for long long after that day, Many looked but few ever stayed to see.
Its been long night for my heartA long day for my soulIts burning desire to know what can’t be seenA mooring breeze with the sense of the fruitful cherry blossom  Oh its beautiful, the savory flowers of spring and its sense of eternal youthfulness
it’s 2017 the closet doesn’t have a door there’s still monsters inside amongst binders and gender-neutral clothes   if you’re a millennial
Hurry up and cross the bridge to the future and leave the hell your in fast, Before the fire consumes the bridge to your future and my past, If you can't remember what they created,
And they speak of age – the elder years.   It’s always tomorrow. And tomorrow has not settled. Now, Darkness, woe, and failure stench abound.
The cieling fan runs quietly, The hound snores at the screen door. I sit and I chat over coffee With a guy who can be so much more. I enjoy these afternoon conversations.
Every day there’s a new tragedy plaguing the headlines of newspapers and magazines When did we forget how to love? instead learn how to hate
Dear Future,   You scare me like the bottomlessness of the sea But you excite me like the sunshine when is gently touches my face You show signs of a great jounrey with wild and captivating advneture 
Dear You, The reader the audience the human whose eyes have caught on these letters—yes, you—   Hello. I hope this finds you well.   Life is hard, I know,
Dear Future, How long did it take you to forget about your roots? How long did it take you to let go of childhood dreams in hopes of making adulthood so much more than it seems?
Dear future,       If only my eyes can wonder into the unknown and unlock the mysteries to be known. Why, you are a master at keeping secrets and a bad person at letting them go.
It has been a few years since I’ve last talked to you. You’ve slipped my mind as I lived and grew. I write to you this poem of mine. I hope that it’ll make it to you just fine.
Dear Life, So far you tuaght me a lot of lessons You told me stay calm and never start stressing My childhood was the best days Now I am growing up and I am learning things in different ways
Dear Future Me,   You have accomplished what you’ve said you always wanted to do and become. You were patient, you learned from others,
Dear Time,   When we first met, I was stricken by your tall body, towering over mine. Your silky whispers make me shy,  
Dear Past Me, 
Backstory/Commentary: This was written on May 5th, 2017,  right on the cusp of me diving into a relationship with my now ex,
At times I wonder Where I'm headed in this world.   Where is my place?   In an office, the monotony of keyboards? In a bus, a vagrant of burnt-out success?   Or among the stars above me,
Dear little girl,  It's okay, no need to fear. You were meant to be here. Your contemplation and hesitation Don't let it cloud you; don't let it drown you.Just do what you do; be you. One day you'll have all the fun.One day you won't have
Dearest Father, From my first breath to my first day of school You were there for them both. You held my hand and kissed my cheek, And did what you could  To protect me from the harsh world.  
Dear Future Love,
Dear Violence, I see you around the world Spoken from mouths who do not even understand you   Dear Hate, Lies come out of your mouth like a waterfall
Dear Past Me,   I'm sorry.  I'm so incredibly sorry For what you went through, For how you were treated.  You should have never accepted  What they were giving you.
I know life can be uneasy. It's not what it's always deemed to be, But you know that it can be, see, Your parents taught you all that you know, 
To my past self,  for whom I feel the utmost    Pain Pride Peace.   If I met you now, I would break.   Let tears for you, Let you find the warmth in me now,
Dear Future Self,  
Dear Future,
Dear Sister,   The first time we met  You were 5 He was 7 I was 1   There were two sets of parents One for y’all One for me Full sets, 2 in each  
Dear my future self: You were destined for much more Better keep working hard (From your overachieving high school self)
Next year I will be able to look at you and see a distant memory All these broken pieces of you will be put back together Still cracked and fragmented But still one piece
Dear my love, I saw you today, you spoke to me and my universe turned to align with yours. I turned into the blushing bashful schoolgirl I though I would never be
Dear Future Jeff,   I have so many questions, Don’t know where to start. Are we keeping it together, Or continuing to fall apart?   Right now, I’m really excited, Not sure what to say.
Dear Purpose, I am searching for you. Day by day I walk by my mirror. Side glances and momentary looks judge my exterior. Day by day life gets more monotonous.
Dear Younger Me, with eyes so bright Dreaming of the future all day and all night Your fantasies soaring like eagles across the blue Your imagination skipping like pebbles do If I could offer this for the days ahead
Hey,  It has been a while A while since you have sat down and took a breath. You are reading this because you feel burdened,       maybe by something self-afflicted,      maybe by a matter of circumstance.
Dear Colored People, Colored or not! We are people and should be treated as so. Colored or not! I still have to take on the many challenges that come within a day.
Dear Future Self,   Now you're in your teen days Which causes you to act many different ways Many expressed emotions Lost yourself Dropped many friends Became distant to others
Dear Old Me, Hello back there. It's me, your future self. Go sit down, Prepare to frown But know it won't last long. I know you are So innocent, Though you may be rotten.
Dear Future,   People ask about you everyday They ask me where you are, what you’re doing these days. I still don’t know  
Dear Future Child, Life is not easy, you are going to get kicked in every direction. You will get lost, you will get confused, and you will not know what to do.
Dear Love of My Life.   You have my heart yet not my name You have my love but not yet gained  
Hey Future. Did you know that this would happen to me? That this kind of emotional and physical hurt would slowly crash down on me On that day -
  Dear Future, I yearn for the sensation of your reassuring caress, the blazing star in the sullen space that is endless.
There’s a ghost in the front seat of my car She’s twelve, maybe thirteen And cries as much as I do   She remains quiet against the music, or as I talk With green-gray doe eyes
As we grow older, our bedroom walls seem smaller, our boundaries tighten, and our options become scarcer. With every missed opportunity and every failure within our minds,
Dear Panthers,  It all is ending, fading away. I want nothing more than to stay In this moment with those I know, But this town has no more space for us to grow.
Dear Future Man of My Dreams and Beyond, How I cannot wait to meet For we are tied with a red string of fate The invisible bound of two fated lovers
to the girl i pushed away,   you and i could’ve been cosmic sky beams we could’ve been one another’s worlds and more
Dear Future Self,   Do you remember the beat The thumping of feet Up and down the halls In and out of classrooms
Dear 13-year-old Juliana,  Things will get better. Slowly but surely, you will discover that you have anxiety, Which explains why you are the way you are.
 Dear my future self,   I hope you are doing well, And that our spirit is strong and our bones are never frail. I am but seventeen now, So forgive me if this has an immature sound.
To a future where I may find peace one lacking of counterfeit smiles replaced by the joys of finally embracing one's true self where wandering eyes no longer linger because they too are in harmony
Dear Dubiety,    I wish to promulgate that poetry is not dead. But the style... each breath is taken to be lost in an enchantment of idealist fallacies.
I am the main character in this story, and God is the narrator. He writes my story with every adventure. With every heartbreak, every tear and with every joyful moment. He is creating every memory that I will never forget.
Once Upon A Time... Forget us now each time we sleep, An endless curse amongst us creeps, You alone should break the spell return us to from which we fell  
To My Fellow Twenty-Somethings:   Oftentimes, the millennial generation -- The generation of which we are at the tail-end -- Gets a bad rep.  
Dear Past Me, It’s been a while, Since I was so young and wouldn’t ceist my senseless smile.
With slouching back and drowned out eyes, shaking skin and writhing. "It will be okay!" they lie, but they all no nothing. Sleepless nights and restless days, the looming feeling always stays,
Dear Future,  My kidnapper, you sicken me!  Hiding me in a room called my conscious.  All I see is darkness.  All I’ve ever seen is darkness. 
Dear Future Joamir,         
dear future me,    what the future holds, i do not know, for there is still so much to learn i know of so many feelings that i have yet to yearn 
To the person I will share my first kiss with:   When I have my first kiss, I hope it’s gentle and passionate all at once.
Dear Future Child(ren) I was only sixteen when I told your grandparents I never wanted to be like them.To start off on that note is probably the least positive I could've done, I'm aware.
Dear future me, I wonder who you turned out to be… You were always an anxious one The type who’s too scared to have too much fun
You are a masterpiece;  Your smile soaks up the ink on the pictures  Produced by my camera, and I am at peace.  It shines brighter than the sun on a July afternoon And then  I hear your laugh,
Dear future,   Life is beautiful, brilliant and glorious, To be able to look outside and see the plants shake and the moon glow, To breathe and watch nature's luxuriance,
Dear Past Me, You are only just beginning a long and tiring journey to find who you are and to let go of who you never truly were.   It is a journey that will wear you down to your core until you are struggling
Dear Younger Me, Remember all those conversations we used to have? And remember them walls? Them walls were once memories.  What if them memories conspired into black masses of space?
If you were given a timer to the day of your death how would you spend the rest of your daysTrying to live life to the fullest with much hasteOr will you stay stuck in a daze
I walk paths that were paved long before my existence Voices and laughter that once echoed for miles are now replaced by the faint wind The movement of my feet cause the dust
I wish I could know, Know how things have changed. Changed into you, You, my future self.   Self fulfilling, Fulfilling my dreams,
Dear College,    I've heard a lot about you. People say you're great, a real relationship, so much better than high school. But I'm scared. Really scared. 
I can never know just what will happen With my hour, my day, my year, my life All uncertain, unknown. My mind lost in Thought, about if I’ll hold a surgical knife
Because I love you  I became a better me  How can I love you properly  If I don't take care of myself Because I love you  I prayed for you  So your spirit may be strong 
because i love you i only smile as i watch you tilt back the milk carton white drops running down your chin the lips softly parted. i only smile even though
Dear Future Husband, I didn't know you were looking for something, easier to swallow But For years I watched my father walk over women
Our love Exists between Every star In the universe
the feelingof You next to me when You're in the room or across the sea est nonpareil our love so ubiquitous  forces my blind eyes to realize
A cool November night:   A fire blazes inside   
So walk With me And take my outstretched hand And continue on With me forever To the ends of the land. With each step We take Let us take it as one For we are Two bodies
The student is where you start.The ultimate level one always in your heart.It is the beginning of all goals.Goals that develop into roles.
Hello I don’t know your name yet I hope that one day we know everything about each other First thing’s first: I’m Sorry I’m sorry for what you’re about to learn about me
Love is not tears Manipulation or jeers Nor is it lies and coercion. Love does not hurt
Remember the times where we used to run wild in the streets of our small town. Where we used to be called the misfits of the day. Remember  when we felt the thrill of the wind through our hair
It is two in the morning when I feel your warm hands begin to massage my feet. Two of us slumped over each other, tired-eyed, forgetting other life subsists
Because I Love You   Words on a paper, words on a screen, A phrase said outloud. Powerful when spoken, and hurtful when taken.
Let me be honest, I can’t really express it, and I don’t know how I should break it down *Sigh* But ‘cause of you and the things you did, I’m happy you’re not around
my day-dream dresses like you. i just thought you ought to know; nothing i am is true. this stupid mask is all for show; sometimes i can barely see through. right now i can't even make the words flow,
You’re in my mind You’re in my heart You’re in my vein You’re in my blood You’re everywhere I never want this to change But, one day, I know it will And here’s what I’ll do
I don’t know where we go on our first date, Or why I say yes in the first place, Or how I ask to do it again.   But I do because I think you are special.    
He does not deserve you And you deserve someone better. You deserve someone Who can see the fire in your eyes.
Isn't it crazy how everyone in this lifetime insipres and impacts others Some way or somehow Just saying a little compliment can make the difference between lonliness and appriciation 
My family is constantly asking, How many girls, And how many boys, I plan on having when I’m older and married.
I sit alone, think about somethingWhere is my life destined towards?Is it towards what I aspire forOr is it towards what I'm inspired forAll of us can cogitate about itBut no one can declare what is it
Someday sincere lips will brush against yours And he won't leave  Someday you'll feel strength in your heart mind and body You won't feel fatigue Someday your mind will be clear
If you wait for your destiny,Then your destiny will be to wait.  
Knowing everything about your world          Seems to be a blessing, but is a curse. Too much emotions for a single heart to hold. An individual’s mind isn’t a purse, That is able to be organized at will.
Tell me you love me I'll say the same Trust me with your heart I'll trust you with mine Never sugarcoat And I'll do the same Promise to never hurt me Never raise a hand
you said you understood me; you said once, that you cared. you said the sky was my destiny.  and the stars, a crown in my hair. you told me once, you loved me. to the world it was declared.
"Valley Of Death"
Count the stars the small latterns that line the sky to help the moon light the path to tomorrow, as you try and walk away the sorrows. Wander aimlessly,  searching for something that is lost
Once upon a time amidst the skies within a metal tower out of many a glass imprisonment incases a beauty not a breath not a flicker
WE are the children of America The children of those who traveled land and sea. The children of those who plowed fields and picked trees.
A girl grows up wanting to be beatiful and strong, an innocent mind not carring any worries along. She'll want to stand tall and be very smart, but soon the troubles and bad days will start.
how do you write about silence? how do you write about sadness? was the silence broken by crying? was the sadness broken: did it vanish? how do you write about defiance? how do you write about fear?
Inhale and exhale We breathe, but better when we sleep. And move, as though a boat set to sail.
I used to fear What I didn't know I used to worry About my future I used to cringe At the thought of love I used to think All guys Were the same Then you Came around
I opened a book..Of which had no title..Took a second look.. andAwakened a mind that was idle..
Remember dancing, tasting the present, It as fleeting as our movements and our feet Remember hugging, each other on days of sorrow, Freeing feelings caged underneath Our skin
"Standing Tall"   I walked behind you to the door Your shirt flapped in the wind You glanced backwards but let it fall Behind the wood I was pinned
Why grades suck:   They do. They’re irrelevant. Yet they matter way too much.  
I see a grand institution Separate yet I'm still one of the gears Smokestacks pouring out CO2 pollution Been doing so for over 200 years Enough, why don't we take the lead on clean green energy?
America the Great, or is it really so? People crying and dying, realize no means no. Rape culture, please do not touch me down there. Terrorists? They're just people, don't be so scared.
Hear the sound of the passing wind,Watch the blazing sun of yesteryear. The water rippled through the galaxy,I watch his back as he face the clouds.
There was a moment in time      When all was right      And everything rhymed   The sun shone bright   Cloud fluffs dotted a gradient blue sky While a child was born into her father’s hands
I can't help but think of the moment When my loved ones will be gone, it will be over When I won't have a wall or cover When I lose my final lover
The skies on my mind My feet aren't on the ground  I'm too far ahead and time can't catch up with me I've got it all planed out My dreams are bigger than me My dreams  Are keeping me fixed 
Am I Brave, as they say? Or do I continue for my fear Of failing? Equality, Individuality Unity, Diversity The archaic American Ideals
Dear Whoever Whoever you are from whenever and wherever Yes you from the future who is sitting there reading this message from the past which is addressed to you directly Sort of
We are the Foundation but, The pigment of our skin determines our fate, Whether we're worth a second thought before you  attack,
You can’t win quite As much as you lose No- not a game, a talk, a song   Everything I’ve experienced Has stuck with me like a dream
 <p>Where flames of crimson </p> <p> Once graciously licked our homes </p>  <p> Springs forth a new hope </p>
"Never again" History's a cruel mystery But how clever a pen Cinema's sentiment's more cinnamon-sweet We're amateur janitors just been sent in to sweep Epilogue for a demagogue when we set him asleep
YEARS FROM NOW, I hope everything is different, and everything is better. I hope that people have faith in each other,  I hope people still communicate through the art of writing a letter,
Once Laid Footsteps 
Settling downward, the road’s early haze Unable to see height of trees as I gaze The world now shadowy, and dim, and shy Seamless grey stretches across the chilled sky.  
I am told to enjoy this last year, And to remember every moment Because there would be many I would hold dear. But I became my own opponent.
March again; Revive; Awaken!Build atop what has been taken,Find your mantra, young disciple:"Do not tarry; carry on." -
Growing up with my mom, hardly ever had a father figure.It was like I was the only one who ever saw the bigger picture.I grew up in New York with my mom in an apartment.My dad was a handy man who worked on anything from ceiling to floor carpet.I w
Everything is different but yet the same. Some things are clearer, but others are blurred out dots in my brain. My screams become bubbles floating up to meet the clouds
What happened?Everything started out fine.Happy.Wholesome.Good family fun.It gave me hope for a bright future.A hope that raised me up to a beautiful sky.Only to let me fallAnd watchMy dreams as theyD i e d . My hands burnedAnd blisteredIn a brigh
Asking when the right time is To move on forward, To leave behind things unbroken, People not forgotten, Actions never betraying a regretful tone, May not be so hard after all.
