Fearing the Future

   I stand in front of this mirror
I rub my eyes to try and see clearer
I stare at this reflection
This is something college forgot to mention
Time is slipping through the slits of my fingers
But the more I draw it out, the more it lingers
For every breath is one closer to my last
I call an old friend to reminisce about the past
“Oh those were the good days!” She’d say
We’d talk of when we lived life the easy way
But we’re older now and I continue to stare
At this woman whose reflection I share
But this can’t be me
I promised myself this would never be me
I close my eyes and count to ten
Hoping to never see that woman again
My eyes slowly open
And as I was hopin’
It was nothing but a nightmare
A fear most refuse to share
I promise to always do the best I can
And to never be compared to any man
You must do your best at what you choose
And I promise that you will never lose
I stand in front of this mirror
I rub my eyes to try to see clearer
I stare at my reflection
And smile because I’m headed in the right direction


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