Dear Reader

Dear You,

The reader

the audience

the human whose eyes have caught

on these letters—yes, you—



I hope this finds you well.


Life is hard, I know,

with its ups and its downs and its

never-ending cycles of games that toy

with your soul.

You wake up and think I’ve got this and

by the end of the day want to cry


you stop by to say hi to your friend

and walk out with a crush

you do not want.

I know.

Life is hard.


Silver linings are fleeting

and what follows can be worse

but believe me,

Dear Reader,

when I say there is hope.

Hope for a new morning,

a new sunrise, new dawn.

Hope for answers and true love

and a chance to move on.

And when all else fails

and you feel all alone—

when you’re beaten

when you’re broken

when you’re skin and bone—

remember, Dear Reader,

that this isn’t the end.


History is a book and

this is only one page

and I promise—

yes, I promise you—

that your life will change.

For better or worse,

for rich or for poor,

toward sickness or health,

toward home or the door,

there is always a future.

There is always THE future.


For I’ve read the final chapter

of this book we call Life

and I promise—

yes, I promise you—

silver linings have got nothing,

nothing at all,

on the End.

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Our world


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