In one year of agingI grow to be seniorthis status is not mentalI still have so far,to go. So far,have I comegreat distances traveledgreater obstacles climbedand the greatest people met. I follow otherslike waters to the moonsthe deepest ripples f
One year ago the school was bright And dreams of the future kept me up at night Thoughts of "Where will I go?" And "Who will I be?" Dreaming,  Thinking, Endlessly.  
My Future  
Time passing slowly, slower, slower still senior sweatshirts caps and gowns graduation gifts beach days each day a little slower yet a little faster COLLEGE
12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, this is how much time ive spent growing all this time was spent knowing who I am, what I want to achieve and what I want to be a year can seem so vast  a year can seem so fast 
Floating in the sea, I’m happy   The familiarity of the ocean drowns me with a feeling love   The sound of the waves
Floating in the sea, I’m happy   The familiarity of the ocean drowns me with a feeling love   The sound of the waves
“You’re a strong independent woman” Man I wish that were true I can barely think without it being of you We never hugged, we never kissed But oddly enough those are the things I miss
They prayed for you to succeed in all you do But what are you supposed to do When all you do Is make people proud? There is nothing that speaks to you And they speak to you
For the future I am prepared For the future I am also scared. How do taxes work? I do not know. And in those swirling, hazy shadows
To be, or not to be: that is the question. The question that promotes advanced thoughts of experiences not experienced
Just want to come to u again Oh! Past, Why were u lost.   Oh! Past, You were my old host, No fear from Ghosts, But you made me lost.
The first part of my poem emphasizes how my youth was very childish and unconcerned, but once I started to grow up, some things got harder.
A latent prick of fearstarted at the root of my head.
Ankh No two days are the same; Life is experienced in stages, We cycle through different identifies till We find the perfect one. I haven’t found the perfect one, but
Next time you see me, I may look the same The same short blonde hair framing a pale face The same bright blue eyes behind the same lenses But don’t be fooled  
Remember when we talked about coming of age Well it's pretty hard to see  when I know  Imma be the same height 
Finally we’ve reached twenty seventeen, And it’s time to reflect on last year’s scene. Once upon a time there was a broke girl Who decided she should give a job a whirl. She applied and interviewed high and low,
A year in review, A time to be new   There are regrets and qualities met.   When I consider my goals and some of their roles, I realize how much I've grown
Like a flower, I have grown The way leaves soak up sunlight, I have gained new knowledge and experience: Met so many different people  
This past year Alice died I cannot remember my last words to her But I do remember how my sister cried This past year Jackson was born
  This is the evolution of our generation: Documentation of instant gratification, Social media exploitation, Gender roles and misrepresentation.
What was different in me From a year ago to now; What more could I see From a year ago to now?   Planning for what to do Is what changed; Planning to use the education I knew
Where is my love Where are my dreams  Hiding behind fanciful schemes Or rushing through a river Under the water that gleams
Looking down the line before, at the glimmering golden door. My future lies just past, but my feet are dragging me toward it fast. I bury my heels and try to hold on, and try to beat another dawn,
This is all an eye opener for me Well in the MAN’S eyes As babies, we are taught several things before we grow WE choose what we want to be Then MAN tells us what we MUST do in order to be what WE WANT to be
What your future holds Is truly brilliant love Believe in yourself
Seventeen in sixteen, I touch the tip of childhood letting the memories flow through and the future to stand still as I wait, puzzled at the crossroads of life.   Seventeen in sixteen.
A Southern Girl I dreamt of painting Who upon her canvas, had a high reaching colorful outlook of her future But what an ordeal she faced, As all girls within cultural confines,
Anticipation -  I felt, during the hot,  arid summer, with the  fan’s soft whiz in the background. “I’m going to be a senior, this year.” Fear- a feeling that built up, slowly at first, then 
I don’t think you can disappoint me, At least not easily. *sigh* I think it’s difficult to disappoint someone Who believes that every hope is a gun.
Is it called suicidal if it’s not right this minute that you want to die? I have a lot to look forward to. It’s just that, sometimes, I don’t particularly
You were sitting by a hotel pool, holding what looked like a margarita in your left hand and a lack of energy in your right. Your eyes were the second organs I lashed my gaze upon, your declinations being the first.
I dream one long, dark night a dream where darkness has overcome the light.   It's a nightmare In a funnel where I cannot seem to get out of
I worry about the day that the future comes and I have accomplished so much and I look to you and you have run out of excuses
The eyes of the past Look at me with shame Look at the the pain you caused And you're the only one to blame   The eyes of the present Look at me with calm The past is the past
5:00 AM Five more minutes ...
up, Up, UP! Say “hello”, “Goodmoring” Get Dressed, GO! Day-in, Day-out Quickly, forward go, Go, GO! Pass it. Bye.   A light in the distance A Spark in the Sky
Half past 9, I start to arise. I'm ready for my day to begin, goodbye bed, my dear friend. Hustle and bustle through the hall, I fear I will never get a call. A call that says "Congratulations, you've got the job!"
Childhood... Thats the past. I know I Could... Thats the future. Life is Good... Thats the present. Scared of Woods... Thats the past. Manhood... Thats the future. College Brainfood... Thats the present.
Every day is a new day.  This only means that the sorrows of yesterday are now in the past. What bothered me then feels so close yet so far away.  
What makes me feel good? Something that is understood Accomplish the things I should Doing all that I could   Laying on my bed of clouds Turning my music up loud
I open my eyes and see A world of possibilities, A world of opportunities.  I open my eyes and look At everything I can be.  I hold everything I need to be  Successful!
 The Light outside a window vibrant, appreciatedA new day, this novel Light. A fiery presence so often exploited,A constant so plentiful-A guiding brilliance.
There was a looming sadness cast over the age of men, a shadow of the greatness to come.
I was a little brat. I threw tantrums. I hit, bit, and scratched. I didn't care about others. I only thought about myself. I loved myself.   I am alone. I isolate myself.
to write? to right the wrongs? for the right of way? today? Is that right? to be Christened in Christ’s' rite? right?
My past is behind me, my future is being rebuilt, my present is here and that's all that matters.
My teacher always said,   Go home and write A whole bunch tonight And let words flow form you- Then, it will be true.   I have lived in St. Louis for nine years.
light filters through the shades and my heart starts to pound; i am awake,  and my consciousness burns. touch is sensitive. sheets around my legs feel cool and comforting, and my mind swirls.
Sadness is inevitable Getting over it is incredible With so many emotions coursing through my veins It's hard to believe that I still have a myriad of things to gain
Compared to the expectation of my dreams, And the flight of my imagination, It seems still, This space I possess, My 17th year of life. I send a quake towards my destiny,
The Future is not simply something that can be contained into a box or in the palm of my hand It is not even something we can see fully and yet try to comprehand  We all want and all need and want to find out paths in life
They said, "let's go to the teahouse for a drink" presumably to have some social time but it's as if reality gave me a wink since conversing face to face is known as a crime.   
  I write from a place that holds secrets Sex, alcohol, drugs, you know what the deal is We all lock it away to get a taste of freedom
College Ruled Paper (But NEVER Wide Ruled.)   There's a call for change, for warmth, for compassion But you can only find these through blood colored ink on paper
Brick by brick, all in place I pave the roads, through time and space I know not where, my feet will fall Yet still I try, to pave them all Till I have spent, all my days Paving roads, going different ways
Life has us all under a leash. We don't notice we're going under one simple routine. Everyone has one unstoppable destination. How long we last until we reach that destination? It's only known based on our determination.
The World Needs Changing Will The Old Do it, Um… No The Youth Must Reform
ICARUS - a stiffened dream of humanity in his desire - to fly Space ships and airplanes is not full of human feeling that this dream has come true Our mind want to traveling around the stars and distant worlds
     What's in a degree for you and me, Time well spent or time merely lost? How high a fee, how great a cost! What's the reward? What can we be?      We strive to be the bosses of our selves,
I look up and see the sky, I look down and see the ground. I look ahead and see darkness, I look back ,but only see the past and its faint light. Which do I choose , that all depends on what I'll do.
We are the future We are the ones after you,  We are those who care enough, We are the ones who will rule the world,  We are the ones who you are teaching,  Are you going to like your future? 
Dear Midlife Me,   It will have been long a long, long time since you have written this. But if you exist if you are there please take but a moment to listen to me.
The snow crunches beneath my feet. Each cold step can’t be repeated Even if I say a do over is needed. God says control is his to keep And asks that I take the famed leap. That in this snowy, shadowy scape
Being depressed as a kid is well, strange. Because you never can see a future. Instead you see the present, and everything that it holds. It holds promise and love and a future for everyone else, but not quite for you.
There are many stories not told, pasts that will unfold. A loving, a sad, a true story, of those who fought for thier glory. Leave a map for tomorrow, to find the treasure of the past. 
There are a numerous amount of bitter people all over the world that want to express their pent-up feelings that were kept deep down inside.but sometimes is just that they seem to be gaucherie at certain times of their life.
Some think the future will be scary Some think the future will be lovely like Febuary I'm thinking of the latter Some will tell me it doesn't really matter The outcome will depend on your contribution
Dear daughter,   I am writing this to you as I am barely just experiencing life This is so I can connect to you more as an individual Cause I know as I get older my memories of being a teen will fade
It reassures me Yet it used to Annoy me so much Thinking about My choices being made Without me as a thought But for some reason It now becomes a medicine I plead for it
the artist who drinks thier own blood, is the first to taste the salt, flavor to enhance the taste, seasoning to please the guests,   our blackest paints add the deepests contast,
You let a chair fall sideways, and you let a rope do you wrong. A basket filled with gratitude is now a basket filled with garbage.
Last night I was perched High up on a tree. The higher I was, The more I could see. How great this view shines Way above the ground. But I could see more. How great did that sound?
Here without him, I have nothing I am nothing I have constant doubt Flaring up inside I have constant worry And there are always tears to cry   With him, I had everything
Tell me,  What do you see as the end of the world? Will we cook ourselves in the toxins we've unleashed into the air? Will we poison our food and water with fuel spills? Will we kill ourselves in war?
  Who are you curiously reading this poem of mine, a hundred years from now? Will you be able to evaporate into a whole other universe Will my present be a ripple in your now,
O I swear to you I was never like this So cock-a-hoop and loopy-lou; The lady who smiles to herself knowingly. This isn't who I was But oh how I loved to be  Dosed up, drugged up
If only my life were a constellation, memories glittering still and silent  as stars hung together in the sky.   My life is only  a fleet of rowboats searching anxiously for a sudden light
You started out as a canvas That my thoughts and dreams flowed freely through A million dances The meaning behind the view I fell in love quite quickly I wrote for fun My pen lies thickly
She draws with graphite and charcol and pens I draw with my words that is all I know and have ever known.  My grandma teaches me with paints on her lap I was a "messy painter," not a
“Forever” is not Forever, However it is mine: I cannot say I've done a thing To keep my memory alive. Like all the other greats
If I didn't believe in tomorrowI wouldn't have a today,or even a yesterdayto speak of.That's
Dazzled in wealth with milk and honey flowing, I look to my face   Silk from head to toe no corn in my row but my emotions have no place   at the mountain top, success on the clock with no sense of direction
I shut my eyes and travel back to when I was only but five.With sausage legs and curious hands, the slightest bump would make me cry.My only concern were the winged Giants who stole from the flowers in bloomWho partnered with bees who stung and bu
I’ve always lived  as though the Lord can give  and can take away. I try not to cling to things of this world  not a person, place,  or possible possession is so important that my world would
All I need is my sanity With my sanity, I have my peace And with my peace, I have my mind And with my mind, I can survive Because I, I waver sometimes.  
Chocolate rolled curls and a wide bridged nose Your absence invokes poignancy in me And yet, I am gay at the sound of your twinkling voice Calling me sunshine, your angel, your baby
Everyone can list off everything they want in the world List them off till everything up to the otherworld. While I can only name one such thing I could ever want What I want I could only ever say blunt(ly).
I'll look out one dayAnd I'll see itI'll see the bright colorsOf the setting sunThe swath of brilliant reds and oranges and pinksI could stare at it for hoursSitting there, rocking slowly
All I need, is hope; beautiful, bright, brilliant hope, it keeps me alive. Hope for a future when I can be independent and successful.
I don't wanna be Some ol' nobody. I don't wanna be Without a home, Without a name, Doin' nothin' but witherin' Away, away, With old age.   I wanna be Somebody,
I love the sky I love outer space I love you And I love the human race   I hate society I hate egos I hate discrimination And I hate the unknown   I hope society changes
Who would I be Without ambition Without hope Without dreams Without goals Would I matter Could I live with not mattering
Why are there so many things in this world to worry about? Why do I wait and wander in my worries when I could be doing something fun  like making babies or going on journeys? Why is the world so mean?
Don't romanticize this and say some boy or girl will pick you up off the floor and hold you in his arms and wipe your tears away and kissing you anyways. This is the gruesome reality of always smelling like puke. It never goes away.
What is to be gained by breaking me? It will certainly take time My resolve is strong and final, my heart is loyal in the utmost, I hate more than anything to be thought weak You know me
What if you left me today? Would today still be as good as yesterday when you were with me?   What if you weren’t with me yesterday? Would I still feel as lonely as I do today?  
Where will we be when the future arrives? Will we be nothing but dust, Filling the ground with nothing but cobwebs and our sadness? Or will we be memories,
I am here, where are you?  Do you remember the times of fear? Do you look back into our years?  When the torment brought me to tears? Can you still feel the pain you caused me, 
For each step I want to take there is a million fears holding me back. Afraid of the future ,as  a child is of a dark night. I wish I  was strong enough to go further in 
I’ve already devoted myself and my life to a cause that still may fall through but there would be no purpose to anything I do if I didn’t try.  
When the time comes, I hope you crumble and fall when the light, hits the midpoint of that beautiful summer day    I hope your flesh rots off of those achy bones.
Early sketchbooks, overflowing with drafts and dreams, connoisseur collectors items. They study my work, discovering the loose red underlines of
Located deep within an abyssI reach for my lab gogglesFor they would be the only thing I would miss   They are always on my headOr sleeping next to meRight beside my bed  
A smile of falsity Wretched is the pain Stains upon the aura The heaviest rain Urges of absconding Just to be alone Dreams of a zone far away from home Beauty is survival Not to give it up
This is the generation of me's, we were taught nothing in this world is for free. Its made the world cold and hard, people only care about themselves going far. Or how many likes they get, whose got the most expensive shit.
I am who i say i am  I am art I am fashion I am talent  I am the future  I am me  Who are you  And what makes you, you
I found his wicked smile so alluring Black and blue dreaming  Victim of pure deceit But your love's pristine Divine empowering   I missed you Your touch and embrace
Dear me, Dear me Be weary, aware Not care so much stay out a little later Let the smooth night cover your blush let the stars whisper happiness and the wind hold your hand Dear me, Dear me
Wake up. Hold your breath. Listen.   While you hear the hollers and screams coming from down the hall, You sneak out of bed, hoping not to be heard.
"I call out  Is no one there? The imagination  Of the atmosphere  I called out  My memories stare  The past and present  Of ones held dear Icalled out But not in fear
As the leaves change color through the season As the daylight slowly dwindles away The mind gradually finds its reason While the soul obtains its reason to stay.  
I’m seated in a comfy chair, he’s running his fingers through my hair, I’m thinking aloud as I write,
Let me paint a picture of my generation. It's as if we all suffer from a self-induced aberration. We don't think, we just do. Where we sink, others flew. It kind of stinks that we can't see our potential,
My hands are always full I don't want to be successful I don't want that at all   I don't want a big house Of which I've paid off every ounce With my supportive spouse  
You can dream of all the vows you wish to sing But if you recall on that fine evening Emily ascended into the darkness of the night For she had finally been free
It was at night I saw a sight A true vision Of another dimension I was filled with fear  For what was near My future I saw A large dark claw Groping at my eyes
There is no time for talks and whispersnot anymore in this time we live in,and it gets more deterious every day.Human life into parlors prospersnot allowing knowledge to grow within,and to get ignorant we pay.
