Looking Forward

Sun, 01/15/2017 - 22:42 -- artv

Floating in the sea,

I’m happy


The familiarity of the ocean drowns me

with a feeling love


The sound of the waves

soothed me


The surrounding water

hugged me with comfort


But then it hits,

a giant wave


Confused. Lost. Disoriented.


Saltwater plugged my ears

Waves that once soothed me

made a deafening sound


Saltwater filled my lungs

Water that once hugged me

dragged me under


The thing that I once loved

Was now hurting me


Was it worth it?


Trying to stay afloat,

letting waves take over me;

enduring the pain


Holding my breath,

unsure of the next time

I could breathe


Pretending the ocean was kind,

trying to heal me;

kissing my open wounds away


But I forgot,

saltwater stings.


I swim away

Trying to leave the water behind


Each wave drags me back,

reminding me of memories we once shared


But I persevered


With each stroke and streak,

I was shedding a part of me

that longed to be held to,

but was ready to fall off.


It was time to let go of the past

and look to the future


I reached the shore,

the sand offered me a warm welcome


As I look towards the horizon,

the sun was setting


I smile,

it looks bright.


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