I tried to embrace myself with happiness,the long run had just startedsince the day I decided to changeand lose the old me forever.
I'm scared Scared of what's to come Scared of what has happened Scared of what is happening Scared of what could happen
I am the girl with the new glance each day I open my eyes all bright and shiny The morning shimmers in fresh irises now blue, now green, then brown again Have you ever seen someone so transitional?  
Adulthood snuck up on me, deceived me Oh, she’s a sly one She flirted with me for a time, dangling her alluring maturity and ravishing freedom before my eyes
Won't it be great when we all wear the goggles of nondiversity When we can't tell each other apart because we're all the same   A white man, a black woman, and an Asian boy take a boatride
Won't it be great when we all wear the goggles of nondiversity When we can't tell each other apart because we're all the same   A white man, a black woman, and an Asian boy take a boatride
A house is nought but the sum of it's parts A day is but a set of hours A year, a system of days, each bundled up with others and given names All a decade is is a repeat of the day before
   A three piece puzzle never fitsUnless you have the felicitous bits Do not fear death with enclosed bars Welcome him with open arms  In the end, you won't go solo  So live a happy life because you know yolo
I just wanna be loved/ held by a nigga that understands and excepts who I am and who I once was/ touched by a man that's not scared to get deep/ that's not scared to remove the mask he has for the world and unveil a unguarded human being/ I just w
I sometimes imagine what it must be like to stand in such big shoes A size 10 1/2, they say, reaches halfway across the world   Behind my eyes dance the swirls of a life I wish will come to me
Cool ocean breezes Whispering waves, soaring gulls Sweet, silent farewell
It was cold, The morning chill spread through the room, As if it were an angry mob And I, I was the focus of its anger But as I stepped outside, I faced the sun, its penetrating rays reaching my core
Mile marker seventeen passes without word, as all the others have. (and as all the rest will).   To any outside observer I am a point on this dark highway a flash of light into the black
I needed to tell you in personthat you my good lad have lost the gameI tried very hard to make you understandbut even tips and tricks have failed your handall you ever do is loose
I am intrepid Forward is the way I go I fear nothing Though I may take it slow Life runs by in the blink of an eye And I would be ignorant to not show Who I am On the inside
I am but a mere quirk in the face of billions, shifting my way down on a path that shall leave me dispersed.     Times have shaped the outline of my brain, leaving me so estranged from the me of the past,
Here thy lie son of the great unkown.
The Stream Life is like a stream
Undefinable If you try to say that you can describe me you’re wrong I’ve faced adversity and have since become strong, The words that I write are just a glimpse of my own insight
These feelings are becoming tighter around my throat. I try to hold my breath but the months just float.   My esophagus collapses and I begin to wimp.
You can't take the good without the badYou can't be happy without experiencing sadConstantly fighting a battle with good and evilAlways running back and forth, two sides never equal
My heart left where we would meet
Born a girl But read a book And now what is she, A he An it? Doesn’t she know the pain he causes others When it Or xe? Decides a thousand things In a single day?  
Memories   where my mind drifts off too at the wrong times never seems to happen at the right times. I close my eyes and I see my self cry
A fork parting the road, Forever veiled in mist.   Offered two roses, of ravens Of angels. For which to reign in light, Or shadow.   Marched through heart, To seize both kingdoms.
BON VOYAGE All of the doubt and pain Has turned my head Into a baby's rattle And the shaking toy... Feels like an earthquake And all the toys noise... Is the only sound I hear
I remember asking myself, why can't I put on an act like everyone else? And then I remember two things, one - I am not everyone else and two - I can't put on an act,...when I am the act.
My american dream is life When all I want is to die A life with peace without strife A chance to try to fly I want to continue living But cannot stop looking back But the future is unforgiving
In this small world where we live in, Where "busy" is the only word leaving our mouths, Where our feet are stuck in the past, Is there any path towards the future? Without any thought about our actions,
If I COULD change things I WOULD   If I was GIVEN the chance to go back in time I'll be first in line 
Traveling through these days going up and down these streets  I turn look behind sometimes just to see how many people are there Looking forward dreams of you on my mind late at night as I sleep is the sweetest dreams 
I fall upon my knees  at the fork of a winding path begging for directions  when i don't know who to ask   Neither show a sign of life nor have they been worn a choice for my own mind
Your words do not define me For I define myself Not with power and glory Nor money and wealth   You'll see her in the corner  You'll see her by herself You'll see that she's a loner
Dear whoever it may concern, I truely believe I am in love with you, the way your eyes light up when you smile, like the sunset has decided to visit me every single day.   You say that I'm insane,
No, I don’t know I don’t know if I did “good” on the test. I don’t know if the teacher liked my essay. I don’t know what my grades are. I don’t know why I’m sad all the time.
You know that feeling?   It's funny and dishonest,   And you should be able to laugh at it.   But it creeps up on you with taunts of isolation,
The struggle of oppertunity The day that i broke of so much misfortune  With several scattered roads   The past with my mistakes the choices that i made poor the impossible oppertunities
What the world presents on a silver platter, isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be...if you just zoom in on their bigger picture well everything becomes a blur and that, that’s your reality.
as i sit here in this empty room i feel a deep emotional pain, can anybody hear my crys.? its who i am. but who am i.? i helped make you so your a part of me for there be more you cannot see.
Class of 2016, the year where the path changes. I have traveled down the jagged road to fin it's end near. I found a shortcut though, because there is nothing more strange then speeding up,
SHE'S A STAROnce a young girlFull of hopes and dreamsBig wants and desiresBut no one to encourage herOn how to make it a reality
Our generation. We glorify stupidity and put celebrities on a pedestal because we idolise their lifestyle and wish we could be them.
Should you open that beloved book of words, Should you choose to see what lies within, Should you find, by chance, a certain word, Janus, it would be; You would find not the god, but a picture of me.
So hard to wait
You call at me like destiny And fly out of my grasp with the wind You tempt me with your grandeur Only to take it all away with your greed You invite me in
I wonder, where are we going? We’ve sat here for years, Reading and noting, Learning but never knowing. What it is that lies ahead: Is it joy, is it dread?
The time you won your town race We chaired you through the market place Man and boy stood cheering by And have we brought you shouldre-high.
Loveliest of tress, the cherry now Is hung with bloom along the bough And stands about the woodland ride Wearing white for Easter tide.
Everything. Is. Awesome It’s a foreign thought to admit that the world is awesome A convoluted statement to understand the world of awesomeness
Life is a warzone An enemy at every side No one can deny That this is life But in this war I find excitement It’s wonderful Yet people think I’m crazy
I will always choose the simple life. The path that winds around the fragrant lilac bushes, that meanders across  the hillside, and flows down  through the river valley.  
As I sit at my computer and think to myself, how can i make college happen,  i've got no money on my shelf, change in my pocket is replaced with nothin'.   Everyone tells me my dream school won't accept me,
The 21st century will come and go,
It was December 1st 2014 My heart was pounding my skin was crawling Your daddy was crying Your nani was smiling Your auntie lauhhing The doctor storming The words "push his crowing"
To change the world, many have tried but many have failed, because some will slide. Making a difference will remain, as we all stay the same, like were all hooked to a chain, like we're all playing a game.  
the world in a daZe it seems like its the end of days the sun close u can feel it in the rays lost child i cant get out of the maze head high i still carry hope even though all we was told is nope
In circles, we go around and around Inadvertently choosing to frown It’s the lurking fear we just cannot face,
Through my eyes I see you
  Watching ultrasounds that reveal his heart flutter Instant unconditional love that makes me melt like butter.   Nine short months of kicks and hiccups
Move, hurry, not even time to worry. Much to do, too much not done, rest and play some other day. All is in a flurry, a snowstorm never ceasing you might say.
The pencil’s metallic probing tip
Butterflies. Could they exist without it? What about flowers? What about days and nights? What about sunsets? Sunrises? Rainbows? Stories? Songs? You? What about you? Could you exist without it?
I believe in you,  the way you believe in me. My weaknesses, from me, you drew. Inner beauty, in me, you see. With no hesitation, I knew. You were and always have been the one for me. My love for you
met you in the fourth grade back when we were just ten spent half my life with you every step since
Golden light spills out of the sky  and into our laps Our laughter rings 
An understanding friend
Deodorant sent them to space
Sometimes I wonder what the present is,I wonder what the sun feels like,
I live in an earthly purgatory But tonight I smelled rain amongst the brimstone I inhaled the scent of a coming cleansing Of liquid purity flooding down upon the fire   I reside in the depths of perdition
  The smoke from the tip of my cigarette pencils an abstract art on the air. I remember childhood like it was yesterday, 
I stand in front of a cave as darkness covers its mouth
I will be forgotten. In not too many years (compared to how old the universe is) I'll probably be dust. I wont have anyone to hold because I'll literally be compost. Me, I will be compost.
Our future to come, With happy memories, Many laughs, A few tears.
I hate the fact he loved another. My love feels expendable and connection feels bothered, I hate the fact he loved another.
I'm pondering about life Contemplating about the future What's wrong or what's right? Am I significant or am I useless? My conscience tells me the truth Society is riddled with lies
Self demarcation Is self deprivation After all it takes a dream To build up a nation Hesitation and contemplation It’s great to analyze but why are you waiting
you were my bestfriend my true friend
I am held by a piece of string hung in the dark
Conception. Two cells coming together to create one new being. A small precious person growing, living. Compacted with purpose and potential in a tiny figure, so soft and sweet.  Ready to make the future reality.
I am but one person But that does not make me insignificant. 
A piece of paper That's all it is So much pomp and circumstance  preparation & pride  for a flimsy declaration  that can be burned, and earned by the bottom of the barrel  
Will you smile for me little one? Will you twirl around in that tutu I bought off Etsy? Will you sing your lullaby to me so loud it wakes the cat  from her nap?
You love em you tease em
Soon we'll be seeing each other again my friend ,with every touch you'll come nearBraided tears in a lump of clay .Please be patient,please be patient!
I am a human before I am American.  I am a human
Of Kids & Nations   A little boy was asked To try to surpass The kid in front of him.
There it goes again  perpetual mosquito, flying ‘side my head Calm after the storm, after the calm                 before the storm With the galaxies aligning and the initial combustion engine
Fearing the Future
I guess we're stuck on yesterday Take it down and pack away
A picture is worth a thousand wordsThat I have always been toldBut, what about the person inside?That no one will knowDeception hidden within a smileMy eyes overflowing with lies
What is my purpose in this world? To take up space, to be a filler in an empty place. The idea of existence has always been confusing, Am I here to succeed? Or will I end up losing?
A kid who just wants to be heard Someone who wants success Others look at him and say oh my he's blessed They don't know the pain, the problems Of always wanting to be the best His parents are proud of him
Words being said About a world were there's only success or failure
Try to see the best in me and you will find something. You will find a flaw, a perfect imperfection. I am containing myself, my greatness, my potential, my future.
America has caught a fever FIrst it took Oscar Then it stole Treyvon Next it was Jordan, then Kendrick then Odin Following were Raymond, Jonathan then Reinesha
The painting originated by the painter was not the first element of its nature 
My life is kind of hectic  Like a completed checklist When I look back on my life I see that I have dropped some fine dimes
Oh what I'd give To know what I want, What I'd do  To become Myself.  
Inside of the seeing ball,  I see nothing at all.  Not a future,   not a past,   I can not see past all this foggy stuff, God blast!  Then the smoke clears,  and a hideous face appears, 
Every store, show, event-- everytime anything exciting appears Let me take a selfie. When did these words become such a despreate part of life? When did engaging in social time become selfie time?
It's so cold Everytime I open my eyes this chill hits my spine & in that very moment Im completely frozen My hearts been numb by the base & I've grown numb to the faces of the pain that I try to run from
We cannot become what we want to be remaing who we are today We wonder why as girls we bring down other girls because we all know how hard being a girl is Expensive makeup is everywhere
My future is uncertain. I feel as if nothing is constant. Sometimes I feel like a piece of driftwood, I'm being tossed back and forth by the waves. But they are not ocean waves. They are the waves of time,
Scrubbing and wiping
Every day is a gift,  all the days just flow so swift try to live positive & for others try to uplift... <3 You are here for a reason bigger than you I know some time you wonder what am I here to do? Is it some thing huge &  grand, here...
My mother is weak And I cannot stand it She is feeble, stupid, and plain Who are you? And where is the woman that I once knew? You’re a weakling, darling A scaredy little ghost
I am a suit and tie man with tattoos peeking out from under my sleeves, black ink that flows from my pen on to every assignment I turn in demonstrates intellectuality, the ink that punctures my skin tells a story,
Let me start off by saying god bless you The world's greatest philosopher couldn't fathom the words to express you We tend to lose all hope and live in regret Meanwhile the world continues to spin and time is being spent
I had come to realize the pattern in which the seasons of my life came and went and how the colors of the sky were warm and bright each night before the dark cold breeze came and stole it away.  
Like a drug store cassette I was blank, mummified
Do not tell me to settle
I see the light  I’m crawling out
I picked up a partner
A bubbling Laugh, a warm Smile,
Vivid pictures; envision a soul, lost in the thoughts that'd keep a grown man cold, poor kid, just 16, livin in hell, fightin demons while he deals with the swells,  of all the dangers and how cops fancy the cells,
I'm scared. 
Plans for the future
Remove the filters that surround our lives.  Don't sugarcoat it to the ones outside.  The world as we know it can be harsh and cruel, so let's not pretend that it always looks cool.
Do I have to have a destination if I decide to runaway? Or would I end up in the perfect place for me? We'll, see. We'll have to see. Let's wait and see. 'Cus I noticed the sun hates taking breaks,
Filterless? Filter-less.   Less as in I am less without a filter Less attractive less complete less perfect Less myself  
Echo, you privilege soul Stand by as I pillage your home Watch as they rave your condemnation We have yet to live.  
The smile you see is uniform Underneath lies pain & anguish Fears of tomorrow Yesterday's sorrow   Path seems forever unknown Feelings frozen like stone A painted picture of happiness
Cry your final tears now,don't hold it in For tomorrow holds another chance to live again Keep your head held high in confidence and pride Just let go, relax, enjoy the ride Things will pan out in the end
A big ball of tangled yarn That can't seem to sort itself out.
"There's no flaws in dreams,"Said my mind to me,"Be who you are, And who you want to be."I may have a personality,That's flawed in many ways,But a mind that's reigns...
"There's no flaws in dreams,"Said my mind to me,"Be who you are, And who you want to be."I may have a personality,That's flawed in many ways,But a mind that's reigns...
We have all been told do things before you are old. We sit here and laugh in their faces and continue to walk at leisurly paces. We go through elementary, middle, and high school. 
As I feel the wind blowing through my hair,   I see that there is an empty path ahead me,  My insides can feel the silence of not knowing where my life is headed,
You may think that it's funny, Puts some laughter in your tummy.
Is it possible to stop loving someone when you know your feelings are true? Is it possible for me to love again when my heart still beats for you? Is it possible to promise never
I am Flawless, Just open up your ears, I am Flawless without photoshop Now wait, this will make your jaw drop, You look inside the shiny magazines at the glamorous models there
My hair, long and brown My face, straight and concentrated My body, short and ordinary None of it matters I can get through Whatever life throws at me My strength My desire My dedication
Yesterday Mistakes and regrets Left scars upon my skin and my heart The past is unmistakably
your animalistic programming can get in the way of reason and just saying what you really meant to say this is true for you it is a struggle for me we have to have the will to do 
Who are you behind a filter, we try to look good and be someone we are not, just look in the mirror and see who you are, God makes no mistakes we the way we are from design, why change perfection with a filter,
When I grow up, what do I want to be? A sailor sailing the mighty sea?   A doctor curing many pains? A legendary soldier who slays but never gets slain?  
Today has been the first time I’ve smiled in years The first time I haven’t cried myself to sleep The first day I haven’t been forced to smile on queue I remember those days so well; my scars won’t let me forget
With her long ragged hair And chipped nail polish, She stood at the counter And scrubbed the dishes.   Low country music Was in the background And the dishwasher hummed
filters hide the true beauty inside & out Can't see what's on the inside because people are worried about what's on the outside SElF CONFIDENCE leads to success In your own skin you win never settle for less
Who am I? That's the name of a great song
Without a filter I'm just a kid, Without a father and a mother in prison, I've seen some things that you'll never see, Things that make small children scream, But what you can never see,
Who am I? You should know who I am. Standing tall, with my head up above. Looking beyond the present in hopes to build a future so strong no one could even grasp the concept of going backwards.
What do my words sound like without a filter? Might as well ask me to reinvent the wheel My words must remain slightly off-kilter Because I am afraid of myself without a filter.  
My life is left brained, all I think about is moving forward
The controlling controller roams in  her controlling world, thinkinking highly of the crazy cool adventurous odesseys  she embarks on.   Her blanket is her cape to escape 
So small. So innoncent. So new.  I think these things as I hold her in my arms.  My niece. She has yet to walk, to talk, to grow, to know, to see. To be.
Im running and hiding in fear. Everyone around me points and laughs at me. I run to the shadows but your there. I beg you to leave me alone but your there. 
I'm Flawless Not because my skin is clear or my body is perfect  Cause I'm Far from both ..  But  because I love.. I love hard ..  I'm flawless cause my loyalty runs deep 
No one considers acting a real occupation, But we are all modern thespians. From a young age, we’re taught emotions to use as masks for everything: Happy in public, Stoic in times of danger,
I am the girl that wears a lot of make up, which hides who I really am. Eye shadow, eye liner and foundation, I wear it all. The make up disguises who I really am;
 Bullying is for the weak  Bullying is hard to beat  you have to stay strong  To survive what's inside  You think it will disappear  If you stay hidden within,  yourself and keep it from
I am 16, nearing the end of the 2nd cycl
Already eleven, my eyes close, my Head is slower, and I´m losing my self,  Like the light lost in the 
What is beauty? Everyone has different opinions about beauty. But what is beauty? Beauty can be big, Beauty can be little. Beauty can be light, Beauty can be dark.
"What do you want to be?" I hate that overrated question With the inevitable answer. Because, who knows? I could explain to them what I want to do.
Broke a vase and crashed a car, Told my Daddy I wasn't going far. I choked on stage Tripped and fell I am definitly not hollywood, Oh damn well. Got a drink dumped on my face 
#Hi. I'm trying to act like I'm invisible because I know that you can see that I'm not #perfect. But I know that if you could see the real me that is not my blotchy skin or curvy frame, you would be #shocked.
Look at me What do you see? Young, black, short, mean Somewhere in between?    I look in the mirror You know what I see? A queen Staring back at me   Not the tallest
Flawless Anyway
There's never a statute of limitations on an apology. Tell me what makes one think they are greater, or almighty. Behaving ridiculously. disgraced I am ashamed to be your neighbor.
I'm not the best of sons, and it's hard to miss my family when everyday they're part of war. I live with scars that just won't seem to end,  but you know what?  They're my medals and best friend. 
I wake up looking in the mirror Brush my teeth My horrid breath no longer existing I change into an extravagant outfit No longer feeling insecure I put on a mask of powder and liquid Feeling perfect
I want to give you a reason in life To keep on keeping on Put down that razor, you could someday be a wife Nobody wants you gone   Stop crying pretty girl, you are beautiful in every way
i write and i write but how can i describe the feelings that i have yet to experience with words i can't even begin to know the meaning of?
Never fail to notice your intuition Enduring life When it becomes chaotic Compelled to make rapid decisions My mind is gifted
I don't wake up perfect and my teeth aren't white but if there's one thing I'm proud of
I never was the girl who had it all Hell, I was the one who had nothing at all. But here I am, I stand before you proud and tall. No money nor connections, just sheer ambition
As the sunset and the stars begin to shine the only thing crosses my mind is WHY
Love Day in and day out Sexuality questioned because I don't follow the common guide to attraction I want to love too But why should I follow society's rules? I want to be held I want to cuddle
Do I know what I'm talking about? Am I filling myself with self doubt? As I wonder around an empty loft I feel a phantom cough; I do not know who I am I do not know what's going on
Her hair, is the light which my eyes crave,  like a miner hanging onto a dead cannery. Her skin, the silk I lust for,  like a foreign dignitary in a feudal japan.
“Stranger” She sat there in disbelief, The things they had written were so malicious. She read the words on the screen:
A car crashed After being quiet abashed From a seed of pain
A human has two hands Made to explore the land And touch all that is grand Shaping the world into a dream
She was the Juliet of my city.
Last night I looked at you And I could feel it  I could feel the love that filled my entire body  The kind that made my days  the kind that made my toes curl 
I'm suffocating I’m drowning My cells collapsing I’m being dispersed Becoming air I am almost nothing
A day has not gone by Since I been apart from you. Waking up to your sweet aroma Arouses me with joy. The moment you touch my tongue I feel shivers through my spine. Every time you met my lips
swing sets---have this way about them when you’re up in that momentary air you can reach up and catch infinity before sewing it into your pockets. -----for that split second gravity has nothing on you.
Out of all that makes me happy, I include scenarios I make in my head. The stories I dream, thinking at night, Laying alone in my bed.   If you haven’t done this, give it a shot,
I'm trapped by society. A society that works much like a beehive.  The world follows this unknown queen with lingering questions left upon their lips.  Our life is a cycle, a pattern of actions and commands.
It’s hard to imagine where I’d be
I dreamt that Summer crept into my room  One Fall night Betwitched me into bed sung me sun-struck and kissed me (I think I made it up inside my mind) She drowsily whispered 
When I watch golden, fluffy dandelions turn into white puffs in the wind, I think of our finite days on our finite planes that have to finitely end.
It makes me happy and makes others sad I drive gas and they drive hybrid I get dirty and they get nerd I modify and they replace I love my old car
One of the greatest pleasures in life, Bagehot told me, is doing what people say YA CAN'T. IMPOSSIBLE. STOP. DON'T EVEN TRY.   I love to prove them wrong. 
In that dark roomat the end of the never ending hallway,laying in her white sheets, in nothing but a gown,all alone,with the clicks and clangs of the cold machines,the rhythmic beeps taunt her.
The sun peeping through my window as my 6:40 alarm clock goes off. My coffee brewing as I get ready to leave for school. The 14 freckles that take up your face. The kisses my puppy gives me when i come home.
Time for memories For loved ones and laughs and care Staying together
As Summer comes to a close and Fall flowers arose my mind lingers on those who were taken by bros. When family hurts family the pain that I feel is stronger than I can yield and my knees buckle to my heels.
Behind the
Food makes me really happy
This infinite self resonating through eternity. I made you both from scratch and you are both so much more than me.   My sweet serious boy who hates mess and craves preservation.
The hour glass flips over as soon as you're born Time creeps away like nocturnal raccoon You go about life like a winding staircase At first you take caution with every landing you reach
The delay is over and the chapter of adolescence we've all anticipated has come to breath;  
The excitement of life Persists even when the world becomes a blur. So much wonder is ahead Time to change - Time to learn. We can make our own future And the future is bright.
Bring me the sunset in a cup so I can drink it in. So it can saturate my darkened body with warmth.  So beauty can fight the ugly in me.
  it’s the final year the year that opens doors doors that have never been unlocked before the past is the past but what happened in the past now outlines the future   it’ll soon be the future
Think about your family, Tammy-Lee Look towards the future, Stu-Murr Take a breath, Seth Keep a journal, colonel Record your triumphs, Liumph Go to bed early, Shirley Create realistic goals, noel
Think about your family, Tammy-Lee Look towards the future, Stu-Murr Take a breath, Seth Keep a journal, colonel Record your triumphs, Liumph Go to bed early, Shirley Create realistic goals, noel
I sit here watching the clock tick by the time fade away Am I wasting my time? Am I fulfulling it? I can feel the weight on my shoulders It's starting to control me but it must
How I have longed to achieve my passion To write and to be written In an innovative fashion An author changes the world...a crisp, new apple bitten  
I'm quiet because they can't hear me... I speak up and they say i'm a nuisance.  
Uncomfortable, quiet, something undone.   Ready for nothing, unconfirmed but still tons   of excitement, uncertainty, ready, in wait.   Contradiction, shifting, family, friends.  
The Future looks at me: is it Happy? is it promising? what is to Be? So, instead of darting away from the Gaze, I look straight at It.  Future, I say, what are You? Nothing.
Middle Tennessee State University holds me strong, In its arms, I can see my future career can't go wrong. Down in the south, I find my passion, love, and knowledge,
they keep telling me catherine apply think about it move forward i keep thinking
The road that lies ahead in our minds is often bright and shining   To others, it's dark and gloomy and every sunrise is a dread   Caught in the middle, I'm paralyzed between fear and hope
I am looking forward to the future, Fall and winter, summer break and becoming a senior, And even farther in the future, Senior year, prom, and graduation. I am looking forward farther in the future,
I am looking forward to the future, Fall and winter, summer break and becoming a senior, And even farther in the future, Senior year, prom, and graduation. I am looking forward farther in the future,
All order is broken
I walk around the world, confused as a youth, I wonna be successful,
Thrown into life with no say; born to a mother in a high school daze who’s only direction was the bottle of hard A – “adult juice”. A father who gambled – and lost –
Looking into the future can consist of great experiences.
I write to everyone in the future That is,  everyone alive now Because it is the future right now It has been the future for a while now Nobody sees it though
a word, a whisper  a shout, a scream no one ever hears a thing  ....well unless it fits within their reality    But I roar hoping someone will read my song  perhaps someone new will realize:
It happened again today. The sudden thought that occurs when I find myself in solitude, the realization of if I utilize the time I have with what I am given.
I planned my sister's future today:   First, she needs to learn German. Nevermind that she's never shown an interest in languages  
Life is like a dozen lines Of a poem larger by ten times It is the shorter of a grander scale The story of us this scale will tell   The story of the mountains we climbed 
Each night I lay awake Waiting and waiting To listen to that little voice.   It’s the voice Of my heart,
These are shadow times We stand on wobbly knees The cracking in our voices This the beginning of the end We are lost without the cause This is our long-awaited redemption
Bill Buxley was the richest man you’d see. He had stacks and stacks of money. He bought furs, cars, houses, and clubs, Tigers, casinos, shoes, and Persian rugs. But he was a vain man, never willing to share,
"Patience", she said, As she whispered in my ear. All being's trials start here. She drew me a map And left me alone. "If you want,  come follow me here." With tears in my eyes, 
I know how you’re feeling, scared underappreciated and used. You did everything you thought you could. It’s okay. Your feelings won’t last long. Stay focused. You’re on the brink of something incredible.
A poem inspired the Funerary Stele of Zezen-Nakhet
He hurt me daddy
Everybody wants to be heard, but nobody wants to listen I'm no poet myself, I'm just a student with a vision to one day be known as an inspiration to many not be tossed down the ground like an old, copper penny 
Let the ev
Religion is meant to guild the people who don't have a way Countries/ territories/ boundaries are being given without a whim today
Three little girls, not a care in the world...
  Last night I prayed for you; I asked God to keep you safe for me, I laid in my bed Wondering if you had the chance to steal a glance of me last night, because
I want to do ballet. NO. You’re not flexible enough. I want to do beauty pageants.  NO. You’re not near attractive. Ok.   I’ve made six A’s and one B this quarter.
A haiku... Robots rule the world Making decisions for us Capturing our brains   No longer can we Live freely and humanely Prisoners on Earth   What we created
Sail through the fog,  we've only got, one mile of visibility  
Word after word
For all the love I have to give No one can learn to live with it I'm restless, weary and fading Straining to remain the same Another date, another day No love shines in this shade
Trees, A thousand years old, Touched by a thousand hands, Fingers trailing softly over rough bark. Trees, A thousand feet high, Home to a thousand birds,
Are we really meant to move ahead All the things holding us back, sometimes I just lay in bed The war, the debt, the things we can't change I'd speak about it but get labeled insane  
What makes me tick is the anger I getWhen they try to be little me, make me feel as though mywords are less than their’s…I’m not as powerful as everyone else, they think I 
deserve the short end of the stick…
I am Celestial - Celestial Star.
I often dream of myself floating from space, looking down upon the planet and watching its peacefulness.  And from up above, if my voice could somehow reach every human being, I would say, "Stop trying to dominate nature."  
I write to the Little Girl in the Future. In case you have forgotten... In case you have forgotten the beauty of the swirling passions of the primitive past
how could wearin a hoodie cost him his life how could he kill that boy and get out the same night
time on the clock i breathe in *tic toc* and it occurs to me *tic toc* i've been waiting for this moment
I matter Not because I’m white Not because I’m female Not because I’m rich   Because I am a human being Every word and opinion I express is important to me
Some words can be traded, but not taken back Some goals can be set, but not quickly accomplished, So for the future of us, let’s set our words right before our goals.
Cocooned. Trapped   in lucid pristine existence. Sheltered, Hidden,   from troublesome reality. Delicate wings, You stretch them to fly,   but ensnared by the inexperience,
I walk along a field of grey
Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. —Albert Einstein
We're all traveling down this road The road to our futures We all have different destinations, but we're all going somewhere or nowhere It's exciting to think about what we are traveling towards
one day when all has been made dust shattered into oblivion destroyed in rubble and ash we will be no more. i will not remember you, and you will have bones in your blood and guts in your skin.
All around me, great achievements, pretty faces, happy people. All around me, dirty commitments, rumbling stomachs, humans dying. Through the thin walls that enounce happiness,
All around me, great achievements, pretty faces, happy people. All around me, dirty commitments, rumbling stomachs, humans dying. Through the thin walls that enounce happiness,
When the clouds roll in, thats when the fun begins Drops of silver falling from the sky, sit on the porch and watch the storm roll by Think of life and all its trials, think of hate and all my rivals
My mind is a mess I tell myself To take action    I know what I want I see it right there But I need to do something   I want to lock Myself in a white room
Will it be Instagrammed, 50 likes buttons pressed to show approval instapopularity, we can accept ourselves now filtering out sincerity in acid blue   Will it be framed on the wall
To be a thing of staggering perfection, Unlost in a crowd of typography, But not to the masses of passerby, Rather to one specific soul Who sees a light in dim, dust rooms
It makes my mind go tick tick tick thinking of the things that will make it swift the only thing to get me out my futures what its all about
Before, having an education was a choice, Now education has become a necessity, Without an education,you're just another person in the unemployment line, I don't want to be just another number,
Its been 20 long years A lot of cheers with some tears and other fears Life has been kind Though occasionally, I have been blind The world changed me As I changed with the world In anger, I have hurled
  I am searching for an inspiration Something to allow me to get into action
The Kansas sun slowly burns out, melting into the plains like a cigarette butt fades int
In over a month I will no longer be here,
It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this to you. I want to start off by saying I'm sorry, I'm sorry for allowing misconceptions to seep into your mind, Destroying your future.
Ever since I can recall I've been trekking through a path.
There's a lot of pressure in this world. This crazy-ass, city-and-sas world. But hell, it ain't real. Gotta listen to a real man every once in a while...   He's a hard workin', head turnin',
"Don't Fail"Nat Delbecq, 2014   “Don’t fail.” Three words, two contracted
The air is thin   I could suffocate    I am alone    Rushing through the fog   I ascend    A light   
Bullies,   They push us around, laugh when we're down
As a teenage high school student, it’s reasonable that one thing always on my mind is school Not only school itself, but the lessons school has given to me
Dear Future,I want to take time to say this nowBefore things get too complicated andI don't have time to sayThat I'm glad you turned outAs you should'veAmazing and fulfillingFILLED
My future is bright Even though I'm scared sometimes I know god is right
What will I do in the future?How will I do it?What am I doing now?
Tears roll down my cheek. They wash over my dirty face like a flood in the desert, Whisking away the filth and barrenness, Revealing the rich brown underneath.
It’s supposed to be amazing Everyone telling you how proud they are and how much they love you How glad they are that you made it through that hell called high school But all you’re doing is waiting
A free me breathes in the air As I spread my wings As I sing and as I scream For joy No less I put my wings To the test And fly. And soar. And go through The open door
I cannot speak, I cannot articulate, I cannot say what I have to say
Being gay isn't a choice Because why would I choose to lose my voice? Not my voice physically, but politically
Like a roller coaster, the future is unpredictableBumps in the path, small obstacles to overcomeTwists, turns, a quick changing of plansSudden drops, butterflies in your stomachThe future is a carnival
There was once a time of sorrow. She had a lot of fears. Life was hell, and a constant reminder of the cause of her tears.   Nights were particularly bad, the darkness surrounded,
The ceiling is empty when it comes to answers but what else am I to look up to? My mind is on overdrive
The way they live, eat, and dress It's sad to look, for you do not care I like to look because I truly care Do you ever think of those people? I do.   Watching them steal or beg for a dollar or two.
A Guy stands in the mirror,Wondering if his reflec
  I know about my past. I think about the time that I clumsily tried to cut my own hair With a pair of scissors meant to cut construction paper I think about the day of my first karate class
I don’t know how they expect us Less experienced Less confident Less prepared to choose. To choose a flavor of ice cream, much less a college Major Career Spouse.
Perched on a hill Humble with nature's best Provider Observed Tranquilizer  Keeps me sane. No human element can toch thee. Stationary, revolved around all seasons.
The body of a girl, Who lost her hope long ago.
I gaze in starry wonder Galaxies, stars, and dreams Beautiful hope for days to come Take hold my dreams One day I will fly One day I will soar and visit stars Remember those days?
Too young to make life decisions. Too old to depend on mom. Wandering on the uncertained journey of life independently.
Chemical reactions determine how I shape my words on this page. Internal flickers and quarks determine how many times I blink while processing my thoughts.
My heart, just like my face, Is an open book. Anyone who comes upon it Is free to take a look. What my mouth does not say, My eyes might as well scream. There is no cover, no disguise
Life never granted me wings but It told me that I could glide on a single whisp of wind.   I breathe in promises of my potential. I settle down in a nest of  sparkling lies.  
I am on the tips of my toes, balancing on the edge of forever, staring down into a cloud of greatness. I teeter on the thin line of have and have not, a bundle of nerves and a strung out lie,
My heart is beating faster than normal. Perhaps it’s the coffee or all this anticipation. On edge and full of emotion. An agonizing wait as today is the day. The day that could change.
He didn't ever understand, but it wasn't him. it was me and him.
  Family is a bridge to our past, present and future.
  I have decided to take the leap and go off to college. Leaving behind my family, town, and friends of my current knowledge.   While off I will be free to explore, To discover the world once hidden beind closed doors.
The world isn't the same, It's the addiction to beauty And the craving of fameThat makes this whole world a shame.You see, life is just a game,If we lose who do we have to blame?
Turn on the radio Max out the volume Do you love this song? That song speaks to you On a level no one can ever imagine   Not the whole song but Just that one line the artists says
I. I wonder if I’ll ever learn to spell the word receipt without having to google it first, if I’ll find the courage to pull back the curtain and enter into the uncertainties of my life
"I have a dream" a wise man once said, where everyone is created equal But how is it that dreams could come with a price tag that's deceitful? They tell you growing up to always "shoot for the stars"
A sick child, I made a wish I wished for a future, I wished for a cure I wished for a miracle, but I got more Defying all odds, I'm still alive Two years into college, and still I strive
I was 12 years old, sitting on the front porch. Parents arguing inside, about money of course. When I grow up, none of this, No paycheck-to-paycheck living, No worrying about making ends meet,
this morning tonight, preparing to what is set forth,maybe destiny; i speak to the light, crying and weeping, unknowingly pressing forward hastily; maybe one day i'll know, no; be
No one held him As life slipped away He breathed in the last piece of this world As a target surrounded by  Preconceived ideas Of who he used to be Who he was before
Why is so hard to educate yourself.
I've made goals I've worked hard
Laundry had to be done And there was something About some bill That I had to pay.   Thousands of dollars Spent and borrowed For a piece of paper that says I’m smart, I’m qualified.
Desperate to know, what could have been, what used to beDying to know what you hear, what you see.  I am separate from the world, my mind is a mess and you can't handle that,
I’ve seen the promising become promise-less, helpless, useless   A straight A student taking a straight edge razor to prescription pills To heal the hell until she fell Drowning neck high in alcohol  
The sound of the bass becoming one with my heart, The feeling of strings underneath my fingers,
Education wasted Through blood, sweat, and tears they tasted Longed for the things we are handed on a silver platter And yet we neglect this precious gift as if it didn’t matter
on the outside looking in.  no sense of beginnings. failing is constant.  looking up blind.  system cave in.  promise of forgiveness. fate of distance.  fade to reality.
Still like water, in the shade of palms Beneath the arms, of a desert sun This soul is calm, with the frequencies Of the cosmos, flowing through me Blue sky across rough horizon Endless are these dry oceans
Don't know what to do. Can't have my cake and eat it too.  I can go to one school and then transfer. Or I can go to another school and transfer somewhere else. I don't know what I want.
I want out so badly. Mom, I know you’re proud of me, that I have not cried in front of you every time I see you since you told me my dream school is off the table. We can’t afford it.
I'm turning 25 this year, And with another passing day I fear, That I have nothing to show and my life is slipping away. I mean, I don't know what you've been told, But even at 20 I thought 25 was old,
im crafting my journey the way  from the dim  as the light is blind eye that i cant see  days seems oh so right can be the most beautiful fright  mind beyound measure but we dont remeber everything that happin last night
I think it's kind of
A love of teaching is hard to find For some try in vain to fill the mind And others are bitter, aloof, and unkind And still others tire of the daily grind  
Ryan Summers            Politician         April 27, 2014 My niche is filled with chat of the upcoming elections And the debate with others who detest my views.  
A thousand dollars.. I need a stack, a "G", in today's society if you want higher knowledge then you must pay a fee Corrupt visions in this government made my reality
People are dyingMothers are cryingI don't think I can survive itthe block is hot don't you hear the sirenscall 911 cuz they shooting again
If rebirth was an option, or reincarnation a possibility... I would be scared to be a human again.
It can't be done. You can't act in films. You're from Missouri, where dreams grow to die, like weeds under the sun. They shout so loud, it bounces off the stars, meaning I can't even sleep to dream at night.
My dream has no name,             it is still an uncreated concept,                                  one that I hope to create.   My dream embraces my passions,
Three StepsI don't want this architecture degree,the $60,000 debt and 90 hour weeksjust so I can get the jobthat will change my life.No.I want the job
My dream job isn't a job at all Well, at least for me it's not I mean, your dream job shouldn't feel like a job
Just one job may change my life
If only I could Give you a life, One thats worth living, One without strife, I would. If only my job Became a career, Then we would live, Without fear, Of living like Uncle Bob.
What should I do? Where can I go? Are these not things I ought to know? Which path to choose? What if I fail? Can one small choice my life assail?   Yet should I wait to play at fate
This is a tale Of a child Who found Love in a realm of Fear With courage and her pen Vowed to spread Happiness through the dreary land One life mission, one tool in hand  
Closing my eyes,  I dream. I dream of my future.
All different in color, size, and shape Unique as each grain of sand that withstands the melting of heat and pressure  To create the beauty that is a stain glass being held by walls that stand
A glance into the future is what we all hope to see. What lies in that moment will essentially drive who we will be! What do we hope to accomplish is a challenge in itself?
What is a life? Measured in the days, milestones? We rent the time on this earth, so we measure in love. After death a life only continues in memories. You will be forgotten if you are “idle”.
One job The job
         1. The Path to Becoming a Teacher is...
My eyes see the world In ways different than yours Forming ideas, designing images This is the gift I was given Turning what you see into art Frames, collages, canvasses And one day
Tock Tock Wash your hands.  Remember: paper, lines, game.  Paper: history, English  O.  Did I lock my car? Memorize your lines Rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal. 
For all of my lifeI have been told,"follow the crowd"and "fit the mold".But I am unique,you see.
Caught off guard; Shock held silent grip; A few sniffles emerged; Red cups in a fence with a bouquet Spelling the words RIP Spez. For the first time Teachers sobed openly in front
What this money means to me  Is that one day I'll succeed I'll succeed to achieve my dreams 
These days feel like half-empty sheets of paper and I don't have enough ink in my pen   My coffee has gone cold but I continue drinking, because drinking is a nervous habit of mine  
Mom is white. Dad is black. So what does that make me? Mixed? Right.
An average jobWith an average payA comfortable settingThat’s my forte I want to workStay humble and healthyMeet someone, fall in loveAnd stay close to family
She was only 14, When he had collapsed into her lap. Eyes filled with terror, Hands shaken cold.
Concerned hand Shoots up Riddled with Purple tracks along Vein’s corridors indicating Another kind of shooting Eyes glassy yet aware Functioning child Unknowing of what his
Ah, the good old days, Where people laugh and smile, And children run and play. Kindness stays in town for a while.   Oh, the pressing present, Where people push and scorn,
continuing to search for solutions for the involuntary kill all similar triangles dead-eyed squinting in traffic public television blasting from the T.V.
  Wedding Day Grand in beauty Shining brighter than any city Rose’s rocket skyward Together   Alone in the shadows, No more, ended suffering
I exist only on the brink of unsure,
The doors open slowly,  Too hard to close so easily. Don't look back, move forward.   Let's go then, to a landscape  Ravaged by the pain of innocents: children's dirty faces
I sit here 
I sit here 
  It's dangerous, y'know,   To live your dreams, To just get up and go.   I could do something smart. Be a teacher, or major in business, In the ladder of succes take part.  
I dream.   I dream not of a lavish and flashy life.
We are wild and reckless, with our youthful dreams and the promise of change.  
If these fragile hands could craft the future of your children, I would set a fire under every pair of Levi pockets, The tears you've cried into your brand name shirt sleeve,
Change is something everyone is quite familiar with. Change can be good and also bad. People sit around waiting for change to happen instead of getting up and making the change themselves.
When I was younger, I never cared about what other people looked like, About the color of their skin. None of that ever mattered to me. My parents taught me to look deep down inside of a person;
Suspicious, what a way to describe you. I am suspicious, too. I walk around black and wear a hoodie so I "slang clack."   Why can't I wear this 'cause I'm cold?
When your used to speeding through life, As I have done in such a short time, Running every stop sign, Shifting up through red lights, Ignoring every sign of caution, Total disregard for the consequences,
It’s not just one job; it is a future. Your future. My future. The future of the girl who sits in class with bright eyes that will eventually be dulled by the desk job she will be thrown into.
The dream is always changing, yet it stays the same. To be a prima ballerina, to be a surgeon, a singer,  a broadway star. To be a proffessional hurdler. To be an astronuat.
What will I tell my children 15 years from now?  My brave 8 year old boy and his sweet 5 year old sister? "Why mommy, is daddy away all the time?" They ask: "Because he is catching the bad guys" 
Death is like air abundant everywhere.                                                                                                 And it lerks always coming around.                                                                             
Life is full of opportunites And it's up to me to take my chances. To give back and not only change my life, But change everyone who advances. Because life isn't always easy.
There's a void in my head. What could it be but the emptiness I feel in my being? One tells me I will not make it, Another tells me they see a bright end of a dark tunnel. The ideas in my head scream for attention,
Different faces are other worlds, Sepererated by blue bodies, And met by metal scraps in the sky.    A life that would melt the ice,  And separate the tied tongue Is a sweet I wish to try. 
If i had the power to change a thing- no matter how big or small what would it be? it would be nothing at all.How would we know what love is if we havent experienced the hate?
If you may ask many already know I want to be an anesthesiologist to help myself gain power and grow   but there is more to life than power and money but to support a possible family
One, Two, Three, Four, are you eager for it's shore? The pale face rises into night, soldiers stand watch with eyes of glimmer and shine.  we stand watch on the woods of our sailors
The Joy of Baking   Do what you love Never work a day Alone in the apartment Just the oven and I.   I bake up a storm Never stopping to worry Just cookies and cakes
Everywhere we go Everywhere we see. Technology here, technology there. Most of us see it, certain others don’t. Some may ask what is an app? What is Facebook? Is it all good on that?
Running through the woods, Right behind you don’t look back, Feeling the breath leave your lungs, Can’t breathe…can’t breathe…
Parents do not work, they love what they do the weight of finding a career on my shoulders. I would hate to disappoint them, so i reach out to business owners wanting to make some money. 
God work your magic through my hands; I'll heal the souls of the dedicated. When they break like rusted baskeball nets, I remind them why they entered the game. Remember when you dad got you your first ball?
When you start off young you see yourselfan astronaut among the starsor driving in all the fancy cars. You never know what mess you’ll get in
To have any job I desired Would be quite a miracle. Toiling day in, day out  But enjoying it- that is the key. Although I have not always had the most pleasant Experiences at the dentist,
She was a worker from Primerica The best company in America Studies her way out to be a doctor By the watchful eye of her brother, the protector
There's two people staring back at me, a reflection; a nightmare. The difference between the one in the mirror, the one I want to be, is that, unlike the one in my nightmare,
Motherhood is never easybut it’s the best job in the worldthe world will tell you differentbut never listen to their liesthey don’t know the joy and beautyof raising up a child.
One day you  will write a song for my soulAnd as soon as I hear it I'll just knowIt will be the tune I've waited for all alongYou'll run your fingers through my hair and say this is our song
  So much time has past since freshmen year, We've found ourselves and who we are, Maybe we can leave this place with some cheer, But we will leave with much, much fear. Things always change left and right,
i live for sunshine,  not in the sky but lighting up faces  like christmas tree lights strung on a tree,  and the star on top is lost in their vibrant eyes.   i live for
I am a secondary English teacher. At least, I dream to be. I want nothing more than to shape a generation and inspire people like me to want to teach and create and grow and learn
One job. One life.   To change. To inspire.   A spoken word.  A musical addition. An artisitc eye.   The definition of what I may become. Advertisement.   
Who are you going to call, When your leg is broken and you can't walk, When you have sniffles and the chills, When your back is constantly hurting, But you don't know why? Who are you going to call,
Today and Tomorrow Not the same now Its like two sides of a coin Heaven and Hell i supposeToday's ride homeTomorrow's pollution stormYet no one seems to botherunless its the order
Why does it matter if my skin is darker than yours? Why take my land away from me and leave me here suffering with an empty soul? At least give me clean water in return, rip open my head and yours,
I am addicted to the trails of dried
What would we be if god made it so we couldn't see?
The society we live in is largely consisted of the latest tech inventions- Smart phones, computers, tablets, galore. What most fail to realize is that these gadgets seep deceptions.
Dream marvelously entered in an oven, I kept it moist. Dream, dream, dream, A delicious dream, Vivid cake full of fresh berries and fluffy cream. Dream, dream, dream, A sparkling dream,
She stands in the middle looking on Surveying another queen's domain Careful of the feline eyes that follow her The royalty so briefly locked away   She is the ever-watchful caretaker
A ludicrous sticker placed on individuals who so call themselves,
My dream job is managing a restaurant I love all the different types of smells that come out of a kitchen
We are so focused on teaching our young people to dream that we forget to teach them how to reach these things
For what I do not seeFor what you doFor what we encounterFor what they don't   To see delightTo see wonderTo see imperfectionTo see warnings  
What would you change He said What would I change... My mothers' words And my sisters' The friends Who used me And turned their back When I needed them the most My fathers' cancer
What is wrong  with today's youth? We are all stuck  in our little booths.
Take a look at the street; beyond all decorated walls of freedoms and liberties. Remove one coat of brittle paint; you’ll see what’s underneath. Fingers trapped in lapping gunge. Don’t touch, pretend.
The stars; so far yet so near. Though impossible, I can feel their soft whispers through the night. Rippling in my ear, each has a story to tell, A story of the beginning, the now, and the end.
We can change The woods, mountains, and valleys. We can change 
My dream job? I want to be a fighter. I want to do something meaningful, stand up for something worth fighting for. Lawyers, they don't get much respect nowadays, always looked down upon,
Do what you can And wile you can Do what you will So you can fulfill The wishes that you have And I will stand on your behalf
Change isn't just a word, Nor is it a bunch of letters crushed together, making it sound believable to our ears It's a movement It's a wave It's for the good and for the bad  
Bright lights shining in my face A face that is not disgraced A face looking into the face of the camera That will lead me to a new fate No politics or sob stories Sports and only sports all day every day
These eyes see farther than most They can see right to your soul But most importantly, they see the future I demand This vision is scary to some who cannot understand Power, power is what I have
Change, to make different, says Merriam-Webster.   What would I?  I'd change the thing on front of my head, under my hair, above my neck.    If I changed my face,
Zimmerman shot the gun before he could think.
When asked what I want to be 20 years from now
Is that what I'm doing called?
Woman One of two or one of many Depending on your views   Woman Not worthy of wealth Except wealth of home To the man she calls To the man she owes   Woman
I've been known to think endlessly of the sun,  burning so hot it feels like hellfire   setting my heart aflame and    searing through my veins. to obsess over the future,
The light flashes. Blinks, constantly, in the dark room.
   I stand in front of this mirrorI rub my eyes to try and see clearerI stare at this reflection
Are you afraid, are you left cold By the thought of our parting, The final separation On that lonely day Somewhere in the distance, The unknowable future that Folds the Now and the Then
Memories from childhood bounced out of a thick fog in her mind. Wishing her siblings would learn to leave her things alone. Wishing, for just one day, she could live in a quieter house.
It is for many, But meant for once, Many will read it, None recall, What's said months ago, Doesn't matter now, Twitter dilutes, Our words somehow.
They say I'm young and black Which means I'm going to be a threat When we walk in the store they get straped And the cops always on your back Some do them like O-dog Some do them like Treyvon
They say I'm young and black Which means I'm going to be a threat When we walk in the store they get straped And the cops always on your back Some do them like O-dog Some do them like Treyvon
Take off your glasses, the world is a blur. People messed up, clothes on backwards, life is an abstract art- hard to decipher. Stand on your head, everything is flipped.
College is a beautiful thing. Without it, I'd probably be in a sling or a slum, hanging out with some bum. College is great for the brain. Without it, I would be in everlasting pain.
upon a dandilion i blew  its seeds floaten soflty on a breeze so true and the wish that engulfed my heart and my soul was a wish that had something to do with you   that night i saw a shooting star
They tell me that I should  forget the past, live for the present, and don't worry about the future. Haha yeah, okay... The past is what makes me who I am. Those lacerations in my pride...
My life, I watch it from the passanger side of the car, go go go and never come back. Today, apart of me; who I am died.
Please excuse my color...   White man that fears me, excuse the color of the skin I was born in. Im sorry that the dark pigmentation send shivers down your spine. I was born this way, you see.
I will join your herd Although your vision is blurred Soon you will be subdued This world is very crude But I will struggle on And I cannot wait until dawn And so I felt This whole system melt
Across from the ocean, I sit on the beach, I'm lost in tranquility, As my soul tries to breathe.   White clouds moving slowly, The breeze calm and still, I'm caught in the moment,
The storm is still brewing I know it's coming I can deny it I can ignore it I can joke about it But it’s still going to come   That monumental moment That crucial conclusion
We are scared of being judged. We are scared of being wrong. We are scared of sounding dumb. We are scared of change. We are scared of the future. We are scared of relationships.
You are special in every way You are simply cute all round You emergence into my world is awesome You brought hope, peace, joy, laughter, wealth and love
What people think when the see a white mom with kids   Oh she works so hard. They're so cute! They must be a handful oh terriable two's!   What people think when they see a black mom with kids
i try to be independent, to tell them all that i can do it by myself. they smother me with their worries and their fears. i want to live my life as i see it. but they want me to live my life as they see it.
Life can spur. Love can be found. A memory can be made. Spontaneous laughs will happen. A surprise kiss. A wonderful dream. But tears will fall. Hearts will be broken.
Here I stand at the precipice, I gaze off the edge. Into a world uncertain,  into the void ahead. Don't know where I'm going, Only where I'm coming from. Brace myself for the change,
What harm can we do you on our knees?
The Dawning- An Original Poem by Catelin Haight Time marches on, Or so I'm told This Body is young
A fly in my chest or a hornet in my head. I feel some emotions blossoming while others I have found dead. No longer biting my tongue, I let pent up intoxication loose. I try to be me 
Out on the streets, I run by many things I run by the cars in their rush By jagged cracks in the concrete By hills of strength and downhills of bliss   My feet propel me foward
   Every Christian has a different burden that they carry many of them forget that there is a sweet anointing in the sanctuary that there is a stillness in the atmosp
Dear God, make me a bird, so i can fly far,far far away from here. Make my wings strong and willful, lighter then my heavy heart and my feathers so pale and golden
As we walked through the doors Our hearts were racing, scared to death of what we'd be facing The next four years, we would be in this place The next four years, we would learn every face  
She was running towards the future. She was running and runningTrying to catch her breath even though it was getting kind of hardShe was running towards her future. 
Life flashes before us,A brillant silver stream.It sweeps you up and takes you,Takes you on a journey.It's not random, unplannedIt takes you to your destiney,
There's a little black box with a little brown brush And endless colored paint for an impossibly white wall. Holding my brush, I stare at the wall,
A silver sound encroaches near, Bereft of gall and fate and fear,
Twas the night before exams, And all through the house, Everybody was worrying, Even the mouse.   The textbooks were out, Coffee mugs laid near, As I sat by the fire,
Today stands still and Yesterday runs away…
I'm sitting and I'm waiting  I'm just waiting  and there are people around me  whispering amongst themselves  as if everything is okay.    I cannot figure out  why they are here 
Like the caged chimp I sitWaiting for evolution to carry me on.The metal bars chill me to the bone. Though the atmosphere closes in on me, I feel withdrawn. And I can’t help but grit my teeth
Different. People. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Get up again. And again. Class. Gross food. Friends. Parties. Boys. Homework. Study. Finals.
It's true to say, Every girl has flaws, And it's true that its displayed Every guy has been clawed. But ones for sure, For me it's a personal tour.   I can say that I've loved
We are born into a world of infinite possibility. Right from the start we are putty, little balls of soul made of faith and trust and pixie dust
He sits and wondersAlways five steps aheadHis thoughts are thunderYet his body lies deadHe left the present behindTrying to bully it out of his mind
Do you ever wonder If this is the right thing to do? Do you ever get paralyzed With fear Because you don’t want to wake Forty years old Look back and just say “What the hell?”
A practically endless stream of copies lines the shelves at just about every store we can think of.It’s printed so very often.By so many different publishers.
Shake My Head What happened?
Looking into the eyes of a savage beastI see blood that boils beyond the breaking pointand beneath his feet are the brittle bonesof the ones he's put an painful slumber.
Not knowing what my future may withold from me I try my hardest to strive for excellence I want to be the next to succeed. not end up on the streets with a heart that doesn't bleed.
  We are ever-changing, Constantly running through a cycle, Sometimes in circles like a unicycle. We are the washer and dryers of life, Rolling onto our second load.  
I see our souls dancing as we entwine, rhythm, steps, keeping time. Beautiful whisps of silver cord,  dancing upward, heaven-toward.  Our love keeps us bound,
As I lie in bed, With a pillow under my head; Being me, No one can see, So what can I be? Making decision, Is like making crucial incisions;
Teaching and helping Opening doors for the kids Of our bright future    
Wake up everyday to a the same say "Right hand over your heart,begin..." Then begins the complaining Every night " I stay up late to grade"
If your layin in your beddwellin on worthless and dead ,wordsthat are painted red, when they've already been said, . . .still layin there in your bed . . . 
  The Point of Being   Transition It has all converged So long I’ve yet waited and so fast departed
Whose destination is love. YOU and you and You are my definitions. I’ve learned that I’m just in love with a concept. Life doesn’t work that way. I want the best of all; I always end up with
Lay down your head my childI promise things will be better when your eyes openAnd when the night becomes dayWe will still be together forever and always
High school was hard for me, I felt my teachers were blind to see,
I love you and you love me too our relation binds us close. We may not want but time ahead
She said it was the most consuming thing, the way he would flow through her, and every word she sang.
  Take high school seriously Wouldn’t want the smart people giving you sympathy Young women have more pride Be classy or be nothing, darlings you decide Pregnant teenagers popping babies
At times it seems like money grows on trees because the governement lets go of money like it's shaking of fleas $40,000 dollars they spend on each prisoner each year
The days I wondered became my burden, the days I live becomes my wonder. By looking at the eyes of children, I see a person in a mirror of grim,  but as for the surprise of life, the light has shine. 
what we learn in the classroom, we may think id pointless, but what we learn in highschool could get us out of and political mess. As the future of our country we need to stamd and say
Dance to the winds of desolation And create turbulence In the pathways of the rulers   Don’t be afraid to break their reign They dig graves for everyone Of ashes burnt from conviction  
You can't build success just on swag That's like going school in a trash bag You can't party all day sleep all night You must work to your best just to make it right Sure you can walk with that hint of sauce
Every day I go to work I'm training to be  something that'll make them look good Make them look great
A gateway toward another world a brighter, better future.  A simple silence conquers the world and leads to more conclusive,  evidence of brighter minds  and sharper clarification 
Oh future, how bright it may seem, The light does not yet beam, For one must make the best use of this, To not create an embarrassing miss.   The work that must be done may seem harsh,
Explore my mind, Explore my mind What am I to be? Who am I t find? What will life bring to me? Why do I feel blind? Blinded by my destiny, my true destiny I wonder A Poet, an actress, a dancer
I'm doing better She says she hears it In the sound of my voice And I wonder if she hears You in there too   The worst thing you can say
How do you know what to choose From all the options thrown at you? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? It's all up to you.   For everything that you're worth,
The flavor dances to the tip of my tongue; Of the luscious sweetness of the first hello; Biting at the first taste what life has strung; And spitting out my past below.   My first hello of my new career;
I open up my mind, and see the possibilities. Fantasy I always find. Space and time just reality. Peace signs around the world I always hoped, but every time I look around the world
I hope i hope and i hope my decisions make my future a bright future with bright decisions Will I do for me or others? Will I regret when I choose one over the other? When I'm an adult.
I'm tired of the routine that follows my day It's the same things over and over she say I want to be that change to motivate myself To be exactly what my momma has praised about Its life yanno, and I get that
You think the world revolves around you, as most college professors do.  Really? Hell, I have a lot more things on my mind than your class. Tutoring. Eating. Working. Surviving.
  The future is unknown to anyone. All we can hope for is the best, Until this short life is done. Blue, brown, hazel eyes of all earthly guest
Three broken hearts all in one day, But my love for you still stays. We are silenced in the depths of darkness. I pray that someday the barrier will be broken For us to be away from the farthest of fears,
Most have heard or read the animated anecdotes of the dead. They are given with joy and wrapped in a bow - - stories of life, of music, of love. But all anecdotes end.   Few ever say or re-claim
I'm sorry for not being like you I'm sorry for not looking the same as you This is the way God made me He made me in his image of perfection But whydid youhate me? You didn't know my name
I know I'm not stupid, I just seem to barely pass.  It's not that I don't try, it's because I'm not Her, the one in my class.  She is funny, hilarious in fact.  I just sit in the corner, not knowing how to act.  Her hair flows, skinny jeans show h
How deep can the depths of your heart go?How many things do you hide that you've wanted to show?You bottle it up and swallow your pride.You cover it up when it's clear that you've cried.Let your heart tell your mind what you've wanted to say.Let i
I can't write a poem. There are no longer words to describe how I'm feeling. I can no longer tell you a story, Or illustrate that same sad picture. I fear that I've lost motivation. I am uninspired,
We danced in the rain soaking wet We were bathed by the heavens A fresh start for a new place a new summer a new us We mastered the slides and slid down the slopes shouting
I run for me, and not for you. It's time to improve myself, and be the person I want to be. I lift because it makes me stronger, and gives me power. Every muscle cramp fuels me to go harder.
im not afraid of needles im not even afraid of the dark but im terrified of losing you and the thought of us apart im not afraid of heights im not even afraid to ask for help
Yeah, I'm white Never Been in a fight But my dream is to knock out some lights Talkin' 'bout dreams, one-a mine's to be free Ya see, my parents lock me down with a key Yo, little do you know about me
butterfly , my butterfly fly away. why do you insist on staying. soar this world as you are ment to be. you need to for once open your wings.
My body aches. I sweat. My muscles hurt. I sweat. Exersice causes me to sweat I sweat out my pains, and my fears I sweat, to feel.
Changed. To be different from the world. To be different from the people around you. Surrounding you. Crowding you. Changed. To be free. To live your life your way. No one can control you. Because you're...Changed. For the better and the worse.
I wrote about you before I met you. I wrote about your dark skin and your fustrating hair I wrote about the way you dance alone before you shower And the way you observe the choreography created by your favorite musicians,
  Mother Earth  rejoices hymns of children cradled in branches birthed by her human mothers   Mother Earth rooted in pain endurer of vain bears blessing, sends prayer
  Wishes after another, every star I see, every star that makes me believe, is a leaf on a tree. Ready to take sail with the wooshes of a wind Undeveloped or maybe impossible.
I heard about a young man whose life was cut short By an individual who categorized him into an unlawful sort His judgment was merely predicated on appearance,
Where my brother? Where were you when they took my brother? Can you hear him? He is safe now, he has made it home,  But why did you let him take my brother! We was not saint nor sinner but he was my brother. 
with some of these teachers i just want to use profanity they talk and talk and talk i think i just might lose my sanity they can go off on so mant irrelivant rants
He was just as innocent as you, or maybe he was better, His soft, calm personality, just as light as a feather, walking home after a long day,  never intended to cross your way,
Danz is my life in the  spring is a sunny day, when sun is bright, and warm like green feels like grass,  purple looks like flowers, and  pink is a peaceful jazz, and hip-hop beat.
These hands  They shall mold this world's greatness These eyes They shall envision the world I wish to see These lips They shall speak life into this world's hopes and dreams This face
Being trapped inside a small cage Not being able to give in an opionon But be slaved to listen to the long unbarebly whispers I hear, but do not speak Because when I do They feel me as a burden  
I'm tired of math. Too many know-it-all teachers can't communicate I don't learn like that, could you elaborate? "You see, the radius is C over Pi because Pi is the answer, but what is Pi?
Here is where I layWasting away my daylooking for the right way Yesterday I was nothingToday I am somethingTomorrow I am anything
  Although we may not see it yet, We are all destined to be something great, We will all save someone one day, And then go back to being ourselves the next, The best thing to do is be humble,
The youth is struggling For a voice A mega-phone world wide message "We are here, we exist, looking for some acceptance"   The words dangling empty promises on posters in empty hallways read
Can't believe this is my final yearI'm going to get home sick so where's the cureI'm at a stop like lights with a deerI'm on a long road and it's only just begun
Observe the young children. Laughing Playing Shouting Happy. Soon some will crave a drink or two a smoke or two a lovely high a dull needle a brusie from a lover
The sweet reverie of a little girl in a Cinderella dress Does not hold a demise For no person shall attempt to withhold her She has imagination creativity innocence virtue Let her twirl
  At 5:45, the alarm clock rings A moment’s hesitation, and I’m out the door I go to school to “learn new things” Problem is, I’ve seen it all before   Gossip in the hallway, makeup in the bathroom
It's the beauty all around, that calls sweetly to deaf ears. Persisting that it's presence be found, but not many hear. A voice melodic, story hypnotic, with love and sadness intermingled. Eternal love and freedom began with strife.
  With so many paths that manifest beneath my feet, How can I find myself crumpled like a letter that was never meant to be sent? I wonder what would have happened if we never did meet.
The clock ticks onwardsMenacing, enticing: I,perplexed, uncertain.
Dreaming of success... Preparing for the future... Go education!!
Dreaming of success... Preparing for the future... Go education!!
Each day prepares us For that furture we strive for The blood, sweat and tears Proof of all our endeavours Waiting for the day when our passion and career are finally one  
  Staring into the future Wondering what is to come Wishing for a clear answer Amongst the muddled Whispers of others
  Can you withstand the Barrage of false hopes, crumbling Promises, and dying dreams Pressed upon you each day
The world’s deadliest sword clenched in hands that has no defined color  dancing across fields that are pure white. It is wielded by soldiers who carry more ideas than a beast of burden can bare.
said today to tomorrow: "hi, we are the same. you have lost a few leaves but seasons are meant to change. and there is water in me, water in you - three-fourths of your clouds are afraid
I feel like I've been sitting here Waiting for my time to come But no seconds are passing me by   I'm tired of looking out this window But the leaves reveal with every fall
It’s all up to me. It has always been up to me, to become anything, But I want to flee like a banshee to the Dead Sea To step away from my life and not have answer the question: “What do you want to be?”
I love my life. I've had pain and I've had strife. One day I'll become a doctor and pick up my surgical knife. I'll love that life.
Changes. Some good, some bad. From green leaves to brightly airbrushed orange, a crooked smile to a smile worth smiling for, from being a child to becoming an adult. These are good changes. But with everything good comes a bad.
I've cherished all this time Never told anyone I could achieve it Until I saw a sign Still know one has believed it   Chased it since I was young Live it now since I'm old
  Children that are formed In the mind Before the body Are always the least happy They have to live up
Without I who will be the future Who will make dreams come true Who will make the world a better place Without I what is tomorrow Without I who are you With I there will a better tomorrow
  You bred me As a child of imagination and intellect. You fed me half-baked expectations Slathered in cookie-cutter dreams. Malnourished by your monotonous instruction,
Teach meTell meExplain to me the significance of your systemAn A, a B, C, D, FTeach me the meaning of your systemminus ten, twenty, thirtyTeach me the meaning of it all.
In elementary school, I was told: To look both ways before crossing the street, Do not run with scissors Don't cheat in hide and seek. Friends are forever, And secrets are kept discreet.   
What do you want to see changed in your classroom or school?  Teachers that are worthless that don't care that don't help and make no difference in students.  Students that dress slutty
Everyone's looking for their someone, The one to make them whole. Everyone keeps wishing, To be a less lonely soul. You hope that person's out there, With all the love you need.
I looked into the crystal ball, But it wasn't too clear. She said "I can see your future up to the next thirty years. I see you've suffered greatly, But you'll meet somebody new.
When you look back at history you notice certain patterns How people fought for rights or did things that mattered MLK said he had a dream Some stated what they believed  
The                  truth about my life Is that I am unsure.                  You could say that I have the Pursuit                  of getting my college degree, a job,
A winter night beneath the full moon is all that it takes To strike the longing heart with the sharp sword of sorrow Gasping weeps to the night carried by tears that keep me awake
Tiny rivulets are winding down our fleshy canvas; those tears may abide by the laws of gravity, but we never were one to follow the rules.
You see people that seem so sure of what they want to do and how they are to do it. Then you look at yourself and your stomach just drops. You rack your brain for abilities you may possess that could help figure a way out,
Walk away and turn your back on your future step by step your past is fading fast. picture by picture your screams become just bad dreams. Walk faster turn harder and you'll go peacefully. 
I call to the stars And question my existence Who am I really?
  Father, forgive me for I have sinned; But worse than the others, I’ve sinned against him. Father, forgive me for I have sinned; But given the choice we both know I’d do it again.  
I hope you know how much your smile lights up the room, making all the little problems of my day dissapear.   I hope you know how much it means to me when you do something for me
Life is filled with choices Which may be influenced by voices About financial aid and college courses Only lends to the soreness   College is purely optional But without it where can you go
The world is changing at the speed of light, The fighters love and the lovers fight. The meaning of love is no longer known, But the hate within us is no longer shown. The world is better, but is also worse, 
This is a money hungry nation and without it you can't succeed,  People havin to suffer for things they need,  Yet the priveleged prosper from their greed,  I'm stuck in quicksand while the rich go full speed, 
Children Of God Wake Up This Is More Than An Act Of Murder This Is More Than An Act Of Racism This Is More Than An Act Of What’s Right And What’s Wrong This Is More Than An Innocent Boy
Honestly, where im from success doesnt come around commonly You're successful if you survive a lifetime in my shoes Successful if you're not related to violence and are broadcasted on the news
Are we waiting on a change? Or are we waiting on the day, When men will stand up and take their place. In families, Hurting, Crying, Searching for direction. Mothers do all the work,
In a world where goodis not good enoughand perfection is an endnever quite attained           I am trapped
I laid everything out so plainly I delivered the maps and counted the steps Marked the spot with the proverbial ‘X’ and yet here you stand With no sense of direction, looking to me for guidance
I write to live, I don’t live to write In the seemingly endless journey that is life, dreams must be delayed, sacrifices made What happened to my dream? It did not die It did not disappear It is alive
So I woke up one day and wondered where I was headed because I can't look back my past it has been embeded No time for regrets so I gotta keep moving but ironically I can't move because my past wasen't soothing
We'll be here until the end of time, let's not leave love behind, let's be kind, clean the earth, make it shine, because our world is so fine, everything is beautiful, keep an open mind,
I am not important, neither is my name, just know that I love you and I'll take away the pain. Someone's always there to help you dry your tears, you'll never be alone.
I hope to dream a perfect dream, A dream where my sleep is not disturbed.   I hope to live a successful life, A life where I can live happily.   I want to give my children things,
I Write For The Ones Younger Than I A Sight To See Further Than The Sky Happy Faces Dream Places Success In Me Shows Greatness In Them Singing For Her Sports For Him
How should one describe the world? Is it a dandy place with clouds and swirls? Perhaps that's what children would say. But adults know there's bills to pay.   We all say we should go green.
Burden by definition something oppressive or worrisome And what I refuse to be   Mother I’m sorry must have said that phrase a million times People must be stupid I’m not dropping out to kick some rhymes
When I was born, I stood on the shotgun seat. Danger was a challenge best met naïve.  My dad told me, “Sit down or you’ll get hurt.”
There is no title to this poem. There is no pattern to my rhymes. This is simply a way To talk about new times.   This can mean a few things. New can be filled with sorrow,
Tell me, is this how we are to live? Where drugs, weapons, and sex hold or generation captive When did education start being a choice instead of a requirement?
Your either writing your feelings down or writing what's on your mind.Many write it down as a verse, like a journal or in stanzas,but I'm one to write what I feel, or when I'm bind.I write because I can not always speak the truth,my mouth is sewed
Poetry...words that merely chose me Opened my eyes and heart in ways the world cannot see I was lost...trapped in sadness that would last Fought continuously with the darkness of my past
Let’s take a journey through time:   An unborn nation, Develops from thievery, greed, and opportunistic visions…   Swish, swish, swish… In search for new territory.   Bang, bang, bang…
By the time I matter, Will it be too late? Will people debate my soul's resting place? Will they predict who I could have been? Will by deeds outweigh by sins? Will they consider these circumstances?
"You're almost done."That's what they say,A loaded gun pointed my way.Now its time for work, not play.
It's all up to me now.. my future is mine to hold. To determine now before I grow old. If I do not work for it it will not be there for me.
                     If he wanted the arizona tea and skittles... he could've asked,                            a life pressed rewind from the first breath to the last,
I wish the lottery and raises wouldn't bring as much joy as they do. I wish your happiness and satisfaction with life didn't depend on the amount of money you had.
I am a dreamer and a believer, A student who strides to be the best. Only willing to be an explorer, Of a future filled with tests. It won't be easy to succeed, But I will not let life pass me by.
We are young, but that doesn't mean we don't understand. We are young, but that doesn't mean we can't feel nothing. We are young, but that doesn't mean we can't do something.
A Canvas of White
Seventeen, young and dead From one man's gun he bled Court, Trial, and Verdict Zimmerman was the one the jury picked He would leave a free man Defense was the reason at hand
I am at the crossroadsI see what I can be and what I would have to do.But I am scared, only I can decide what I can do,And if I fail it is only myself to blame.
  What goes on in the city From the windows of icy apartments Filled with the eyes of those looking out And those being watched   Can they see us, seeing them Jealousy rushing in our sockets
Poetic justice which Whispers in my thoughts Soft influence Leads me to my own conclusions No wrong answers Indiscernible meanings Inspirations- Lead me to always have Aspirations-
The change for Tayvon starts with me.  A young black indivdual who became livid behind the fact that another black soul was taken from this earth. 
Dear child, think of your future, And better yet, that of others. It is of greater greater importance Than that which you shall perceive. So often is it that we forget, Or choose not to remember
I can only think, Of that which shall be the soon, Hopefully is well.
They Call Me a Kid Because My Hair Curls I Wear Vans & I Lean A Little To My Left But With My Glasses On Hair Up Reading a Mary B. Morrison Book I’m Intelligent This Stereotype
We question the gifts that we are given not realizing the lives that are taken because of our greed and the seeds that we plant in the minds of our seeds and the hearts of our souls. Who are we to question Gods plan?
Fitness is more than a way to shed fat and pounds It is more than being healthy and active It is more than trying to extend your life and live it healthily What is fitness to me? Fitness is a life style
When a murderer walks free, Are you still proud to be an American? And when an innocent teen is killed, Why does the killer walk free?   When a man is shot, Do you blame the victim?
From day one I've had goals Goals thought to be immposible  even by myself Some I have acheived Others i've yet to even percieve   Along with these aspirations I've come along a great deal of stress
 I am not Trayvon Martin....   but I know what it feels like to wear my favorite hoodie that's a little too dark for those who were taught to fear darker things  
Beautiful skies filled with gray Some may think oh what a shame But i, certainly do not   We hold on to the very last bit we have
I wake up every morning, asking myself, what is my destiny Sometimes I can't provide myself an answer But as I begin my morning routine, The world becomes a little more clearer to me
                                              It’s 2013 and look how far we have come. Maybe we should say, its 2013 and look how far we have not. Walking down the street, middle of the night
Long ago there was A little girl, So Scared And Defiant And Young So small the wind Could blow her over And she never smiled And she never laughed
Society is large and society is vast. We learn about our history and past. As we learn about it was anticipate the future. We ask many questions of what it will be like to our teachers or tutor.
In Sanford,Florida 2012 Trayvon Martin was shot but who's going to jail Word says that Zimmerman shot him and pleaded self-defense But who really knows the truth without real evidence Policeman left to right
Plan the necessary steps to get closer to your goal. Emerge from a bad experience only looking at the situation as a lesson instead of a mistake.
Born into the world Untouched and unstained by harm and knowledge Still clean, fresh, innocent But then the time starts there I grow, I change, I alter, I mutate I create conscious strokes on my blank canvas
To know what my future holds, You must understand my past. It's too much to swallow or To sip from a glass. It weighs a ton, Therefore it makes you exhausted after I'm done.
I have come to the realizationthat as a woman of colorI will one day havewith the bittersweet blessingto give birth to a beautiful black baby.Only the third timeI have labeled somethingbittersweet.
I write because that is how I become less arrogant. The purpose is to alleviate soreness towards a friend who constantly bothers me with negligence.
Toughest Trials Better Stronger Living through the toughest trials to Live betterand stronger, ensuing future  
Grew up with a lot Obscure path I’ve taken Opportunities were astounding Dependence fleeted Bye to you all Yesterday is remembered  Every day from now on will be new Start of my next journey
Bare souls carry her across the wire that cuts deep into her skin leaving ebony footprints behind as she works her way slowly down the path uncharted. No one stops her as she wanders into the dark brush of forbidden times and hidden memories.
My Generation is  full of cruel jokes, vulgar photos and lost youth. People who act as if they’ve been raised with the least bit of couth.I have proof.
The past is static its events shall not change Time can't be reordered, reduced, rearranged It happened, it's done, its effects have been applied
Perhaps broken roads Create more beautiful paths For ones fork in the road Created a gloomy past Lessons are learned and the lessons are passed For ones valuable mistake Prevented a serious clash
I am impatiently waiting for you. I’m also wondering if my guesses are incorrections pertaining to you. You don’t understand how bright you seem, and how high you are. Without smoking weed, you’re in the clouds for sure.
The way you gaze into my timid eyes, You have this way of conquering my breath, So when you leave me I do not but sigh, And dwell upon your beauty underneath. The way I gaze on your enchanting face,
Abused, Misused, Mistreated; A little girl robbed of her innocence. Tattered, Broken, Shattered; Refusing to fall in love. Stupid, Naive, Butterflies;
I've traveled over mountains, Through the endless wood, To search for a path that's mine, To take the road I should.
Out of darkness, we climb into the sunlight The past crashing behind us In foaming waves of dust. Where once we crawled, Too tight a space And black And cold,
I have trained to be a great house, with thick walls, doors only to open on my account. I needed to separate, to investigate, to deny and to approve for them to come in. Its under my control.
How do you know which way is right There's a right and left, Wrong and right, Life or death, Beginning or end Who knows what is right Fears Fears hold you back from making a choice Turn it off
Is it the beginning, where beginners dream of winning or is it the end, where dreamers decide on quitting?
I have been ridiculed for disproportionate body parts, And I have done the same to others' fragile hearts, I have been teased and toyed with until tears came, And yet, I have unto others done the same pain,
Hey today was fun and interesting I was loud and you were determining What was I like was it all true Would I be awful and make you blue How is it that you came and weren't afraid Why is it that I paid
She lies in bed with me at night, She pushes me to fight, She’s the fire that ignites, And inspires me to write, She says everything will be alright, And from the mirror looks into my eyes,
I was waiting for the light to turn green when a fragile, tiny leaf fell onto my windshield and started to dance across like a Russian Ballerina, delicately and flawlessly spinning before it flew away with the breeze.
I'm falling, fading But I've already done this. Black glass Chasing the past Future. Unsure, no cure No sense but suspense Only not. Nothing, pure and new. I haven't got a clue.
Depth is in the thought, Ideas always flow, The times have been rough, No one wants to fall below. When we die, We've walked so fast, There we'll lie, But hope died last.
So many thoughts running through my head All day and all night Thinking as I lay in bed What to do Who to be My future clouded No clear path I see I've looked and searched
“Empacó un par de camisas, un sombrero Su vocación de aventurero, seis consejos, siete fotos Mil recuerdos”
The beast in me has woken up. The howling of the light that shone through my soul untied the knot of frenetic encapsulation.
My dreams are as far and distant as they could be Im blind I don’t know where my life will lead So many choices so many things to choose from All this weight in my shoulders is too heavy to lift
Responsibility is just more stress. Carefree lives replaced with obligations, As life passes we all look for success.
Can’t sleep Order transcripts List awards and repeat Long waits Essays short Growing hungry Eat and repeat
The woman of my soul dances with the men around her. The girl inside cherishes treasured moments. The friend within has souls that circle in silence With the oceans’ rough rumble of dark depths,
No glance or furtive peek needed, I already know. They are me, all respiring to one united beat and breath--and we’ll die together at death.
College is coming up like the stuff that bubbles up From volcanoes in places I've never been to Will I like it? Will it be good? I'm kind of scared.
(poems go here) Life is like a story In which you gradually gain control. In the beginning, you are unwilling character But you gradually realize your own power To change future chapters
I wanted to reach the moon. They laughed and said I was a dreamer. I wanted to dive to the depths of the sea. They laughed and called me a fool. I wanted to sail around the world.
I've came a long way, from being teased to switching my tassle, I always figured my life was a hassle, Waking up wishing bullies would go away, I just couldn't grasp the concept of it in a way,
We can't wait for it to get here, but when it's here it quickly goes away. Reality smacks us in the face when we realize we can't hold on to it.
Oh, how hopeful is the statement what if. Looking into his eyes, thinking what if. Laughing together, believing in what if. Holding his hand someday – oh what if. Walking down the aisle above the clouds of what if.
(poems go here) As I sit back, reminisce, and wonder why, why I am who I am, and my eyes become watery and I start to cry.
Children are our futures They are our past Living the life we've always wanted, And dreaming the life of prosper
I am. I am athletic and smart. I wonder how high is the sky. I hear the crowd scream as I enter the dome. I see the defense in man to man zone. I want to be the best in the NFL.
You radiate a positivity that speaks in volumes when you smile When the sun sets across your lips I have to daze for a while I don’t know what it is about you; how you behave
Letters of blue, background of gray. A forlorn hue, a fading day. Memories made, memories lost. Characters built, companions cost. Childhood gone, in body for sure. Maturity's con,
Feels like a burden Changes of this kind are good Then comes the goodbyes
The shy quiet girl walking through the long halls As quiet as a mouse That was me my first two years of high school Making good grades not having many enemies But all at the same time making memories
I started mending cuts, with bandages and peroxide. Now I am trained to save lives, watching closely sitting pool side.
The song of the unspoken soldier I am not sure why we were to be left here. Gunshots blowing, streaking past our faces. The great abyss of death and sadness Only to be remised as light streaking by our eyes.
I’m caught in a whirlwind of fire, The fire is what terrifies as well as soothes me This whirlwind is a creation of my love, hate, and desire Origin, the sweetest of roses,
They say "Don't follow others, just be yourself, Originality is key; it's all up to you". They also say "Don't be a freak, Don't hog all the attention, Not everyone can be the best", So what can we do?
Don’t hope for a tomorrow Better than all the ‘todays’ You have gotten Only when you realize that Today Is better than yesterday And tomorrow Is simply an echo of the future Will you find
Verse 1: I was a child paint a picture Like Scripture Of a canvas girl Stars as my light Music inspired The prettiest smile My canvas girl
I am expendable. And I absolutely will not believe that I can do great things. I understand this may be a surprise, but “Have faith in your abilities” Was a lie, and “I’ll never figure it out”
Devising, Drawing, Drafting Daring to Dream, Dictating new Designs that haven't been seen. Evolving Examples, Efficiently Engineering Excitement, Establishing and Exanding the world.
I have 98 days until I’m gone Gone from friends, gone from family, gone from home I have 98 days to get ready Deadlines, clothes, jobs, money I have 98 days to think Am I ready ? Or am I not? Can’t it just wait?
When I look in your eyes I see where I want to be I see the anger I see the happiness I see the pain I see the love I see the tears
For all the heartbroken teenage poets whose hearts are filled with unspoken rhymes, for the lovelorn adolescent authors whose beloved words are spoken out of time,
From empty thoughts of i do’s, lake front houses, and promises that never follow through, to feeling numb, paralyzed by fantasies with who, I always seem to look right through.
My home Beautiful seasons of crimsons and greens Vast blue seas I’m sorry Our greedy hands Ripped through your trees Poisoned your air and clear waters And brought fire into your sky
Is it normal to dread the final day of my high school existence? Is it normal to be intimidated not excited by my approaching college enrollment? For twelve years I have focused completely on my goal of a college education.
The creaking of an attic’s chest which contains the stories of a previous life hidden as dusty almanacs. Rummaging hands find leather covers – life to the memories forgotten.
Upon this day hence forth I decree The clarity of life set through eternity Unsettled , torn, weary and worn The aspects to creation settled and born
Unsettled beyond the flow of time, The creature stirs in its prime, Clawing and clashing unto the Veil, With sights blazon and a destructive trail.
The dreamer in me can't stay still The visions of the future give me chills Languages I learn: Vietnamese and French But my satisfaction isn't quenched I want to travel
I certainly Don’t want to be A raindrop falling aimlessly Pushed by the breeze, I will appease The bad weathermen forgeries What is my role? What is my goal? Am I a fish meant for the shoal?
(Total blackness Then a sudden blinding light Shining so bright, you wish for darkness Your stomach begins to force its contents up your esophagus
Flash, Back to the days When we believed everything anyone ever told us. Do we still remember them? It seems to me, Those days were so long ago, Passed by so quick. Now look at us.
You’ve got that look in your eyes And I can see you’re off somewhere Building castles in the air Hoping one day you can live up there Hoping one day that you’ll be up there
My father had once told me you'll never know just what you'll be even with the end in sight just before the end of night dont jump too soon, because you'll fall just hang on tight, fight through it all
We were successful, happy, carefree, and accomplished. We graduated and moved everywhere. You tasted sashimi and hated it. I tasted pigs feet and loved it.
10 days and counting Until I'm out of here. 10 days and counting Until life becomes clear. 10 days and counting Until I switch the tassel 10 days and counting Until life stops being a hassle.
Leaving high school behind Family and friends staying home. I'm going to college And starting life on my own. Michigan State University Spartan pride Known as party central Interesting ride.
What do I want? My days are limitless What do I do now? My days are limited I desire my wants And want my needs Yet when they approach me I am afraid, indeed
Who are you reading curiously this poem of mine? A hundred years from now? Shall I be able to explore the websites? -Warped through the soul of my cellular device- The faintest touch of a screen bringing happiness
You can't be scared to fall in love with anything even if you know how it ends. Because no matter what, it will end somehow and it will hurt. That is an absolute fact.
Going to college and leaving you behind Will not be an easy thing You are the love of my life My first, my last, my everything
In days to come I write of hope, I write of beaming white. I scrawl of joy and scribble truth, and smiling, sweet aloof.
Your eyes, green with flicks of brown. They swallowed me whole. They took my soul. They flipped my world world upside down.
As times to come are seen from heav'n above, As life's pasture of green is burning bright, When eyes of men so keen do nothing miss, When hearts of gold are gleaned in dying night,
The student prepares for college Searching for a school with a perfect fit The journey has already started leaving his parents, the boy becomes a man Click, click goes the mouse on the computer
Why can't that be me with the looks and the charm? Friends in vast places Skills and a swift mind Creativity, athleticism, and all
Six thousand years Religion is still here A god still questioned A book full of lessons The future is planned By a very great man Over time I have learned The reason I have yearned
Police patrol. Ambulance's sirens scream. Gunshots fire. People run, In attempt to save their own lives.
And this is the way I walk The hallow faces of the student shells. They were once human, just as I. The taps of sneakers, heels, and flats We are all locked in, by our own free will.
To the past a world lived and known To the present a world deformed To the future a world unknown A world to take by storm In an institute where intel collects Lies the keys of our future prospects
In a little house, just off the main road I lived and loved with my family. The house was small, and often cramped, But it was warm, with good smells and lots of smiles. It was a house of imagination,
I don't know, really. All these questions seem silly; school, debt, life, a home, retirement- these questions seem like a punishment for growing up but staying young, when we've all just begun.
Walk right in and take a seat. Can you smell the tears of defeat? The seat is warm, and toasty just like your dinner with Aunt Rosie. He speaks to you, and your body gets tense.
I've taken things for granted.I've underestimated myself and the life I have grown in. Now it is time to make something of myself. I'm living life by the day like it's my last.
(poems go here) im always wandering pondering about where i wanna go and where i want to be im so scared that my wandering will equal squandering my goals are always so clear yet far from me
I held my dreams inside my hands so no one else could touch Made sure they only knew my face so no one else could judge I fed them big and made them strong so they could face the world
People who scream and shout, What the fuck is that shit all about Today you said I love you, I hate you, I wish you were dead But at the end of the day you should be lucky to be blessed.
People who scream and shout, What the fuck is that shit all about Today you said I love you, I hate you, I wish you were dead But at the end of the day you should be lucky to be blessed.
The future may be black Or it may be blue. The distant, burning yellow stars, Which pulse with a dying light, May be closer than we think. Unanswered questions, Which have bothered us like flies,
Transitions are hard from many schools I am barred. Money always is a struggle but at least I stay out of trouble. I wish I had my first pick then financing wouldn't make me sick.
Breathe Just In and Out You can do it This time you’ve got it
My last year, I made it or so I thought Statistics say college is the only way But what if I can’t afford it Scholarships? I probably won’t get any I mean I’m smart, but there’s always someone smarter
Red Orange yellow Green blue and violet The colors of the rainbow but Isn't it funny that you and my colors aren't there So nonexistent like some say God is but It's not what you see it's what you feel
Bent over sweating, breathing with intention, fluid running down your face, desire pumping through your veins. only looking forward, but not further than tomorrow, exhaustion is on its way,
Courage is being brave when you have cancer. Outstanding faith to get you through this hard time. Undergoing medical tests for the prognosis. Researching the bucket list of what you have yet to do.
I keep fighting these battles With ending in sight Hoping that someday it'll all end I keep fighting these battles Thinking it'll change everything That things will get better
What if the harmony of saints and sinners / Broke in moments o’er passing of bread? / Temporal and shallow, this generation envisage / Martyrdom, not white but red /
The old, faded wallpaper hangs on the walls Ripped in spots where the cat has tested her claws And where the wall meets the post of my bed. Small birds peck at the breadcrumbs thrown into the yard,
A trip forward to the future- a blast back to the past! We loath to sit and wonder- how time will go so fast.
Just the powerof one Just the power of many United by all we’ve become I seize the day   Just what we’ve always wanted Just what can never be reached The colors of life seem brighter
Going to college is what's important to meDon't worry about anyone elseI'm not worried about anybody elsebecause I only care about meI don't want to be nothing that I know I don't want to be
2100, Ma. can you believe? the people here finally found their way to God.we searched so long and- would you believe it- they just built a big long staircase up to the sky and there’s a
We’ve all been there. Crash and burn. Decisions made, lessons learned. Finding ourselves becomes a vast concern. Life doesn’t guarantee a safe return. Terrible choices lead to losing your way.
Slow walkers, fast talkers Book seekers, key keepers Walking in pairs, retro chairs Carved rock, a slow ticking clock Striped bags with nametags A fire escape, some blue tape A quiet class, a wall of glass
I Graduated! High School is finally over I am now going to college to be free It was fun for the moment Parties Late nights Drinking Being on your own Then exams begin to come your way
First day, not so bad Went to class and went home to tell mom and dad Weeks went by and things stayed the same I was starting to feel so empty I missed high school and my friends
Why is dark ink worth more than my red blood? A blood so pure and full of hopeful life. The darkness stabs as a dull ballpoint knife, Until I can no longer hear the thud Of the slowly dying heart from within.
Why is dark ink worth more than my red blood? A blood so pure and full of hopeful life. The darkness stabs as a dull ballpoint knife, Until I can no longer hear the thud Of the slowly dying heart from within.
The butterfly is in search of a safe place, In which she can lay her small fragile egg. She finally finds that perfect place, but Realizes she can’t just stay and flies away.
Looking up at life, Watching time fly by: Eyes fixed on the future. A simple moment stops you, Surrounds you like a home: Eyes fixed on the now. Feelings. Senses. Sight. Smell. Contour.
I was born into a great family When you have a family it is not always about me. A family is about love We all fit tight like a glove.
Growing up, you plan a life for yourself, but how can you be sure? I'm so unsure. One day, things seem to be going great! But you don't know what will happen next. I'm so unsure.
When my hips make like prayer books, and I have a son I will tell him: my father is weak but doctors mistake it for heart disease. Those doctors are fools. They don't know of the lack of childhood
A short thought of the future, and what do you find? A scared little girl who is scared out of her mind. So many questions unable to be answered. The darkness of the unknown envelops the space.
(poems go here) The will of the world seems to tug and pull. The heart and the family plea and beg for you to go to college but no one knows the effort you need to put it together.
I've been at this for more than ten months, Vying and trying for my chance, At a little cash to help pay my way, So my parents can stop this dance.
Being broke a having you wishing money grew on trees And keys to Mercedes would appear from no where like a stray dog wit rabies And see I'm scared to love a lady
What happened to our joy and pride? What gives us the idea and need to hide? We used to be happy and love our culture And focus on our highway to the future. We all clapped when King said the words, "Free at last."
Open your eyes and see things are getting better. Open your eyes and see things are finally going right Open your eyes and accept your future, it's coming fast. Open your eyes and see.
To whom it may concern: What is it about me that frightens you? Is it the way I talk? The way I walk? The way I’m shy? If you really get to know me I am a nice and sweet guy.
Two happy people, or so it seemed She soon woke up Wishing it was just a dream.
Head about to burst, Stomach knotted like a bow, Applications mailed.
Everything about college is a process. It can be difficult at times. And even more difficult at other times. The choices and decisions are endless. The thought alone of it can make your head explode.
(A poem based on telling my past self four years ago)-Does contain suggestive language Dear freshman me: Hey!- you yes you there blond- hair tip moron -sighs-
Am I ready for the real world? Time just simply flies by Now junior, about to be senior Have thoughts about college, but Not ready Not ready, to leave family Not ready, to leave friends
My favorite color is gray. Why? Gray is so boring, so neutral, so.. dead. Right? Gray is what happens when you mix the polar opposites of Black.. and White. When you mix oppression with freedom,
I've walked along the shadowed streets And also one filled with light. Sometimes taking the path less traveled, Though the easy course was in my sight. Given time to plan my way From a list that i was told.
I am aging gracefully as is my faith like the gray replacing the brown in my beard pesky questions have been quietly replaced not with answers
accusations against innocents crime against the colored fear, disgust, seclusion we take one step forward little by little were pushed two steps back continue to push continue to fight
The soft thudding of his immature heart beats, His eyes barely open therefor he cannot see. He cries in the night feeling cold and alone, For that warmth he once felt is gone forever more.
After hearing the TIC idnt know what to expect from the TOC, yet so predictable, the sequenced sounds of the clock. But what's next? What can we expect? The possibilities are unlimited and that what fears me most.
Free at last, free at last! Thank God almighty, we are free at last! That’s what I want to say But it’s not the truth I mean the whole truth Civil Rights More than Dr. King Rosa Parks Malcolm X
In the early morning When the sun filters in And you see him Staring back at you Those green eyes That love you, you never thought You'd live to see And your heart thumps loud
I had a dream Where a world was free It never mattered who you are but what you will become I am fighting for a dream where I can be free It doesn't matter who I am Just what I want to become
Mama never said the word "fear." She spoke around it like a bonfire, regaling me with sweet-nothings. But I know how to be afraid. It is instinct like a lioness on the hunt. I, the unlucky soul, am captured;
How is it possible to never have to think at all? Easy, use Google. How then will we prosper? Easy, follow the ones who created Google. Well what about the ozone and global warming?
My heart beats at twice the pace Than the beat my feet take down the staircase And the walk to those exit doors seems like a chase A long awaited race to my fate
Those who wrote the law full of special holes riddled with exceptions Their money flows their hands reach They claim power but natural rights they cannot bend. This inherent power
I've overcome… From the whips and chains.. I've overcome… From the bitter taste and sinking pains.. I've overcome… From the shackles and wounds that burn all day.. I've overcome…
Falling. The fresh taste of blood salts my lips. Rage. How dare I dream about a future that may never come? For dreams bring the pain, despair of hope. Hope for the better. Anything better.
Now we are here TODAY, And still so far away. Thinking about the PAST, And the world TODAY. See the world told me, It would never be equal. Maybe not even bilingual.
Silly girl You were once so Driven by your past Your daddy would get high And your mother would cry You wanted out of that life Then you forgot where you came from And partied like the ones before
The History Books
It’s a beautiful world, But sometimes my love uncurls, Like a newborn leaf. I grind my teeth and stand outside the tombstone, Using up all my will Not to call you on the phone.
IF The one word, In the world, That hinders a straight answer. IF The one word, In the world, That can keep you from achieving something great.
Time goes by so fast Your future is not too far Running behind your past It may only leave a scar
I'm scared. Mainly of the future and what it holds I have no idea where I'm going or who I want to be Reality seems like such a dark, unwavering place.
Bullies are people, who are sad, They have hearts and are really not that bad. Bullies are people, who need friends, Once they receive them usually the bullying ends.
I just want to go away and never return. Stay free from all concern, But deep inside I'm afraid I will crash and burn. Possibly take a wrong turn, And be forced to make that apprehensive return.
I was wronged by fate (or so it seemed) clocked at over fifty mph. Bored by books that weren’t so byzantine, lunged at by the world. I am wrenched from day to day on knotted string; hollowed like a tree.
"History repeats itself" a phrase in time that remains unctouched, just as the world of today! Live in life as we do, our past..forgotten we choose. Which apon us brings a uncertain future acompanied with no change.
Remember me? That girl in the back of the class. The outcast. The one everyone laughed and mocked, For years on end. To feel strong, probably. Well, forget all of you.
Hey Life, Can I get a tall glass of success followed by two shots of accomplishments? Can I move forward? Can I reach my destiny? But first I must set free from the confinements of a broken family…
I am water. I wonder where the current will bring me, and I hear the rumbling rapids approaching. I see my course is uncertain, and I want it to flow like music. I am excited for the future.
One cannot stand alone; shaken violently amid the brutal winds… But a few can hold each other up, standing tall in sturdy unison, despite the trying forces.
Sayde you made me a better person You helped me decide what to do With my fragile life I turned on the light And saw you laying there You were cold and Not shivering You laid there in perfect silence
Sayde you made me a better person You helped me decide what to do With my fragile life I turned on the light And saw you laying there You were cold and Not shivering You laid there in perfect silence
The constant taunting Picking, mental, and physical abuse It scars Reaping at the core and dignity of a person It stings Cutting through one’s emotions It stays with that person
Do you think about the someday things? The details, technicalities, buttons up the back. The names of your kids, if you’ll have kids, Or an iguana, or an alcohol problem?
You don’t know what I’m talking about You don’t know what I want You don’t have the ability to read my mind
I have a mystery,, I find the clues,, I piece it together,, Now what to do,, I solve the problem,, I feel the change,, I see the future,, This aint no game,, I hear the voice,,
I’m listening to the rain fall Like the beating of a shallow heart As it hits my window I stop And try to pretend that it’s my rhythm.
Possibly destroying my own future But I can't bear to see those faces. If running from the people Who are supposed to always be there for me Helps me feel free Then run I shall.
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